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Generation Z (born 1995-2009) are the largest generation ever, comprising around 20% of Australia’s population and are expected to have at least 18 jobs across 6 careers during their lifetime.

Sophie Renton, McCrindle

Outcomes from social research organisations like McCrindle are helpful as we design our educational offerings for students relevant for their future. In her presentation on the ‘Future of Education’ at our staff meeting earlier this year, Sophie also emphasised how work is changing – 65% of children entering primary school today will end up working in jobs that currently don’t exist. Many job opportunities will be available in more flexible modes and that the notion of hybrid work is here to stay.

Last week our Careers Counsellor, Trish Dolan, organised a ‘Women in Emerging Technologies’ careers information evening and you will see from her feature in this CamNews, the broad range of fields covered – all by women. It was interesting that many of these areas had applications in some of the more traditional professions such as law and medicine.

A number of our speakers were old grammarians and some were also sourced by HEX, an EdTech organisation that we are partnering with to offer units to our students from Years 9, 10 and 11. These are titled Innovation, Future, Tech and Money and are facilitated in our Upskill program. These units will help our students to develop the capabilities that will assist them when navigating change and seeking new and emerging opportunities.

To read about these units in more detail, click the button below.

So why is this important? On several occasions in our work with The University of Melbourne’s New Metrics for Success project, we have heard that in aspirational courses, academics have recognised that those who demonstrate these important capabilities ultimately cope with the rigours of these courses far more effectively. A high ATAR is not the only predictor of success in these courses. It makes sense when we think of the importance of human characteristics and capabilities in many successful endeavours.

At our careers night we formally launched our partnership, HEX @ CGGS and the CEO and Founder of HEX, Jeanette Cheah was our keynote speaker. Amongst many accolades, Jeanette has recently been recognised by the Alice Anderson Fund which is part of Launch Vic, as a top female entrepreneur in the state. She shared her professional journey and the examples of the mindsets, skillsets and toolsets that the HEX programs are designed to develop. They include:

  • Mindsets: Curious, abundant, adaptive, futuristic, purpose-led, community focussed.
  • Skillsets: Creativity, networking, communication, strategic thinking, verbal communication, collaboration, problem solving.
  • Toolsets: Data, pitching, systems thinking, financial savviness, self-care, tech fluency.

In working with HEX we are not aiming to prepare all of our students to be entrepreneurs.  We do however want to them to develop the mindsets, skillsets and toolsets to be future ready – because change is now our constant. 

In education at both school and tertiary levels, the discourse continues to build about how we value the unique strengths and capabilities of individuals, not just a ranking such as the ATAR.  Later this year we will share with you the work in creating a learner profile that will also be a repository for personal evidence of these; again, forming part of our work with The University of Melbourne.

Just prior to the end of term I will be taking some sabbatical and personal leave, returning at the beginning of August. I am looking forward to collaborating and learning with educators in Singapore and the USA, as well as participating in an executive leadership course. During my absence our Deputy Principal, Davina McClure will be the Acting Principal.

With best wishes,

Debbie Dunwoody


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