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Servant Hearts

Leadership can be cultivated in all girls.

Women in leadership is more than important in today’s world – it is vital.

For too long, the world has been without the full benefit of the talent, creativity and ideas of half its population. Diversity in leadership fosters innovation, and not to mention creates a more inclusive, equal and balanced society.

At CGGS we celebrate the important role that women play as leaders. We are whole-heartedly committed to ensuring we have a strong culture of leadership, whereby all our students are provided with opportunities to develop their leadership capacity.


Sara R School Vice Captain, Emily P School Captain, Jessica T School Vice Captain

The voice of the future.


Our School Captains have created a podcast called 'TWO CENTS'

To throw in your ‘two cents’ worth is to speak your opinion and share your beliefs or point of view on a matter. Hosted by your School Captains, the “TWO CENTS” podcast is created by our community for everyone.

Our Leadership Program

We want our students to learn that leadership is not a rank or a position to be attained. The true value of a leader is measured by the work they inspire others to do.

Being an all girls school, our students benefit from holding every leadership position. The CGGS Leadership Program empowers them to become bold leaders, who understand that leadership is a service to be given.

Every student is encouraged to understand the importance of each individual and to discover that diverse perspectives brought together create better outcomes. CGGS girls learn to become role-models for younger students and they develop personal skills of resilience, communication, confidence, self-discipline and teamwork.

We know leadership can be cultivated in everybody and a CGGS leader puts others before themselves, they lead with a servant heart.

Leadership is a service to be given.

Program Goals


Understand and create a personal model of good leadership.


Embrace a greater self-awareness and understanding of leadership.


Believe and understand that leadership can be learnt by anyone.


Actively seek leadership opportunities.


Learn and practise the skills required of effective leaders. Inspire students to use leadership roles in serving the school and community.


See the importance of leadership in the School and broader society.


Foster collaborative leadership practice.

Create Your Tomorrow