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Low Emissions,
High Impact

Sustainability is a community responsibility

Service to the environment, encompassing the impacts of climate change, waste and shrinking biodiversity is an issue of our time, and will greatly impact our students both personally and professionally into the future.

Our aim for CGGS is to become a more sustainable school and to further reduce our ecological footprint. We aim to achieve this through building an environmentally conscious culture, and through the adoption of school-wide sustainable practises.

Sustainability education is integrated into both the Junior and Senior School curriculum and each school has a student environment club that focuses on developing a variety of yearly sustainability initiatives.

Our goal is to create an environmentally literate & responsible community.

Our Early Learning Centre is in a prime position to catch an abundance of sunlight that will be converted into power.

The greatest threat to the planet is the belief that someone else will save it.

Our Sustainability Coordinator works with the School Management Team to implement strategies to promote waste management, reduce water and energy consumption, enhance biodiversity in the school grounds and promote green procurement processes.

The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it. It is our collective and individual responsibility to preserve and tend to the world in which we all live.

Ultimately, our goal at CGGS is to create an environmentally literate and responsible community of students, staff and families whose daily actions reflect care for the earth and its biodiversity.

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