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Rich with Experience

Teaching with Energy & Vigour

At CGGS we are fortunate to have a team of highly qualified educators, who have a genuine passion for education and a strong understanding of how girls learn best. Rich with experience, they bring energy and excitement to the classroom and create a highly positive, collaborative and enjoyable learning environment.

They are leaders, who set high expectations and expect the very best of every girl. They know their students and they inspire them to embrace challenges and encourage them to take responsibility for their own learning. Thanks to their talents, our students thrive in the classroom – they build resilience, confidence and independence from an early age. As a result, CGGS students develop a genuine love for lifelong learning.

At the same time, staff learning is a strategic priority for the school. Our unique professional learning program provides a broad range of opportunities for staff to continue their own lifelong development.

Our aim is to recruit a high calibre of staff, ensuring a high quality education for our students.

Our educators are strong role models.

Educator Profiles

Discover the stories behind some of our inspiring staff.

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