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Senior School

It has been another wonderful fortnight in Senior School with so many activities both in the classroom and beyond for all our students to enjoy and many highlights to celebrate. In this edition of CamNews you will read about our special CamberWELL, Book and Science Weeks, the Victorian Interschools Snowsports competition, the Debaters Association of Victoria competition, Model United Nations Security Council and our Celebration of Sport evening and more.

This morning however I had the great pleasure of splitting my time between three events that are very near and dear to me. I commenced the morning in our magnificent Senior School library, having breakfast with the current Year 12’s, our Class of 2022. With 16 days on their count down to the end of formal classes our Careers Counsellors Mrs Trish Dolan held her now famous Transition to Tertiary or T2T breakfast. Past students Tilly Dunn and Simrin Dube from the Class of 2020 spoke about their own transition from CGGS to university and provided salient advice to our students on all the tips and tricks to make this transition successful. A huge personal thank you to Simrin and Tilly and also to Andrew Burnell the Year 12 Coordinator and Mrs Dolan for her organisation of this initiative, which over the past number of years has proved to be of great relevance and so informative for the students.

Also, this morning we welcomed our Year 6 into Year 7 students for 2023, the students who will become known as the Class of 2028! These students were onsite for a day of getting to know you activities and also some academic testing which is used to help us know how we can best support and challenge these students when they commence next year. Having met all the students over the past term in my transition interviews where the emphasis is on discovering something about each of them and their passions and chatting about life as a CGGS Year 7 student, today is an opportunity for them to meet others and start to get a feel for Senior School. Thank you to the Year 7 and 8 students who acted as ambassadors today and to all the staff who have planned and conducted this vital program today.

Finally I made the trip across to Junior School to visit the Ormiston Art Show.  This is an annual exhibition put together by Fiona Gibson, Junior School Art Teacher, including work by students from ELC3 all the way through to Year 6.  The colour and joy in the work of these young artists was a pleasure to behold and I look forward to hearing more of them and their artistic journeys in the years ahead.

Cathy Poyser
Deputy Principal / Head of Senior School

Debaters Association of Victoria (DAV) Competition

This year’s Debaters Association of Victoria (DAV) competition was like no other.

This year saw more CGGS students participate than ever before, with 75 students in 13 teams representing the school at competition nights at Camberwell Grammar School. It was incredible to see our debaters grow and succeed in many different ways.

Our teams had an astounding 70% win rate – our highest ever. In particular, a huge congratulations to C Grade Team 1 and B Grade Team 1 who won all their 5 debates, finishing equal first on the ladder and who were invited to participate in the finals competition against the top teams from across Victoria. 

We are also so proud of those who overcame their nerves to speak in their first debate, those who helped nurture others’ confidence, and those who gave up many lunchtimes to help prepare their team’s case. We would like to give an honourable mention to the students who participated in the most debates this year:

  • A Grade (Year 12) – Olivia Jones
  • B Grade (Year 11) – Haripriya Pathamaraj, Tara Rastogi and Salome Obeyesekere
  • C Grade (Year 10) – Ishana Suriyapperuma 
  • D Grade (Year 9) – Cate Mead
  • D Grade (Year 8) – Ky-An Foo

We would like to thank CGGS alumni Bec Waldron (class of 2016 and former chair of the Melbourne University Debating Society) for running many coaching sessions and equipping CGGS students with many incredible lessons and skills that they can continue to carry with them in the future. Thanks to Bec, we were able to collect support resources like videos, planning scaffolds and articles on our new myCGGS DAV Debating website. 

We would also like to thank the teachers who helped facilitate this amazing competition: Mr Lyell, Ms Gordon, Ms Manners, Ms Anton and Mr Bell.

Most of all, thank you to all the students who got involved in the competition! It has been amazing to see the immense growth of debating in Camberwell Girls this past year and we look forward to seeing many more next year.

To help capture the experiences of this year’s DAV Debating season, we’ve asked three of our debaters to write a brief reflection:

Rithanyaa Prakash, Year 8, D Grade Team 8

DAV this year has been an exhilarating experience – as it should going to massive night-time events. Our CGGS teams had an amazing season, and we have had some incredible moments together. Every member found themselves gaining the skills to perform well in a debate. I started out really uncertain about being a third speaker, but over the season started taking a liking to it. It was a true challenge racing again the clock to form last-minute arguments, rebuttals and ideas. For anyone who wants to work on their public speaking or time management skills (or anyone who just wants the service points), consider joining DAV. It’s definitely a memorable experience. 


Cate Mead, Year 9, D Grade Team 1

Through participating in DAV, I’ve been able to take the CGGS notion of being ‘utiliis in ministerium’ and apply it to one of my passions. I’ve been able to build up my confidence and public speaking skills, as well as learn new skills within debating specifically. The practical skills like organisation, time management, and teamwork have also been used thoroughly prior to debates, and you get the pleasure of watching your team evolve over the season. DAV has also helped me expand my social circle and meet people that share similar interests to me. I’ve gained so much from DAV and it’s served as a highlight of 2022 for me.

Salome Obeyesekere, Year 11, B Grade Team 1

DAV debating is an excellent opportunity for students to develop their critical thinking skills and foster a considered and nuanced approach to multi-faceted issues. Debating is often promoted as a means to improve one’s public speaking abilities, yet the value of learning how to thoughtfully interact with conflicting ideas cannot be understated. Issues that students engage with in the wider world always have multiple perspectives, and debating aids individuals in learning to view these matters in greater depth. This year, debaters have been provided with workshops to develop their persuasiveness in a structured manner, however my hopes for the future are that debaters will grow in their abilities to instinctively think critically. Additionally, I hope that the DAV competition will become a space where debaters value their work, and the activity generally, without feeling the need to compare or denigrate themselves.

We are proud to announce that our Year 10 and Year 11 teams won their first finals playoff last night. This makes them our most successful debating teams in the last 15 years or so – Congratulations!

Ian Lyell
Head of History

Inter School Public Speaking Competition – CGGS and CGS

For the first time this year, we held a conjoint public speaking competition for students from year 9-12 with Camberwell Grammar. 

Due to the past two years with COVID and incessant lockdowns, many students were deprived of socially interactive competitive events and opportunities to expand upon on their passions and hobbies. As such, the Camberwell Public Speaking and Debating Prefect – Kerry Sun, and I decided to create this event to provide students with a new avenue to expand upon their public speaking skills in a slightly different format whilst connect with other likeminded students in person. 

Simultaneously, we believed this would a great opportunity for future debating and public speaking captains to apply their public speaking knowledge in their adjudication and create a stronger community and interest towards participating in these public speaking events more often in the future. Together, we both hope that this could be the beginning of a longstanding tradition between Camberwell Girls and Camberwell Grammar to host this interschool public speaking competition. 

In this public speaking competition, students are given the opportunity to practice their impromptu public speaking skills whilst be left with a greater knowledge about what skills to hone and improve upon. The structure of this competition is as followed: 30 minutes of preparation time as the topic is given to them on the spot, with 4-6 minutes speaking time, followed by a 2-3 minute adjudication feedback. 

Together, Kerry and I listened to over 30 speeches over the two nights – adjudicating and giving feedback to the students after their speeches by applying our previous oral knowledge in which we both found to be rewarding experiences. In response to the topics, “the nature of change” and “the power of humanity”, both Camberwell Grammar and Camberwell Girls participants delivered incredible, in-depth speeches fluently and we were both enchanted by the level of speeches that we heard on the night. 

In particular, I’d like to thank Mr Lyell who helped me immensely with bringing this collaborative idea to fruition, but also to the teachers and students who were involved with helping out and running the competition such as the House Debating captains and Ms Gordon. 

All in all, this collaborative public speaking competition was incredible to host and participate in and we look forward to seeing more of this next year! – Emily Lin (School Debating and Public Speaking Captain)

Signing up to participate in the CGS/CGGS public speaking contest was an easy decision for me, as I wanted to extend myself beyond my comfort zone. I’d never done public speaking before in a formal setting, and I wanted to give it a go and learn new organisational and improvisational speech making skills. I was also genuinely invested in gaining feedback that I can apply to my other major passion, debating, and meeting like-minded students from both schools. – Cate Mead 9E

The recent public speaking competition involving students from CGS and CGGS was an excellent opportunity to improve one’s public speaking skills and creativity alike. Each student was allocated 30 minutes of preparation time to formulate a speech, forcing them to speak off incomplete notes and improve their ability to convey ideas in a clear and entertaining manner. I chose to participate due to the unique nature of this competition; public speaking at CGGS is seldom run in an unprepared manner, yet the skill of constructing unprepared speeches is often applicable in the real world. The competition was certainly an enjoyable experience, and both speaking and listening to others speak gave students a chance to ponder complex ideas. – Salome Obeyesekere, Year 11

Jennifer Gordon
Head of English

Model UN Security Council in State Parliament

UN Youth Australia is a “national youth-led organisation that aims to educate and empower young Australians on global issues. All the work they do is rooted in the belief that young people can and do make a difference in their communities. They foster ideas and innovation, and give young people the inspiration and support they need to create change.”

One of the opportunities provided by UN Youth is the Evatt Competition, a national event for Year 9 – 12 students in which teams of students represent different countries and participate in a Model UN Security Council. Using the UN rules of engagement, countries debate, negotiate and vote on various resolutions (formal expressions of opinion). This year Camberwell Girls Grammar School hosted two preliminary rounds with 12 CGGS teams competing. Congratulations to all the students involved in this event which provided them with an opportunity to develop important transferable skills, in particular teamwork, critical thinking and communication skills. Grace Barnes, Salome Obeyesekere, Samantha Fan, Sara Rowland, Olivia Jones and Isabelle Viney competed in the Semi Finals held at Trinity College at the University of Melbourne last weekend. It is exciting to announce that Year 10 students Sara Rowland and Samantha Fan have been chosen to represent CGGS in the State Finals to be held at Parliament House on Friday 9 September.

Dr Charlotte Forwood
Director of Learning Design and Development

Transition to Tertiary T2T Breakfast

On Friday morning in the Library the Year 12 girls enjoyed a breakfast organised by Mrs Trish Dolan CGGS Careers Counsellor and Mr Andrew Burnell, the Year 12 Coordinator. Under the banner of ‘T2T’ (Transition to Tertiary), Mrs Dolan provided the girls with a summary of what factors enable a successful transition from secondary to tertiary education.

Two past students, Simrin Dube and Tilly Dunn (Class of 2020) spoke of their own post CGGS experiences and offered insights into how to make this transition a successful one. Simrin is studying at Monash University. Simrin was always interested in law and was able to make a successful transition, after working extremely hard in her first year of tertiary study, from her Arts degree (majoring in Criminology) to Laws/Arts. Tilly, who is also studying a double degree in Laws/Politics, Philosophy and Economics spoke on how important it was to maintain friendship groups and the need to stay focused on studies, when the teaching and learning at a tertiary institution is so different from secondary school. Talking about the need to be flexible and adaptable, both students experienced tertiary education remotely and on campus.

Both girls’ great advice, and their ‘tips and tricks’ on how to make this transition a happy and successful one, will enable our Year 12 graduates in 2023 to feel well prepared for this next chapter.

The T2T breakfast was introduced a number of years ago as a way of helping our students become informed about the move to tertiary education. Mrs Cathy Poyser was a great fan of this initiative and has been an advocate of all things ‘Careers’ over the years. She received a beautiful bouquet of flowers from Mrs Dolan in recognition of her support for careers education at Camberwell Girls Grammar School. With Mrs Poyser taking long service next year, we will miss her at the 2023 Transition to Tertiary breakfast!

Trish Dolan
Careers Counsellor

Book Week & House Readers Cup

As a part of our celebration of CamberWELL and Book Week, on Tuesday the 23rd of August we welcomed back a very special guest, the 2020 Australian Slam Poetry Champion and former CGGS staff member; Ren Alessandra to join Book Club for a special lunch! Filled with pizza, snacks and plenty of chats about the UK Literature tour and our theme of the week ‘reading is my wellbeing’, we all had an amazing time!

House Readers Cup of 2022 has also come to an end! First, we celebrated the top readers and reviewers, both of which received a book prize of their choice to keep! Our top reader runner up was Clementine Anderrson from 7B in Taylor and our top reader was Nathinee Evans from 7T in Lawrence! The best reviewer was very tricky to choose as there were countless of reviews that were all equally wonderful. The best reviewer runner up was Disha Moloney from 9B in Singleton, and the top reviewer was Usha Nadarajah from 8A in Schofield. Congratulations to all the top readers and reviewers for a fantastic House Readers Cup! 

The final tally was neck and neck with only 111 points separating first place and last place. The results for House Readers Cup 2022 are as follows:  

In 4th place: Singleton with 377 points

In 3rd place: Lawrence with 400 points 

In 2nd place: Schofield with 432 points

Our first-place winner was Taylor with 488 points!

With over 1,697 books read, we are so proud of everyone who has participated. Our reading culture has grown immensely at CGGS, and it so exciting to see so many girls reading and sharing their reviews. Thank you to everyone who participated, we look forward to continuing the amazing reading and reviewing! A final thank you to all the students and staff who participated in the Book Character Dress Up Day. With countless of creative costumes, it was a wonderful celebration of Book Week!

Julie Yap
Year 11

Celebration of Sport Evening

It was exciting to be together once again in the Barbara Sutton Hall to celebrate our fantastic sporting achievements recorded over the past twelve months. It has been such a pleasure to witness the renewed enthusiasm and commitment to sport this year and everyone should be exceptionally proud of how they have represented CGGS in 2022. 

We were very privileged to have Olympic athlete, Tamsyn Lewis as our guest speaker. Tamsyn represented Australia at 3 consecutive Olympic games – Sydney in 2000, Athens in 2004 and Beijing in 2008. She has co-hosted the track-events on Channel 7 for both the 2016 Rio and 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, as well as the 2018 and 2022 Commonwealth Games. It was fantastic to hear Tamsyn’s stories about how her school athletics participation helped to shape her successful career and the transferrable skills we can all learn through sport. 

There were many awards throughout the night including most valuable contribution to GSV Sports, recognition for representing CGGS at the GSV finals evenings as well as celebrating the recipients of our Olympic Changemaker awards.

Another award was our year level champion award which was presented to the students in each year level who contributed the most to sport at CGGS. This award took into consideration the number of sports each student has participated in, as well as their attitude, commitment to training, performance, leadership and level of improvement throughout the year. 

The award winners are as follows:

Year 7
1st – Harper Drane
2nd – Emily Lewis
3rd – Sophie Liu

Year 8
1st – Angelique Quah
2nd – Anneka Sinnappu
3rd – Ruby Edge and Erika Tjangdjaja

Year 9
1st – Amber Rastogi
2nd – Sunny Sun
3rd – Kaitlyn Law

Year 10
1st – Emily Price
2nd – Bella Fary and Sara Rowland
3rd – Imogen Morriss and Liana Robinson

Year 11
1st – Isabella Tremewen
2nd – Sasha Feldmann
3rd – Clara Kim

Year 12
1st – Emma Peak and Annabel Plummer
2nd – Lauren Bernabe
3rd – Ella Robinson

The major award for the night was the Sportwoman of the Year Award which recognised the student who had contributed the most to sport at CGGS across all year levels. The winner of the Sportswoman of the Year Award for the second year in a row was Isabella Tremewen. Congratulation Issy!

Thank you to our 2022 Sport Captain, Ella Robinson for hosting the evening and to the Friends of Sport for their support in planning this event.  This year we have also had GSV Sport Captains, a new role introduced to support our growing sports program. Thank you to Ava Hu, Bianca Coles, Ruby Killington, Catia Cococcia and Emma Peak for your assistance in presenting awards.

We appreciate all the parents and guests for your support throughout the year and of this event, we hope you all enjoyed this evening as much we did as we look forward to the exciting future of CGGS Sport.

Lauren Law
Head of Sport

Victorian Interschool Snowsports

A spirited group of CGGS skiers took to the slopes of Mount Buller on Wednesday 24 August as part of the Victorian Interschools Snowsports Competition. Despite a mixture of blustery and beautiful weather, 9 CGGS students from Years 7 to 11 competed in the Skier Cross and Alpine Giant Slalom courses. Skier Cross demanded precision and careful manoeuvres around the icy slopes as students skied around set gates for the quickest time. The Giant Slalom tested their endurance, with long berms and banked corners standing in competitors’ way. An Opening Ceremony and fireworks show welcomed our Camberwell Girls to the Buller Village who were ready and rearing to go for a week’s worth of snow fun.  

Our Division 3 competitors Zara, Angel, Anneka, Anthea, Davida and Summer skied exceptionally well in both the Skier Cross and Alpine GS events, particularly as most were unfamiliar with the course layout and format due to COVID-19 halting competition in previous years. The Division 2 girls attacked the Giant Slalom in style, negotiating tough rivals and technical corners in the softening conditions. Isabella Tremewen completed Team CGGS’ events on Saturday, cruising through the Division 1 Skier Cross and braving the steep, icy conditions of Little Buller Spur in the Giant Slalom event.

Early rises did not hinder the girls’ dedication as they demonstrated heightened courage, stamina and perseverance in their respective events. Weary bodies left the mountain on Sunday afternoon with great memories and a strong desire to return for more action in 2023. Congratulations to Zara Daffy, Emma Daffy, Charlotte Luke, Angelique Quah, Anneka Sinnappu, Isabella Tremewen, Anthea Vais, Davida Whitwell and Summer Zhu for their participation in this year’s Snowsports. The CGGS staff would also like to extend a thank you to the parents and guardians of the students who accompanied these girls during the week.

We look forward to seeing students return for the Interschools Snowsports Competition in 2023!

Cassie Semple and Daniel Loff

Championship Athletics Carnival

We are very proud and excited to congratulate the CGGS Athletics Team for their amazing performance at the GSV Division 2 Championship Carnivals.  After many weeks of early morning training and late night PB meets, the team was well prepared to compete against 7 other schools at Lakeside stadium on Thursday 25th October.

Despite the unfavourable weather conditions and a tough competition, Camberwell achieved an outstanding 6th place overall, which is the best results for CGGS team in recent history. Well done to senior team on their exceptional 3rd place finish. This was a testament to your consistency and commitment to training.

This year we had some amazing individual and team results, with 17 students qualifying for the finals evening at Lakeside Stadium, next Tuesday 6 September. These students finished in the top 10 results in their event across all 24 GSV schools to qualify for this prestigious event.

  • Sasha Feldmann – High Jump, 100m, Long Jump, 4 X 400m relay and 4 X 100m relay
  • Alicia Ooi – Javelin
  • Natalie Turner – High Jump, 100m, Hurdles, 200m and 4 X 100m relay
  • Bella Fary – 800m and 1500m
  • Emily Lewis – 200m and 4 X 100m relay
  • Maddie Wood – Javelin
  • Maya Waide-Hee – 400m and 4 X 100m relay
  • Nicola Pandeli – Javelin
  • Sofia Pandeli – Javelin
  • Tara Rastogi – 1500m
  • Madeleine Giagoudakis – Javelin and 4 X 100m relay
  • Harper Drane – 4 X 100m relay
  • Nathinee Evans – 4 X 100m relay
  • Clara Kim – 4 X 100m relay
  • Emma Peak – 4 X 400m relay
  • Isabella Tremewen – 4 X 400m relay
  • Angela Liu – 4 X 400m relay

We also have a number of events in which our athletes are emergencies. We wish these students all the best for their events next Tuesday.

Thank you to our Head Coach Jo Bowden and Nareen Robinson for preparing our students so well for this event. We are excited to welcome even more students into our athletics program in 2023!

Lauren Law
Head of Sport

Netball Victoria School Championship

After a 2-year absence, Friday 19 August saw the return of the Netball Victoria School Championship, held at the State Netball Centre Parkville. This tournament is one of the largest netball tournaments conducted in Australia and attracts government, Catholic, Independent and specialist school teams from around the state.

The objective of the tournament is to create greater participant involvement and development in netball, provide a fun and inclusive environment and increasing awareness of netball and Netball Victoria within Schools.

Camberwell Girls Grammar School after a great participant turnout for trials and 6 netball trainings later, we entered 3 teams across Junior, Inter and Senior divisions.

It was an early morning start, leaving school at 8:00am. All teams arrived at the State Netball Centre ready and primed for and action-packed day of netball. All teams played 4, very contested games each over the day, with some very encouraging results achieved. CGGS teams displayed great sportsmanship to their opposition, a willingness to learn but best of all, huge school culture supporting each other and cheering on from the seats high in the stadium. The bus ride back to school was an opportunity for students to take a must needed rest after such a big day.

A very big thank you to Miss Law for organising us and doing all the scoring, Lucy for coaching the Senior team and Rehana for coaching the Inter team and lastly of course the students, your effort, your enthusiasm, and most of all your support of each other is to be commended.

We had such a great day!

Alexia McConnell
Netball Coordinator

Cross Country National Championships

Congratulations to Bella Fary and Anika Selvaratnam who both competed in the Cross Country National Championships in Adelaide last weekend. After exceptional performances at the All-Schools Cross Country Championships at Bundoora Park on 23rd July, Bella and Anika were invited to participate in this prestigious event.

Both students performed exceptionally well after many months of training and preparation for this event. Although it was challenging condition and a muddy event, we were extremely proud to hear that Bella was the first Victorian to cross the line and 13th overall in the Under 17 women’s race! Anika also performed exceptionally well for the U14 team and she has had a busy few months of representative sport as last holidays she was also captaining the zone hockey team (U13 Central Flames) where they won a silver medal.

Lauren Law
Head of Sport

Science Week

From 15 to 19 August we celebrated the long awaited, Science Week! This year’s Science Week theme was “Glass: More than Meets the Eye”. We kicked off the week with kaleidoscope making in the Makerspace. We then celebrated our glow in the dark party, where we gave out over 120 edible glow in the dark snow cones! The blacked-out physics lab was lit only by glow sticks and UV lights, whilst students from all year levels played with our glow in the dark dry ice bubbles, sang along to the music and learnt about the science behind the day.

On Wednesday, we were fortunate enough to have Mrs Hepworth’s daughter and her team bring in their award-winning Nova Rover ‘platypus’ that could aim human exploration on Mars. Their presentation was incredibly engaging, and it was wonderful to see so many students asking questions. Thursday brought out everyone’s competitive side as we held the annual Science Week with prizes up for grab, filling the Year 8 Area with screams and laughter. Finally, the week ended with making sugar glass cookies in the Food Tech Lab, allowing students to bring their delicious handmade cookies home to share with friends and family. We hope everyone enjoyed this week as much as we did, and it was amazing to share the Science love around!

Phoebe Jiang and Isabella Ta
STEAM Captain

MSO Side By Side Concert: Charlotte Lindsay

I was recently asked to play the second horn part at a Melbourne Symphony Orchestra Side-by-Side event. We performed Dvorak’s New World Symphony, which has an incredible horn part to play. It was an amazing experience performing with the MSO horn section again, specifically alongside Principal Third Horn Saul Lewis. I feel I have gained an additional sense of confidence and new techniques to further improve my playing. Dvorak’s New World Symphony is consistently voted as the most loved symphony of all time. It is well worth going to see a live performance of this work, to experience and appreciate this inspiring piece of music.

Charlotte Lindsay
School Music Captain (School and Community Events)

Red Frogs

In our upskill session this Wednesday, Year 12s had the opportunity to hear from Alex from ‘Red Frogs,’ an organisation that provides direct relief, safety and support to young people during Schoolies/Leavers Week across 14 locations. We gained invaluable insight and advice into how we can ensure our Schoolies is as enjoyable as possible, whilst still staying safe in an environment that can often pose some direct risks to young graduates. Particularly addressing key risk factors such as alcohol, drugs and eviction from accommodation,

Alex imparted us with tips to ensure our own safety, such as keeping an eye on your drinks at all times, and informing us of a hotline that we could utilise should we find ourselves in a compromising or unsafe situation. Overall, the session really helped us to understand how to stay safe whilst indulging in our celebrations following high school.

Teagan Diep
School Captain

CGGS’s CamberWELL Week and Children’s Book Week

From 22 to 26 August students and staff celebrated a new annual event, which combined our previous CamberWELL week with Children’s Book Week and Health and PE Week, in recognition of the importance of having a comprehensive and personalised approach to self-care. Across the week, students and staff participated in a range of activities and initiatives designed to enhance our understanding of wellbeing and the important link between reading, physical activity and proactive wellbeing in assisting with emotional regulation, reducing stress, calming nerves, stimulate creativity and encourage empathy.

As we reflect on the highlights of the week, we would like to thank our committee members for designing and running the activities Charity Tu, Abbie Stevens, Ella Robinson, May Du, Siena Yap, Julie Yap, Ananyaa Virjania, Shuhan Zeng, Dalaney Ing, Mrs Devenish, Mrs Robinson and Ms Woolcock.

Each day had a specific focus including Monday – Connected Community, Tuesday – Reading is My Wellbeing, Wednesday – Bike and Blend, Thursday – Thriving Thursday and Friday – Feel Good Friday.

Monday 22 August – Connected Community:

All students in the Senior School came together in the quadrangle to listen to live music performed by Chloe Law, Charlotte Lindsay, Sarah Hui, Megan Kuo and Nicole Chang while manifesting their affirmations! Students were able to give or take an affirmation from the collective jar, write goals on the FigTree Café windows and draw messages of hope in chalk.

Tuesday 23 August – Reading Is My Wellbeing:

A highlight of the week, students and staff were able to dress up as their favourite book, tv show, movie, anime or comic! From Where’s Wally, Harry Potter, Dorothoy from the Wizard of Oz, the school was a buzz with fictional and non-fictional characters from all types of literary classics! Donations were taken, with all proceeds going towards the Dymocks Children’s Charities Library Boost Project, an organisation which matches funds raised to purchase new books for disadvantaged Libraries around Australia.

Additionally, during the special Wellbeing themed assembly, teachers and Students shared their own perspectives and experiences of managing their wellbeing and the books they are reading and why. We were also able to announce the highlight anticipated winners of the House Reading Cup – congratulations to Taylor, and hear from Ren Pennesi, Australian Slam Poetry Champion, as she shared her award -winning poem, “The New Classic”.

Wednesday 24 August – Bike And Blend:

The quadrangle transformed into a smoothie station – with students and staff making their own pedal powered drink in the quadrangle! At $5 per smoothie, students could bike and blend as an individual or in a group and all money raised was also donated to the Dymocks Children’s Charities Library Boost Project.

Thursday 25 August – Thriving Thursday:

Students and staff were busy on Thursday, joining in on one of three activities! The literature captains held a movie marathon in the Hub to watch the first half of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone!

Robinson Hall was also thriving (and jiving) with students and staff, with a groovy DanceFit Glow Party with a special guest appearance from DJ Dotty G!

Friday 26 August – Feel Good Friday:

To conclude, the Literature Captains showed the final part 2 of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone – a perfect way to celebrate an amazing week.

Anne Devenish – Head of Library, Nareen Robinson – Head of Health and PE, and Kath Woolcock, Deputy Head of Senior School – Student Wellbeing

2022 CGGS Gala Celebration


It was such a delight to finally enjoy our Centenary Gala event last Saturday night at Leonda.


After a busy fortnight of fantastic performances from our students, Mrs Dunwoody reflects on the importance of the performing arts.


This week Mrs Dunwoody speaks about the importance of a connected community and the events that have brought us together recently.


This week Mrs Dunwoody reflects on the special celebrations we have had recently.

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