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We enjoy seeing our girls find courage outside of their comfort zones.

We enjoy seeing our students find courage outside of their comfort zones, whilst exploring the great outdoors of this beautiful country.

A vital component of the curriculum, our Education Outdoors Program builds a number of physical, social, personal, spiritual and environmental skills and attributes.

Beginning in Year 3 and continuing through to Year 10, our broad range of year level camps provide enriching experiences to challenge our students in a safe and supportive environment. Each year the program builds on the skills learned and challenges faced in the previous year.

Year Level Camps

Year Level Camps aim to develop student skills, knowledge and confidence. Commencing in Year 3, this program culminates in Year 10 when students are allowed to ‘choose their own adventure’. Year Level Camps are purposely designed to build on the skills learned and challenges faced the previous year.

Year 3 & 4 Camp

ADANAC, Yarra Junction
3 days, 2 nights

Year 5 & 6

Camp Jungai, Thorton
4 days, 3 nights

Year 7 Camp

UC Grantville, Grantville
5 days, 4 nights

Year 8 Camp

UC Grantville, Grantville
5 days, 4 nights

Year 9 Camp

Mornington Peninsula
5 days, 4 nights

Year 10 Camp

Halls Gap, Grampians
5 days, 4 nights

Building physical, social, personal & environmental skills.

Our Objectives


Active Team




Develop as
a Leader

Protect the

Identify Risks
& Boundaries



Appreciate Rewards
& Effort


We offer a wide variety of camps at different year levels.

From abseiling off cliff faces, to engaging with indigenous history & culture.

Optional Camps

Optional experiences are offered annually at Senior School and include camps for Music, Marine Science and Indigenous Culture. Tours are offered for Drama, Sport and Service Learning. Students can also participate in a variety of national school exchanges.

From spectacular mountains to magnificent coasts, abseiling down cliff faces to snorkeling with seals, experiencing contemporary arts to engaging with indigenous history and culture, our girls experience the best of Australia – its landscapes, historic towns, vibrant cities and local wildlife.

These camps are offered to extend students in different co-curricular areas, they are optional and are offered to multiple year levels at Senior School and in some instances are offered multiple times a year.

Duke of Ed Adventurous Journey Camp

Year 8 - 12
Various Locations

As part of the Duke of Edinburgh's Award, students must complete an 'Adventurous Journey' component to receive their award. This camp helps students fulfil this component.

Music Camp

Year 7 - 12
Camp Manyung, Mount Eliza

A weekend of intensive music rehearsals and fun, the perfect opportunity to meet students for other year levels whilst rehearsing for upcoming music performances.

Drama Camp

Year 10 - 12
Adelaide Fringe Festival, Adelaide

Students attend a broad range of theatrical performance pieces at the Adelaide Fringe Festival. They also engage in insightfully driven and rigorous reflective discussion and analysis of each performance.

Mungo Living Culture Program

Year 8 - 10
Lake Mungo / Willandra Lakes, NSW

Students explore the living Indigenous culture within the Willandra Lakes region of Lake Mungo, work closely with Indigenous mentors and elders; scientists and pastoralists to directly engage with history and culture.

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