Dear Parents and Guardians,

The United Nations International Day of Women and Girls in Science was acknowledged last Saturday. The UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) is the main intergovernmental body dedicated to the promotion of gender equality and the empowerment of women. In December 2015, the General Assembly of the CSW adopted a resolution to recognise the critical role that women and girls play in science and technology communities by establishing an annual international day of recognition, falling on 11 February each year.

Last Saturday, ABC Science featured the CGGS Girls Invent Program as their lead story to celebrate the UN International Day of Women and Girls in Science.Eloise Holwell, Angela Jia and Zara Mammone shared their experiences in the program and some information on their inventions that they have developed through their involvement in the program.  Click here to view the great article.

In September 2015, Camberwell Girls was invited to participate in the ‘Girls Invent’ program, an initiative of Scale Investors and Dr Mark Glazebrook, the founder of Girls Invent. Over forty students from Years 7-9 volunteered to be a part of the program and worked with Dr Glazebrook and a team of ‘Scale Angels’, supported by Camberwell Girls staff, Mrs Eleanor Macaro, Mr Mark Barnett and Ms Giselle Lobo. In December 2015, two teams pitched their ideas to Scale Angels. This was the foundation of the program at Camberwell Girls.

Identifying a problem or need, girls have learnt how to analyse the problem and develop solutions by investigation and then prototyping, modelling and creating solutions. It has been wonderful to see the excitement as girls build their prototypes out of ‘everyday’ materials, test and re-design them. They have been challenged to examine the market and test the need for their potential product or solution. Learning to pitch their idea has also been a core component of the process.

In 2016, the CGGS Girls Invent program was embedded into the Year 7 Science curriculum, whilst Angela Jia who started with the 2015 group, continued to develop her idea with an external female engineer as a mentor. We have been very grateful for Dr Glazebrook’s support as he has guided us in continuing to develop the program at Camberwell Girls, which will grow in 2017 as we launch our own Maker Space in March. This working space is part of the first stage of our Science Redevelopment, alongside an upgraded experimental laboratory and robotics laboratory.

An active approach to learning, where students build knowledge and meaning through the powerful process of learning by doing, rather than just learning about things, is the basis of constructivism. The Maker Movement in education is based on this creative approach to learning and is building momentum globally. Through the development of Maker Spaces in schools, libraries and community spaces, people engage in the process of inventing and tinkering (another common phrase for this process is hacking) individually or collaboratively, sharing and discussing ideas.

Our new Maker Space, which will also support the work of the Girls Invent Program, will be coordinated by a team of Art, Science and Commerce teachers, under the leadership of Mrs Macaro and Mr Barnett. Whilst the Girls Invent Program will again be embedded into the Year 7 curriculum, students of all ages will have the opportunity to use the space at a range of times to develop their ideas with staff to guide them. Further details will be available during the term. Dr Glazebrook will also be working closely with the team to ensure that we support girls to move beyond the initial stages of ideas and designs through to assisting them to create real solutions and products, engaging both their hearts and their minds.

Learning by doing, and creating solutions to real problems is an important part of our girls’ education at Camberwell Girls as we support them to ‘create their tomorrow’.


With best wishes,


Debbie Dunwoody



2016 Parent Survey Feedback
Each year we conduct a parent survey to obtain value feedback from parents about a number of key areas at CGGS.  The confidential parent survey was conducted by MYP Corporation through their School Results Survey (SRS) from 7-21 November 2016. The survey also enabled comparison of results with similar schools.

34.8% of parents participated in the survey (37% in 2015).  Parents indicated that the 5 top reasons for choosing CGGS from highest to lowest were:  academic excellence, school reputation, single sex, location and the size of school/classes.  The satisfaction rating is summarized in the table below.
Satisfaction Rating (out of 5.00):

CGGS Comparable Schools All Schools
2016 4.10 = 82.0% 4.07 = 81.4% 4.08 = 81.6%
2015 4.07 = 81.4% 4.07 = 81.4% 4.07 = 81.4%

The key areas in which feedback was sought were:

Values & Culture
Leadership & Direction
School Communication
Learning & Extension
Teaching Standards
Learning Environment
Resources & Facilities
Pastoral Care/Wellbeing
Student Transition
Student Engagement
Parent Engagement

Of the 15 Key Areas surveyed, 11 received an excellent satisfaction rating & 4 received a good satisfaction rating  (Rating out of 5).  The rating of the highest 5 categories of satisfaction are listed below:

2016 2015
·      Learning Environment (4.33) ·      Values and Culture (4.23)
·      Leadership and Direction (4.25) ·      Learning Environment (4.22)
·      Values and Culture (4.23) ·      Leadership and Direction (4.19)
·      Resources and Facilities (4.20) ·      Resources and Facilities (4.14)
·      Pastoral Care & Wellbeing (4.10) ·      Student Engagement (4.11)

The lowest 5 categories of satisfaction from least satisfied to more satisfied were:

2016 2015
·      Learning and Extension (3.79) ·      Learning and Extension (3.78)
·      Homework (3.89) ·      General – 10 Statements (3.84)
·      Reporting (3.97) ·      Homework (3.96)
·      Teaching Standards (3.99) ·      Curriculum (3.99)
·      Student Engagement (4.06) ·      Co-curriculum (4.01)

Informed by the survey, the following will be areas of focus for the School in 2017:

  • Learning support and extension
  • Homework and project management
  • Reporting and feedback
  • Sport in the Junior School

I would like to take this opportunity to thank parents for their valuable feedback and look forward to our continued work in partnership.


Debbie Dunwoody

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