Skills for the future

Upskill …BY DESIGN is a Senior School program that encompasses the delivery of accredited and non-accredited short courses, co-curricular experiences and other pop-up learningopportunities for Years 7 – 12 students. It is delivered by CGGS staff, industry professionals and, in some instances, our own students in a blend of onsite and online programs.

Across all year levels, students have the opportunity to earn stand-alone CGGS Microcredentials or build proof points which can then be used to certify their achievements in specific skills or capabilities that contribute to their digital portfolio. Students can then share these qualifications with employers, industry and tertiary institutions.

Six bespoke programs

Each year level participates in six bespoke programs that align with their year level learning spotlight – Belonging at Year 7, Identity at Year 8, Co-design at Year 9, Exploring at Year 10,Independence at Year 11, and Connection & Opportunity at Year 12.

Every Upskill day also incorporates the school’s 360  of Being program, where a curated range of optional wellbeing activities are intended to revive, refocus, recalibrate and reconnect students and staff.

The Upskill Program includes

Barista Skills Training
Food Handling Certificates
First Aid Certificates
Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA)
Service Learning Conferences
Design Thinking Workshops
Leadership Training
Career Development
Life Skills: Buying a Car & Car Maintenance
Computer Science (CS) In Schools Program
Graphic Recording & Visual Storytelling
Study Skills
Online Micro Courses
Self-Defense Courses

Create Your Tomorrow