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Wellbeing for the Whole Person

Wellbeing is embedded into every facet of school life at CGGS. In fact, it underpins everything we do, because we know when wellbeing is at its optimum, students thrive

Our own wellbeing program, 360° of Being, incorporates five key domains – Cognitive Engagement, Health and Connection, Respectful Relationships, Environmental Appreciation and Positive Education. Using these domains as a focus, we work to empower our students to look holistically at their wellbeing. 

A Holistic Approach



Key Domains



Explores and recognises that engagement in life-long learning occurs through deep understanding, immersion, challenge and rigour.  


Health &

Explores physical, social, emotional, mental and spiritual health, and the links between connection, resilience and achievement.



Explores the importance of relationships in providing a sense of belonging for members of our community.




Explores the profound impact that connection and exposure to the natural environment can have on physical, social and intellectual health.



Explores the principles of positive psychology including emotional regulation, character strengths and growth mindset to enable our students to flourish.

Wellbeing underpins everything we do.

Why Wellbeing?

In tandem with our academic and co-curricular programs, 360° of Being creates the optimum school  environment – where we value our diversity, embrace our differences and empower our students to pursue their passions.

As a result, every CGGS girl is known, supported and understood. She feels safe and connected; enjoys positive emotions and develops positive relationships; finds purpose and joy in what she does; celebrates her own and others’ achievements and is confident to establish her own identity so she can confidently explore the world and her future with a sense of direction, engagement and optimism.

Quite simply, she shines bright!

Read our 360º of Being Handbook to gain a deeper insight into our Wellbeing Program

Creating the optimum school environment.

High Quality Wellbeing

Our Wellbeing Programs are purposefully designed and form part of a holistic wellbeing framework across Early Learning to Year 12, which focuses on achieving wellbeing across all health dimensions.

This is achieved through integrating evidenced based wellbeing practices into a dedicated, planned and coordinated series of Pastoral, Curricular, Co-Curricular and student led programs.

Our Wellbeing Programs are student-centered and student-driven, incorporating a focus on mental fitness training, explicit wellbeing curriculum and life skills.

Time to reflect, discuss and take action!

Spin the wheel for inspiration on how we can all do something to improve the wellbeing of our community.

Year Level Wellbeing Theme
EL - Year 2
Understanding Me
Year 3 - 4
Building Connections
Year 5 - 6
Committing to Challenge
Connected Community
Personal Growth
Purpose & Passion
Forward Thinking
Future Thinking

Staff Wellbeing Team

All staff at CGGS are actively involved and invested in student wellbeing. In addition to our educators, we have a Wellbeing Team, who together manage all aspects of student wellbeing and student welfare. We use a collaborative approach, working closely with parents and students to proactively manage all student wellbeing matters.

Student Mentor Program

This hugely successful program is based on the strong belief that fostering cross-age relationships enhances student connectedness and commitment.

This student led program sees our Year 11 and 12 students working closely with Year 7 – 10 students to establish a respectful, safe, nurturing and encouraging environment that establishes deep connections and friendships.

Through fortnightly meetings, the Mentor Leaders deliver activities that ensure students feel valued, heard and are able to meet challenges and take on opportunities with a sense of resilience, support and optimism.

Student Wellbeing Action Group

The Student Wellbeing Action Group is a student run committee that aims to unite the school community and ensure that every girl feels safe, valued and respected. The committee meets on a fortnightly basis, collaborating on school wellbeing activities and initiatives such as CamberWELL Week, Diversity Week, the Diversity Forum, National Day Against Bullying and International Women’s Day celebrations.

Create Your Tomorrow