Junior School

Mountfield Maestros – Music

Last term, students from Foundation – Year 6 had the opportunity to perform in front of a small family audience within the Junior School Hall. Students who play a musical instrument put themselves forward to play a musical piece they had been practicing with their music tutor throughout the year. It was wonderful to see so many parents attend this music occasion, and I would like to thank our music teachers Nichole Adams and Penny Byrne for all their work planning this important event.

Congratulations to the following students:


>Emilia Zhang
>Charlene Wang
>Chelsea Gu
>Ruby Lim

Year 1
>Lena Li
>Ting Xuan Quek
>Anna Zhang

Year 2
>Sofia Rampa
>Doris Chen
>Lily Kwong
>Aryana Perera
>Olivia Leng
>Olivia Ding
>Evangeline Huynh
>Alice Lin

Year 3
>Annabelle Zhang
>Aadhya Talpe Guruge
>Aarza Bhatia
>Neesha Navaneetharaja
>Ellie Li
>Audrey Cheung
>Aanya Chopra
>Alessandra Ronzani

Year 4
>Ivy Xie
>Claudia Huang
>Zoe Raspin
>Annicle Li

Year 5
>Hanna Lindsay
>Aaratrika Kadam
>Amiya Rajakulendran
>Rachel Franco
>Aanya Richharia
>Georgia Papadopoulos
>Alina Hou
>Joyce Zhang
>Rebecca Luo

Year 6
>Alisha Lagana
>Eshani Nagarajan
>Jenny Jin
>Ann Brookes
>Rudra Santhosh
>Jasmine Xie
>Iris Lu
>Asha Bhattacharjee

>Yui Yu
>Molin Yu

>Rudra Santhosh/Violin
>Kathleen Lin/Violin
>Alisha Lagana/Viola
>Asha Bhattacharjee/Cello
>Zihan Li/Piano

I wish our Ormiston community a restful weekend!

Paul Donohue
Head of Junior School

Foundation – Year 2 House Sports Carnival – Term 3

Towards the end of Term 3, the Foundation – Year 2 students were able to participate in their annual House Sports Carnival held at the Senior School oval. Each student had-a-go at both track and field events and it was great to see all students do their personal best. Some of the activities included a 100-metre sprint, hurdles, long jump, shot-put and grass run. Also, the students worked together in their house teams to run the chicken relay.

Congratulations to all the students who participated, and I would like to thank Kim James our Junior School Physical Education teacher for organising this carnival.  I look forward to seeing the Year 2 students being part of the Year 3-6 Athletics Carnival in 2023.

North Balwyn District Athletics Competition

On Thursday 8 September, 39 selected students across Year 3 to Year 6 participated in the District Athletics Carnival held at Tom Kelly Athletics Track in Doncaster.  The students represented and competed for CGGS against other qualifying students from with the North Balwyn District.  Students who qualified in their event will then procced to compete at the Division event.

Congratulations to the students listed below that have qualified to compete at the Divisional Athletics Carnival:

>Ann Brookes

>Nina Gan

>Estella Ouyang

>Ava Pao

>Georgia Papadopoulos

>Aneira Paul

>Olivia Yang

>Cecelia Yang

Division – Boroondara Primary Track and Field Competition

On Wednesday 12 October, a selection of students attended the Division Athletics Carnival after qualifying at the North Balwyn District Athletics event. It was a big day with schools from across the eastern suburbs bringing their best performers to compete for a position at the Regional Athletics event later in October. While the weather was very wet, the student’s performances was heroic. All of the students attending did a fantastic job in very difficult conditions and should be extremely proud of themselves for making it Division level. Those that finished 1st or 2nd in their races move onto the next level and compete against the best in region.

Congratulations to the students listed below that have qualified to compete at the Regional Athletics Carnival:

> Cecelia Yang / qualified in the 1500m

> Ava Pao / qualified in the 80m hurdles

> Amiya Rajakulendran / qualified in the discus

Good luck to these students at the Eastern Regional Primary Track and Field event next Thursday 20 October.

Kim James
Physical Education Teacher

Early Learning - Walking on Bare Feet

The rainy spring season has flooded the ELC’s dry riverbed creek, transforming the outdoor environment into a temporary wetland. This enriched sensory experience has encouraged children to walk bare footed across different surfaces as they engage in water play.

Research shows that being barefoot, invites children to learn about different sensations, increasing children’s neurological receptors to receive, interpret and organise sensory input and responses from their feet, as well as increased cognition later in life. As the human feet contains dense nerve endings that support the cognitive function of recognising temperature, density, stability, balance, and other physical characteristics. Additionally, sensory experiences such as this, supports the brain to ‘feel’ the natural environment, understand the physical properties of a surface, and allow children to take risks within a safe environment. They learn to negotiate the space, and develop their balance, coordination, and spatial awareness.

And though the warmer dry weather is quickly approaching, it’s been wonderful to observe the children embrace the joy of environmental learning in all its sensory form!

Esther Wong
Early Learning Coordinator

2022 CGGS Gala Celebration


It was such a delight to finally enjoy our Centenary Gala event last Saturday night at Leonda.


After a busy fortnight of fantastic performances from our students, Mrs Dunwoody reflects on the importance of the performing arts.


This week Mrs Dunwoody speaks about the importance of a connected community and the events that have brought us together recently.


This week Mrs Dunwoody reflects on the special celebrations we have had recently.

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