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Girl Power

An education designed

especially for girls.

When it comes to the education of your daughter, the best you can give her is a contemporary, thoughtful and intentional single-sex education. This is not based on hearsay, or personal opinion, it is a fact!

Research has proven that there are many positive benefits of sending your child to a single-sex school. When it comes to learning, girls learn differently to boys. They also have different social, moral, sporting and cultural needs.

Research confirms that there are many benefits for girls in a single sex environment.

At CGGS we offer a holistic education, designed especially for the ways girls learn best and it’s delivered by strong role models. We have developed programs that support and enhance the development of young women.

To maximise the advantages of a single-sex environment, to optimise student achievement and to build confidence in our students, CGGS educators have a range of learning approaches they apply in the classroom to ensure they get the most out of each lesson with our girls.

We provide a caring and supportive environment.

In addition, CGGS provides a caring and supportive environment; celebrates and acknowledges each girls abilities and talents; encourages participation and risk taking in all academic and co-curricular activities; develops a sense of high self-esteem; ensures girls voices are heard and that there are no boundaries in learning or career aspirations.

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The curriculum is directed especially towards the educational and specific needs of girls.
Our inspiring educators are experts in teaching girls.
Can Do
There is a ‘can do’ attitude that ensures there are no boundaries in learning or career decisions.
A Voice for All
Girls have a firm voice within the school and as a result they become critical thinkers, confident learners and positive self-starters.
Each student has a strong sense of belonging and develops strong connections which allows each girl to establish her own identity and discover her own personality.
Self Awareness
Self-awareness is promoted and our girls are able to take risks in a secure and supportive environment.

Alliance of Girls' Schools

CGGS is a member of the Alliance of Girls’ Schools.
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