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Our Secondary School has been situated in the same quiet tree-lined street since 1927 and is just a short walk from St Mark’s Church, where the school was originally founded.

Modern buildings with technology-rich classrooms and large light-filled multipurpose spaces are complemented by an array of outdoor courtyards and calming gardens for our students to enjoy.

As a medium size school, our senior students form strong relationships with their educators and peers. Year Level Coordinators develop vital connections with their students and are responsible for their wellbeing – working collaboratively to achieve desired goals, both academic and co-curricular.

In Years 7 to 9, each Form Class has two Form Tutors to assist with the care and support of every student in these important years. Form Tutors have allocated time every day to spend with their students. In Years 10 to 12, students belong to a Form Class and the Form Teacher takes on this supportive role.

Our school offers independence and a sense of community.

Each year level has a dedicated learning hub and common area that they share with their Year Level Coordinator. Students are encouraged to take ownership of this space, with responsibility for decorating and maintaining the area.

A dedicated Student Services Centre is home to Counsellors, School Nurses and Professional Services support staff.

Our Secondary School offers the independence and sense of community that girls need to succeed. Thanks to our broad subject offering, students are given the opportunity to expand their horizons in the lower secondary years, before personalising their academic program in the VCE years.

At CGGS, we guide our girls so they develop into young women of compassion and determination, who take responsibility for their own learning and for the welfare of others. They leave CGGS ready to make an impact on the world.


At Secondary School the curriculum is designed with our student’s futures in mind, and with the understanding that communication, problem solving, creativity, critical thinking, initiative, leadership, planning and organisation and teamwork and collaboration are critical skills in the modern world.

Informed by the Australian Curriculum, our core subjects are complemented by an extensive suite of unique cross-disciplinary elective subjects which have been developed to provide the necessary breadth, depth and future-relevance in her education.

At CGGS we recognise the vital importance of preparing our girls for life and work in a rapidly changing world. Our broad curriculum enables our students to thrive, and plays a significant role in assisting them to identify their interests and strengths, which ultimately leads to pursuing their dreams.

Preparing our girls for life and work in a rapidly changing world.


Years 7 - 10



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