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Connected Community


August has been a big month for our old grammarian community reconnecting and celebrating rescheduled reunions from 2020, 2021 and 2022.

Saturday 20th August saw the Class of 1980, 1981, 1982, 1990, 1991 and 1992 coming back to the school to celebrate their 30 and 40 year reunions.

Upper Woodstock building classrooms were specifically decked out for individual year levels but mostly the guests mingled together as they were close year levels at school so many knew each other.

An informative school tour was directed by current year 11 students who whilst taking our guests around the school, informed them of how the buildings have changed since they were last here.

There was much talk about meeting up again at the garden party in November.

The Class of 1970, 1971 and 1972 joined together on Friday 26th August in Robinson Hall for a delicious sit down lunch. Boards depicting memorabilia from their time at school, showed school camps, house sporting events, plays and musicals.  A slide show of school photos and co-curricular activities were a highlight and many fond memories talked about throughout the course of the lunch.

Again, an informative school tour by current year 12 students was one of the highlights of the afternoon. A most enjoyable time was had by all.

Wilbur the Optical Whale – Preshow Refreshments

The PFA and Junior School parent volunteers were proud to be part of the JS Wilbur the Optical Whale Musical Performances on Thursday 25th and Friday 26th August.  Thank you for dropping by our Bar to support our efforts in connecting and engaging with the CGGS community and at the same time celebrating our impressive home-grown young talents.

Celebration of Sports Evening

The PFA Friends of Sports supported the Celebration of Sports Evening on Tuesday, 30th August with pre-ceremony refreshments.  It was wonderful to be part of an inspiring event recognising student outstanding achievements across a number of sporting activities.

Father's Day Breakfast

The Parents and Friends Association wishes all the CGGS dads a Happy Father’s Day this Sunday 4th September.

Over 145 Fathers/Father figures and daughters attended the Father’s Day Breakfast on Thursday 1st September. It was lovely to hear from PFA President Terry McAleenan and his daughter Eun Bee share their favourite memories of each other and meaningful reflections of being involved in the school.

It was fantastic after two years of virtual Father’s Day celebrations, to hold the Father’s Day Challenge competition. The competition was fierce! The Junior School soccer competition was won by Dads/Daughters and are awarded the Challenge Cup. The Senior School basketball competition was won by Dads/Daughter and were awarded the coveted Challenge Cup.

The event was extra special this year with the PFA volunteers running a Father’s Day Gift Stall for our students to buy some small gifts for their dads.  The Junior School students had the most enjoyable time with a short shopping trip across the Senior School Fig Tree Café.

PFA Meeting

It was a full-packed Agenda on Tuesday 17th August when PFA Committee met with our Head of Junior School Paul Donahue for our monthly meeting where the PFA provided updates and feedback on the recent events they have supported and sponsored. Planning is underway for upcoming events and initiatives, and we look forward to sharing with you in due course.

2022 CGGS Gala Celebration


It was such a delight to finally enjoy our Centenary Gala event last Saturday night at Leonda.


After a busy fortnight of fantastic performances from our students, Mrs Dunwoody reflects on the importance of the performing arts.


This week Mrs Dunwoody speaks about the importance of a connected community and the events that have brought us together recently.


This week Mrs Dunwoody reflects on the special celebrations we have had recently.

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