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Connected Community

House Drama Pre-Show Refreshments

To wrap an eventful Term 3, The PFA Friends of the Arts provided the Pre-Show Refreshments to our community on Thursday 8th September.  Our dedicated parent volunteers enjoyed serving drinks, catching up with other parents and at the same time had the opportunity to support and watch their talented children performing in the House Drama competition.

VCE Art & Design Exhibition Opening Night

An exciting start to Term 4 with the Friends of the Arts collaborating with our CGGS Art & Design Department to re-open their in-person VCE Art & Design Exhibition since 2019.  The Opening Night was filled with supportive staff, family, old Grammarians and friends as they viewed the impressive work of our promising young artists.

PFA Contribution to the CGGS Makerspace

Through fund-raising activities, the PFA was able to purchase the 3D printers and kiln and donated to the CGGS Makerspace.

Our PFA President Terry McAleenan was invited to drop by for a lovely chat with Vicky-June Ellis, our Chemistry and Science Teacher who provided thoughtful insight on the impact the new 3D printers have made to the Makerspace at CGGS where they allow staff and students to explore the possibilities of this emerging technology.

Now that the machines are up and running, Term 4 will see the opportunity to begin training staff and students in their operation expanding the possibilities for wider use within the curriculum as well as co-curricular programs and STEAM projects.

Parents Volunteers Upskill

The PFA is committed to providing necessary training and skills for our parent volunteers.

On September 5th, a number of our parent volunteers joined the school’s Upskill BY DESIGN programs to take the Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) course and receive certification to serve our community responsibly and safely at events.

2022 CGGS Gala Celebration


It was such a delight to finally enjoy our Centenary Gala event last Saturday night at Leonda.


After a busy fortnight of fantastic performances from our students, Mrs Dunwoody reflects on the importance of the performing arts.


This week Mrs Dunwoody speaks about the importance of a connected community and the events that have brought us together recently.


This week Mrs Dunwoody reflects on the special celebrations we have had recently.

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