High Achievers

Ready to make an impact on the world.

Numbers Don't Define Futures

At CGGS, we believe that educating young women for their future means more than imparting discipline-specific knowledge. We want each girl to be resilient and equipped to face any challenge.

Our academic programs are developed to make connections between what our girls are learning and the world around them. Numbers don’t define futures and therefore we ensure that a CGGS education also imparts our students with the knowledge, skills and values they will need in their lives, no matter what career path they choose.

Class of 2021

The Class of 2021 leave CGGS with wonderful ATAR results, along with a myriad of transferable and leadership skills that can be applied in all settings. They also know that a well-rounded life is important, and that maintaining balance brings great enjoyment, along with many benefits. They have been strong and active participants in service learning, wellbeing, co-curricular and House programs and each have made their own contribution to school life and culture.

This diverse and incredible group of young women, leave CGGS more than ready to pursue their dreams and to make their own impact on the world.

Class of 2021 ATAR Results

Median ATAR

6% > 99

16% > 98

33% > 95

57% > 90

82% > 80

Percentage of students and their ATAR scores.



English EAL
Music Performance
Theatre Studies

Our High Achievers

A Consistent Pattern of Excellence

Camberwell Girls Grammar School has a long tradition of academic excellence. For decades, our girls have continually achieved outstanding VCE and ATAR results that have opened the doors of opportunity and further advanced aspirations and dreams.


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