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3 & 4 Year Old Preschool

Our Early Learning Centre (ELC) is a warm and welcoming space for both girls and boys. Nestled in the Junior School grounds in a modern and purpose-built facility, it is the perfect environment for our youngest students to commence one of the most important stages of life, the early childhood years.

Our ELC captures and extends the inquisitive nature of young children.

Staffed by fully qualified educators, the team recognise and celebrate the differences in each child’s development, personality and abilities. Education is a process of participation, and we believe meaningful relationships between educators, children, families and the community need to be fostered.

Our aim is to build deep foundations that provide the basis for lifelong learning. We offer a program where young children can work and play together in a friendly, caring and challenging environment.

Our ELC captures and extends the inquisitive nature of young children. We value and recognise the importance and richness of play for children’s learning, and the close relationship between play, learning and development.

Question, wonder, inquire & explore.

A Holistic Approach to Learning

We encourage children to participate in experiences that provide opportunities for them to question, wonder, inquire, problem solve and explore. In line with our holistic approach to teaching and learning, we embed literacy and numeracy experiences into our everyday program. We value diversity and promote empathy, equity and social justice.

Being located within the Junior School allows us to draw upon the teaching expertise of a wide range of specialist educators, and to also share facilities including the beautiful outdoor spaces, the Library, Chapel, Art and Music rooms.

The CGGS Early Learning Centre is renowned for ensuring children are fully prepared for junior school.

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