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It is each and every single one of us in the CGGS community that makes our school the vibrant, multicultural and highly inclusive school that it is. 

Multicultural and highly inclusive.

Diverse communities are vibrant communities. Being part of our community, in which many cultures, religions, ideas and socioeconomic backgrounds exist, exposes our students to others who are not like them and therefore, enriches their experiences. Diversity also does something else, it helps students to learn.

The population of CGGS covers every continent except Antarctica! It is truly great that we are all different, this is what enriches our community immensely. Woven through our fine school, woven through each and every CGGS student is a world of different perspectives, cultures and people.

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Diversity enriches the life of our students.

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of our current students were born in 24 foreign countries


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the number of countries our community has arrived from

Which Countries?

We come from every continent except Antarctica!


number of languages we speak... including sign language!

What Languages?

Our therapy dog speaks fluent canine!

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72% of students were born in Australia

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28% of students were born overseas

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