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The beginning of Term 4 is always a time of acknowledgements and celebrations as our Year 12 students formally conclude their secondary schooling. 

Last week we also opened our VCE Art Exhibition, our first in person exhibition for 3 years!  Whilst virtual exhibitions served a purpose during the lockdowns, it is very special to share this occasion with the students and their families, learning more about the personal journey of each piece.

This week we also held our Centenary Music Concert and Years 10-12 Presentation Evening at the Recital Centre.  It was a wonderful way to acknowledge the contributions and achievements of our senior students and enjoy our incredible music program. We weren’t disappointed! 

As we celebrated our Centenary Music Concert (that had been postponed twice), I reflected that 32 months earlier, on 11 February 2020, we formally commenced our Centenary Celebrations with the Governor of Victoria.  At that commencement service, I declared that we would be celebrating the rich tapestry of our school, including the important task of giving thanks for that first step-of-faith taken by our founders particularly the Reverend Hubert Brooksbank.

This year we formally named our library Brooksbank Library in honour of Reverend Brooksbank who wanted to establish a school to nurture strong hearts, minds and spirits of girls; a school based on enduring Christian values and a motto of service.  Throughout the decades this vision has been realised by those who have governed and led our School, along with the students, staff and parents who together have built and continue to build a purposeful education for its students and its time.  The richness of our heritage remains, as we continue to embrace the future.

From this current global disruptive period, I imagine that Reverend Brooksbank would have been proud of our students and our staff, who with their hearts, minds and spirits worked in support of each other and a greater collective.  From the pivot into remote learning and re-designing of programs by students and staff through to the way that we shared resources, processes and support to those from other schools, educational systems and countries, our motto of service, based on tangible support to others, was a priority.

As we have lived through one of the greatest periods of global change, I have been reflecting on our focus of preparing young people for their future.  We cannot take time out from change – change continues, so maybe it is not so much about the future, but how we positively respond.  Our focus now is more about how we are honing our capabilities of adaption and innovation.  I certainly feel that we are well along this path at Camberwell Girls.

In our Senior School Assembly this week we thanked our 2022 School Captains who rose to the challenge this year of re-engaging our community. 

It is during challenging times that you witness the strength of leadership and our team led by Teagan Diep, Issy D’Sousa and Charli Lincke have certainly displayed this.  Their leadership has embodied our school values of integrity, commitment, respect, hope and courage and they have served with dedication, purpose and a great sense of fun!

Leadership is about service, and in serving others, leaders are constantly responding to the needs of their community and change.  The legacy of our 2022 Captains has been far and wide and as they conclude their tenure, we convey our sincere thanks.

I know that you will join me in wishing our Class of 2022 all the very best as they move into their final examinations and look forward to new opportunities. 

At this week’s Assembly we also announced our School Captains for 2023.  I warmly congratulate:

  • Amy Dingle – School Captain
  • Scarlett Giang – School Vice Captain
  • Tara Rastogi – School Vice Captain.

Staff are looking forward to working with Amy, Scarlett and Tara as they lead their team of Captains in continuing to connect our community and engage in learning that has purpose and is relevant in the here and now.

We also acknowledge our Class of 2023 – the Year 12 students who will build upon the work of those who have gone before, continuing to strengthen our culture of inclusivity and kindness, and one focussed on our fundamental purpose of service to others. 

With best wishes,

Debbie Dunwoody

2022 CGGS Gala Celebration


It was such a delight to finally enjoy our Centenary Gala event last Saturday night at Leonda.


After a busy fortnight of fantastic performances from our students, Mrs Dunwoody reflects on the importance of the performing arts.


This week Mrs Dunwoody speaks about the importance of a connected community and the events that have brought us together recently.


This week Mrs Dunwoody reflects on the special celebrations we have had recently.

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