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Junior School

Year 6G Student Leadership Positions - Semester 2

It was a pleasure inducting our Year 6G students as our Ormiston leaders for Semester Two. Our leadership assembly was live-streamed to Year 6G families. The highlight of this event was the speeches of three students – Ann Brookes, Christine Moi and Stefanie Nguyen. Each student spoke about leadership and what it meant to them, and for student voice to continue to be a focus for Ormiston in assemblies and future Junior School events. I would like to thank Jasvindar Gill for organising our student leaders. As a school community, we look forward to their contributions for the remainder of the year.

Art Leaders
Amy Yang, Celeste Mai & Karina Ng

Assembly & Events Leaders
Tiffany Lau & Rudra Santhosh

House Leaders
Bella Beltrano, Jessica Wong, Stephanie Chiodo & Eden Chia

Library Leaders
Minaaz Kaur & Christine Moi

Music Leaders
Mo Lin Yu & Stefanie Nguyen

School Captains
Eshani Nagarajan & Ann Brookes

Social Service Leaders
Sophie Wong & Maddi O’Meara

Sustainability Leaders
Christelle Chin & Hannah Law

I would also like to share Katrina Cheong’s leadership prayer from the assembly. Our Year 6 leadership program is special as it recognises that each Year 6 student has the potential to be a great leader. The prayer (below) was a wonderful way to finish off this special event.

Dear God, We thank you for providing us with so many opportunities within our school to develop our skillset. We are also grateful that every Year 6 student at Ormiston is given a chance to develop their leadership skills. We are aware that this is something that is unique to our school; therefore, please help us to make the most of our roles over the next two terms.

As we lead, we ask that you help us to lead with integrity. This means to live out the values we stand for. Give us courage to be strong role models as we go about our day to day lives; to act in accordance with our individual values as well as our School Values, and to inspire others through our everyday actions to be kind, empathetic and supportive individuals. Help us to listen to others with an open mind and an open heart, especially when receiving feedback, and to respond with a willingness to improve. Help us to know it’s OK to make mistakes along the way – that mistakes are very much a part of the learning process and to learn from these and try, and try again.

We thank you for the teachers who help to guide us in our leadership roles – for their precious time, effort and advice – and we ask you to renew their spirits and refuel their energy tanks as we start a new semester. Please support us to do our personal best and to know that it is when we work together as a team, that we grow in strength and in what we are able to achieve.

In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen

Please pop in Leadership photo
Wishing all our Ormiston families a restful weekend

Yours sincerely,
Paul Donohue
Head of Junior School

Early Learning 3

The Early Learning 3 children have been exploring our natural community and the impact of humans on the environment. The children have been observing and discussing the importance of trees, in particular Mountain Ash Trees, home to the critically endangered Leadbeater’s possum and state emblem of Victoria. Leadbeater’s possum, also known as Fairy possum, live in hollows of Mountain Ash Trees, one of the oldest and tallest trees in the world, located north of Victoria in the Toolangi State Forest.

This term, the children will discover the importance of conservation and sustainable actions. As an introduction, the children have been creating collaborative artworks, using their observational and sharing skills to create line paintings. Working in partnership, the children will focus on cooperation and communication rather than the outcome or looking ‘perfect’. They are provided with an opportunity to appreciate the skills of other students, exchange new and different perspectives, learn to be vulnerable and open to ideas, enhance their social skills, and fine tune their negotiation skills. Children are encouraged to enjoy the journey of creating art and adapting shapes and lines to create a unique and quirky possum.

Sophia Stirling and Esther Wong
Early Learning 3 Teachers

Early Learning 4 Part-Time

As a community of learners, the EL4 Part-Time children continue to explore the Junior School environment. An inquiry into trees has provided the children with a meaningful context to build on prior knowledge and progress their learning with renewed enthusiasm. The seasonal changes of trees have been a particular focus for the children. Upon their return from the break, children noticed changes in the trees, wondering ‘what the trees might have felt during the break’.

These are the observations shared by the children.

Tiffany: “My tree is normal. It didn’t lose its leaves. The trees would have been bored because there were not any children here.”

Adrian: “My tree is happy and didn’t lose its leaves”

Avi: “My tree is a little bit happy, he got to play with his tree friends. My tree is an evergreen tree, and it has strawberries.”

Chloe: “All the leaves fell off and there was a bird’s nest.”

Heidi: “My tree was growing new leaves and new branches. The branches just have a little seed.”

Jackson: “My tree didn’t lose its leaves and my tree is happy.”

Mia: “My tree has all its leaves.”

Lilian: “My tree lost all its leaves and I have moss on my tree.”

Elliana: “My tree has lost all its leaves!”

Tracking what happens to trees over time and through seasonal changes is part of the ongoing inquiry.

Ramila Sadikeen
Early Learning 4 Part-Time Teacher

Early Learning 4 Full-Time

‘Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.’ – Dalai Lama

The Early Learning 4 Full-Time children have engaged in discussions and read stories about acts of kindness. We referred to the story Kindness by Zanni Louise to make connections with ways we can demonstrate kindness in our everyday lives. The children discovered that kindness is being generous with our words and actions and there are many ways to be kind. Within the classroom, we have been exploring how kindness comes in many forms and that even a small act of kindness can make a difference.

As researchers, we viewed visual images to help us develop an understanding about homelessness. As communicators, we identified how we could demonstrate kindness and support children and adults in our community who may be experiencing homelessness or may not have enough money to buy food. As compassionate and kind citizens, we participated in the Winter Warmth Appeal and brought food and toiletries to school, so we could make a difference to the lives of others.

Through their participation in the Winter Warmth Appeal, the children experienced that when we work together, take-action, and demonstrate kindness, we can make a difference and create positive change.

Angela Follacchio
Early Learning 4 Full Time Teacher

100 Days in Foundation!

On Tuesday the 26 of July, the Foundation students and teachers celebrated reaching the milestone of 100 Days in Foundation this year. Everyone enjoyed dressing up as though they were 100 years old and participating in many activities to do with the number 100. It was a great day and a lovely way to reflect on the growth in the students’ learning during their first 100 days at Junior School.

“It was a very fun day!” – Madison

“I liked up dressing up as a 100-year-old.” – Evelyn P

“We had so much fun!” – Chloe

“We have learnt 100 numbers this year.” – Diyana

“We did so many things about 100.” – Annie

“I liked my 100 days medal.” – Hailey

Selena Reedman
Foundation Class Teacher

Year 4 Excursion to Melbourne Zoo

Last Monday on 25 July, Year 4 went on an exciting excursion to the Melbourne Zoo. We saw many fascinating animals including the giant tortoise, zebras, giraffes, iguanas and many more.

When we first arrived, we went to the Reptiles area. We were intrigued by the Rhinoceros Iguana because of its humongous size. The Giant Tortoise keeper talk was fascinating, and we were provided with some interesting facts about these old and ancient creatures. The ones that we saw were over 80 years old and they could live for hundreds of years. Although the zookeeper didn’t know the exact answer for their life expectancy because no human would be able to live for long enough for them to study it. They would live for longer than any human would. I am sure the Giant Tortoises would have some stories to tell of the olden days. Something interesting we learnt about is that they are herbivores (plant eaters).

Next, we had our Educational Session that focused on animals that are endangered and local to our area (the Southern Corroboree Frog and the Helmeted Honeyeater). Our task was to piece together a story about each one of these creatures. It gave us a better understanding of how to prevent other native animals becoming endangered.

After we had our lunch, it started to rain quite heavily however, about half of us were fortunate enough to brave the wet and visit Lion Gorge. Many of the animals we were able to see were excellent with their camouflaging. Despite the rain and the cold, we still had lots of fun and learnt lots of interesting animal facts!

Estella Ouyang and Stephanie Marriott
Year 4D Students

Year 6 Excursion to Parliament House

On Friday 5 August, the Year 6 cohort excitedly headed off on a bus to the Melbourne CBD. Both classes toured Parliament House and the Old Treasury Building. Between tours, we had time to explore and play in the Treasury Gardens while eating morning tea and lunch in the glorious sunshine!

In Term 2, Year 6 students learnt about how decisions are made in Australia and how they can influence these decisions. Given this excursion happened at the start of Term 3, the Year 6s arrived at both locations equipped with an abundance of knowledge. Many stood in awe when they were shown into the Legislative Assembly, also known as the Lower House, where they enthusiastically took part in a mock parliament debating TV gambling ads. Both sides battled to support their own respective party members, either with “Hear, hear!” to show their agreement, or “Shame…” accompanied by shaking heads to show their disagreement. We also got to visit the Legislative Council, which left many students breathless and looking up and down at the extremely intricate and beautiful details within.

We would also like to thank our two parent helpers, Fiona Nicholson Stocker and Lilian Liu, who took time out of their busy schedules to accompany us on the day.

Katrina Cheong & Jasvindar Gill
Year 6 Class Teachers


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