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High Achievers​

Class of 2022

The Class of 2022 leave CGGS with outstanding ATAR results, along with a myriad of transferable and leadership skills that can be applied in all settings. They also know that a well-rounded life is important, and that maintaining balance brings great enjoyment, along with many benefits. They have been strong and active participants in service learning, wellbeing, co-curricular and House programs and each have made their own contribution to school life and culture.

This diverse and incredible group of young women, leave CGGS more than ready to pursue their dreams and to make their own impact on the world.


Median ATAR

11% > 99

20% > 98

42% > 95

55% > 90

79% > 80

Percentage of students and their ATAR scores.



English (EAL), Music Performance, Equine Studies, Biology, Specialist Mathematics, 2 x English and 2 x Psychology

Meet our students who achieved an ATAR of 99 
or greater.

Shuhan Zeng



Year 10 2020 - Year 12 2022

Independent… mature… graceful… dedicated…

Joining CGGS as an international student in Year 10, Shuhan very quickly became a valued member of the CGGS community. Living independently away from her immediate family, Shuhan endured three years without seeing her parents. A mature and conscientious young woman, she was appointed International Captain in 2022, a role which saw her lead and mentor other international students, while at the same time building a strong and connected community. Passionate about celebrating diversity through shared values and equality, she also participated in an extensive range of co-curricular activities to balance her studies, with favourites being music and dance, as well as a variety of sports. We are most proud of Shuhan and wish her happiness as she reunites with her family in China, and success as she prepares to study Medicine.

Amelia Westerman

Dux Secondus


Year 7 2017 - Year 12 2022

A dedication to service, a love for horses...

Amelia has truly lived the school’s values of integrity, commitment, respect, hope and courage. For over six years she has volunteered at a playgroup helping young children with disabilities, and at CGGS has been involved in, as well as organised many service initiatives. Dedicated to caring for others, she was appointed School Service Learning Captain in 2021 and was an exceptionally proud Taylor House Captain in 2022. With a long love for riding horses and caring for them, Amelia completed Equine Studies as part of VCE, achieving a perfect score. Amelia has strived to foster connectedness and build a positive environment for all at CGGS and she leaves school well prepared for involvement and leadership in the wider community.

Alice Lu

RM Westcott Award for 3rd Highest


Year 8 2018 - Year 12 2022

A quiet achiever…

Alice is an extremely hard working and honest young woman who truly loved her House, Lawrence. A quiet achiever, she was committed to helping out behind the scenes, mainly backstage at school productions and performing arts events. Participating in many House competitions, she also enjoyed representing CGGS in GSV Basketball and Badminton. In 2021, she took on the leadership role of House Visual Arts Captain, where she used her creative flare to develop exciting House publications. She held great pride for CGGS and enjoyed touring prospective families around the school. A team player but also highly independent, Alice always strived to develop new skills to complement her academic program. 

Emily Wu

Otto Yuncken Prize for 4th Highest


Year 7 2017 - Year 12 2022

Outstanding musician, committed to service...

Since joining CGGS in Year 7, Emily has immersed herself into the life of the school, building strong relationships with both her peers and educators. An outstanding musician, she achieved her L Mus A in both Piano and Cello in 2020 with a Distinction for Cello. Emily worked tirelessly as School Faith & Service Captain, bringing the CGGS community together with great empathy and compassion. In addition to her exemplary involvement in co-curricular activities – representing her House in every competition, Emily has approached her academic studies with great diligence and commitment. Throughout her years, she has received a number of academic awards, most notably, she was selected to participate in the Monash University Monash Scholars Program and Melbourne University Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholars Program.

Daleney Ing


Year 9 2019 - Year 12 2022

Committed to celebrating diversity…

Joining CGGS in Year 9, Daleney embraced many opportunities to grow in her learning and character. Passionate about creating a co-curricular and academic environment that is welcoming to all personality types and cultural groups, in 2022 she demonstrated this commitment as one of the School’s International Captains. In this role, she was instrumental in initiating the CGGS Diversity Badge that students and staff now wear on their blazers, as well as planning events including the Language and Cultural Festival and Diversity Week. Passionate about Drama, she was also the Singleton House Drama Captain in 2021. Daleney’s extensive involvement in co-curricular activities is testament to her strong time management skills and her personal goal of always meeting deadlines early. 

Emmelyn Choo-Lambropoulos


Year 7 2017 - Year 12 2022

Creating a balance through sport…

Emmelyn commenced at CGGS in Year 7 and since that time has embraced many opportunities, particularly in sport. She prides herself on being a team player and has enjoyed representing the school in GSV Basketball, Netball, Volleyball, Tennis, Swimming, Triathlon and Athletics. She has always maintained a busy schedule, juggling many co-curricular activities simultaneously from participation in school productions through to every House event. Emmelyn learnt that working together to achieve a common goal, rather than focusing on individual performance, was the key to success, and she applied this lesson to other areas of life, including her academic pursuits which she always ensured were prioritised.

Teagan Diep


Year 7 2017 - Year 12 2022

A true leader and inspiring role model...

Our 2022 School Captain is a mature and responsible young woman. An excellent role model for younger students and her peers, Teagan is a true all-rounder who embraced every opportunity on offer during her time at CGGS. Over her six years at CGGS, Teagan participated in every House event offered and was part of multiple GSV teams each year. As the 2021 Lawrence Music Captain, she led with warmth, passion and empathy, and her participation in over 10 different music ensembles and choirs is to be applauded. Teagan’s love for music, song and dance, is equal to her love for sport – her favourites being cricket, netball, soccer and badminton. Teagan’s outstanding ability to balance involvement in co-curricular activities, academic pursuits and leadership is to be commended. 

Nancy Huang


Year 9 2019 - Year 12 2022

From the stage to the sporting field, a true all-rounder...

Nancy joined CGGS in Year 9 and immediately threw herself into every opportunity available. A proud Lawrencian, she was House Drama Captain in 2021 and House Debating & Public Speaking Captain in 2022, and participated in every House event available to her across her four years at the school. A talented Flautist, Nancy was a proud member of the Irish Band, Concert Band, Woodwind Ensemble, Symphony Orchestra and Symphonic Band. She was also heavily involved in GSV, representing CGGS in Volleyball, Cross Country, Netball and Tennis. There truly is no area of school life that she wasn’t involved in. Nancy demonstrated teamwork, initiative and leadership skills through all her endeavours at CGGS and we wish her the best for her future.

Sarah Hui


Year 3 2013 - Year 12 2022

Volunteering her time and talent...

Sarah has been a member of the CGGS community for nearly a decade and her personal growth and willingness to try new things have blossomed over that time. This is evident from the large list of co-curricular activities she has participated in, including sport and public speaking. Her greatest love is music and she is an accomplished Violin, Viola and Keyboard player. Sarah has been a key played in many CGGS ensembles, performing at various concerts and productions. She has also volunteered her talent and time to a range of events including School Tours, Exhibition Openings, the BCNA Pink Lady Luncheon at the MCG and the Anglican Schools’ Service at St Paul’s Cathedral. Sarah led Schofield as House Music Captain in 2021 and throughout her studies, she continued volunteering at Health in Focus, an organisation dedicated to improving global healthcare. Sarah also achieved her A Mus A in Piano in 2019.

Nicole Chang


ELC 3 2008 - Year 12 2022

A true Camberwell girl…

Nicole has spent most of her life at CGGS, commencing in our Early Learning Centre 14 years ago. Since then, she has embraced every opportunity afforded to her. Nicole is a true Camberwell girl – giving everything a go and giving back where she can. She has lived the school motto, Utilis in Ministerium (Useful in Service) through her time volunteering at two aged care centres over the past six years. Concerned about physical and mental wellbeing, as a result of lockdowns – Nicole worked with a PE teacher to develop an online exercise and sports program. She also has entered many external academic competitions with great success, as well as achieved her A Mus A on Piano in 2021.

Bethany Orme


Year 7 2017 - Year 12 2022

Leaping at every opportunity...

Bethany joined CGGS in Year 7 and during her time at the school has said yes to almost every opportunity presented to her. Bethany’s excellent oral and written communication skills afforded her public speaking opportunities at Assemblies, School Tours, church services and special events. She was in the Drama Club and Chess Club, has participated in many House events and has represented CGGS at GSV Swimming every year. A talented musician, she played the Viola in most of our ensembles and school production orchestras. Bethany was the inaugural CGGS STEAM Captain in 2021 and has won many external awards and competitions in the areas of Maths, Science, Geography, French, STEAM and Chess. With a keen interest in science research, Bethany hopes to study for a PhD in the future.




lived the school’s motto
‘Useful in Service’



utilised their creative talents in a school production



performed in an ensemble, choir or band



represented CGGS in a variety of sports



represented their House with pride



completed the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award



mentored a younger student



vocalised their opinions in a public forum

A Consistent Pattern of Excellence

Camberwell Girls Grammar School has a long tradition of academic excellence. For decades, our girls have continually achieved outstanding VCE and ATAR results that have opened the doors of opportunity and further advanced aspirations and dreams.


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