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It has been wonderful to welcome students back to school for the commencement of Term 3. Once again, we are excited for the upcoming term, which promises to be filled with many new learning opportunities. At CGGS, our academic program is complemented by extensive, diverse, engaging incursions, excursions, trips, co-curricular activities, clubs, and House events. Already this week, the Secondary School House Athletics Carnival rallied CGGS’ enduring House Spirit as students participated with energy and enthusiasm. Such events allow students to develop their strengths, inspire high levels of personal achievement, and build collective wellbeing and commitment.

For this edition of CamNews, Ms Eleanor Wood, our Director of Co-Curricular Programs, has prepared a video to explain our many co-curricular offerings at CGGS. We encourage you to explore the co-curricular page on myCGGS, where you will find detailed information about the myriad of activities available to students. Eleanor shares that the school’s co-curricular programs are embedded into the student experience at CGGS.

There are wide reaching benefits to student involvement in such activities. Most importantly, it fosters increased wellbeing, connectedness and belonging as girls work with others who have similar interests and passions. This leads to broader friendship opportunities both within their year levels and beyond. The co-curricular arena is where we often find students in their element, much like renowned educationalist, author and speaker, the late Sir Ken Robinson shared in his book, The Element – How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything. When students find themselves in their element, they feel inspired and find high levels of personal achievement, wellbeing and satisfaction. They find that moment of flow, where time is fluid and seems to move more quickly.

An overarching goal at CGGS is to nurture each of our student’s unique strengths and interests so that they progressively build their capacity and broaden their horizons through to Year 12. Whether it be House Athletics, Service Learning initiatives, the USA Study Tour, music performances, the upcoming Secondary School Production of Medea (don’t forget to book your tickets!), camps or sporting events, we look forward to an enriching semester ahead where every student will have the opportunity to grow and utilise their strengths.

With best wishes,

Davina McClure
Acting Principal


Today, Mrs Dunwoody will discuss the importance of supporting student wellbeing.

Secondary School

This week was our annual CGGS Celebrating Diversity Week!

Junior School

A group of Ormiston students represented CGGS with pride at the District Cross Country event.

Connected Community

The PFA Mother's Day Breakfast and Stalls were a resounding success!

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