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International Women's Day


Over the years, IWD has gone from strength to strength – as we find inspiration in the stories of others, their courage and call to action. At CGGS, we feel incredibly proud of the great women who have come before us, the remarkable women who are part of our community today and the male champions of change who serve as such strong partners in achieving gender parity.

Throughout IWD there were so many powerful examples of igniting change and learning about how we can all contribute to building a more just and equitable world. Together our Year 12 Captains, Amy, Scarlett and Tara, led the way in supporting the important work of Impact for Women – a grass roots organisation who support women and children fleeing extreme violence at home. Summer Howarth, a key strategic partner of the school, spoke to students at a Secondary School Assembly and profiled some amazing stories of women who are working hard in their communities to positively shape new ideas and change. One of the ideas that resonated with many, was her focus on ‘Backing Brave!’ and the incredibly positive ripple effect that can emanate through communities when we choose to support courage in our words, actions, and behaviours. Similarly at our annual IWD Breakfast, keynote speaker Sarah Boyd shared some powerful messages about how data and technology can be leveraged to create more inclusion for diversity of ideas and ensure all young girls and women have access to quality education. 

Finally, four of our Year 11 students had the opportunity to attend the annual IWD Breakfast at Parliament House. In this week’s edition we invited the students to share their reflections and learnings from this opportunity.  

Best wishes, 

Kath Woolcock
Head of Senior School

Kate Giles 
Head of Middle School 

IWD Breakfast - Parliament House

Leaving CGGS bright and early, there were feelings of exhilaration and anticipation among the four of us as we departed for our first IWD breakfast!  Upon returning to school we felt inspired, roused, influenced and motivated. 

Dr Angelia Grant, Head of the Macroeconomic Conditions Division in the Australian Treasury, was the keynote speaker at this year’s IWD Breakfast. She presented an inspiring and eye-opening speech that centred around what, why and how of her career. Alongside this, she shared her values and principles that she aspires to live by every day.  

Listening to Dr Angelia Grant speak was a true gift and the highlight of our experience. We were seated in a hall full of women from many different girls’ schools, all with different personalities and goals, and yet, we were all captivated by Dr Grant’s speech, the same words inspiring us all. We often hear people talking about women in STEM or women in male-dominated fields or careers, but it can sometimes be hard to grasp the hard work and determination it takes to achieve these things. Dr Grant did not sugar-coat her stories; the raw recount of her journey provided me with a new lens on what my future experiences might be while facing gender inequality. We were educated about the difficulties and bias women face when joining the workforce. Then, through sharing her own experiences, Dr Grant taught us how to combat these issues with courage and independence. The main takeaway I had from her speech, however, was the importance of the value of kindness. Dr Grant emphasised that we should support our fellow women, especially in places where there may not be many of us at all. This was the most inspiring part of her speech for me; the fact that as women, we can be many times more powerful as long as we support and lift each other up. 

As well as Dr Grant we also heard from Jess Wilson and Georgie Crozier who are current politicians. They shared many messages of strength and courage to empower young women of the next generation.  It was a very motivating and enjoyable breakfast and I feel privileged to have been able to attend alongside some wonderful women! 

Attending the International Women’s Day Breakfast was truly an unforgettable experience. It felt wonderful to be a part of an event with potential to change women’s lives for the better! 

Sophie Chang 

GSV Swimming & Diving

After weeks of training, our Swimming and Diving Teams headed into Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre (MSAC) on Monday 6 March for the GSV Preliminary C Carnival.  

The Diving Team had an exceptional day of competition, winning the carnival and becoming the Premiers for Preliminary C Diving 2023, with a clear margin between CGGS and the second placed school.  

For our senior team members; Issy, Ruby and Clara, who all posted impressive Personal Bests, this represents 6 years of commitment and effort to the CGGS diving team. They led by example in every way and we congratulate them on their team placing of 2nd overall. The Inter team, placed 3rd and the Junior team placed 2nd – a fantastic result for our newest divers. It is the depth and consistency of all team members that delivered such a phenomenal result and we would like to acknowledge and thank our longstanding coach Jenny Donnet (Olympian) who has been part of our program since 2017 and has built a culture of encouragement and appreciation for each other and the skills they are developing.  

We are extremely proud to announce that the Diving Team will now compete in the Division 1 Championship Carnival for the first time in CGGS history, on Wednesday 22 March and we look forward to sharing more details in the next CamNews. 

The Swimming Team, under the superb direction of Head Coach Yuriy, also performed incredibly well, with many top 4 finishes, which was exactly where they finished in all age groups – Junior, Inter and Senior. A solid 4th place overall result was well deserved, and we congratulate all members of the team that competed at the carnival. We acknowledge the Swim Team Captain Emily and her vice captains Monique, Scarlett and Mia on their leadership and support of the team. This strong performance has ensured the team will now compete in the Division 2 Championship carnival. 

Nareen Robinson 
Head of Sport 

Celebration Afternoon Tea – Class of 2022

On Wednesday 8 March we welcomed back the Class of 2022 to celebrate and recognise their collective achievements. It was incredibly fitting that the event was held on International Women’s Day, a day that raises awareness and provides an opportunity to review how far women have come in their struggle for equality, peace, and development but also a day to unite, network and mobilise for meaningful change.  

During the celebration we took time to reflect on the journey of the Class of 2022 and thank the students for their courage, determination, passion and commitment to CGGS. As a collective they championed and advocated for important social issues, and they made positive change at CGGS and in the wider community. We also took the opportunity to recognise our High Achievers; the top four ATAR recipients, and we congratulate Shuhan Zheng (Dux), Amelia Westerman (Dux Secondus), Alice Lu (RM Wescott Award for 3rd Highest ATAR) and Emily Wu (Otto Yuncken Prize for 4th Highest ATAR) for their outstanding academic achievements.  

CGGS graduates form part of a rich network of diverse, inspiring, action orientated and brave women. We look forward to our continued connection and collaboration with our old grammarians as we share in their successes in the next stage of their journey, in their chosen passion and pathway this year and beyond. 

Kath Woolcock 
Head of Senior School 

Student Representative Council 2023

At CGGS student advocacy and voice is valued and encouraged and the School regularly seeks feedback and input from students to inform decision making and develop programs and structures that support learning, wellbeing and school culture. The CGGS Student Representative Council (SRC) is an essential component of this and provides a platform for students to advocate, communicate and workshop initiatives that promote positive outcomes for students. 

The SRC is elected by the student body and includes two representatives from each year level, ensuring that the interests of all students are represented. Students self-nominate, present a speech to their peers and are then voted onto the committee. The SRC Council Chairs are responsible for organising and leading meetings, as well as communicating priorities with the Principal and School Captains.  

During assembly on Tuesday 7 March, the 2023 Student Representative Council Members were announced, and we congratulate all of those appointed to this important leadership role.  

SRC Chairs – Noyesha Agarawl & Hariprya Pathmaraj 

Year 11 – Grace Barnes and Samantha Fan 

Year 10 – Ella Zhang and Amanda Lee 

Year 9 – Emily Wong and Selina Guan 

Year 8 – Rui Mandrawa and Kelly Ding 

Year 7 – Asha Bhattacharjee and Nini Cheng 


Kath Woolcock 
Head of Senior School 

Language and Culture Week Assembly

This week’s assembly was a celebration of Language and Culture as we pre-empt our Language Department special week next week. Murrindindi started assembly with a Welcome to Country. 

I’m Dr Rittey and I love languages. I love that we teach French, German and Chinese here at CGGS and I love that so many of our students and families speak other languages at home and in the community. I also know that some students and parents are using Duo Lingo and other apps to learn other languages again and I cannot tell you how thrilled I am about that. I think we are all the richer for all these languages, cultures and ways of seeing the world.  

I lived in Aotearoa New Zealand until 11 years ago and even since I have been away, the number of speakers of Te reo maori, the first language of Aotearoa has increased significantly, and they are working towards a bilingual country by 2040. My dream is that we too would recognise the importance of First Nations’ languages here on Wurundjeri country and that we can work towards including woiworrung language in our everyday lives, naming places as they should be named, including language on newspapers and on news stations and public forums and appreciating the richness this language would add. 

We will be celebrating languages all week next week and we were delighted to share that passion in assembly. Silvia Zhang and her friend, Zoe Sun played Moonlit Night on Spring River, one of the most famous Chinese traditional pieces on the pipa and guzheng (traditional instruments). The beautiful piece illustrates a traditional landscape painting, demonstrating the charming scenery of Spring River at night. Silvia and Zoe competed in the Singapore Nanyang International Music Competition in 2021 and were awarded Gold.  

We also heard from Julie Zhu, a CGGS graduate from the Class of 2014 who now works at KPMG. Julie talked about how important languages have been in her career and in industry itself. Madeleine Giagoudakis, Siena Yap and Rose Alekna shared their recent exchange experiences in France and Canada with us and the Year 7s performed the songs they have been practising: a German song about a crocodile, a French song about a hen and a Chinese song called, Your Smile is so Pretty.  

We cannot wait for the events next week in Language and Culture Week. 


Chinese dumpling and bao truck all day 


International costume free dress or wear a touch of Orange for Harmony Day German Pretzels at recess 

Harmony messages and International costume gathering at lunchtime Donations from free dress will go to the Asylum Seekers Resource Centre  


French crepe van all day 

Chinese calligraphy at lunchtime 


German sausage bbq lunch 

French yoga at lunchtime 


International Concert 

In addition, next week all Year 8 students will be taking part in a special edition of The Daily, with a focus on Indigenous Languages. Students will be looking at the connection between language and identity and the attempts being made in Australia to reclaim endangered languages. 

Jo Rittey 
Head of Languages 

Coranderrk Dreaming Excursion

Last Wednesday 8 March, 14 students and two staff members took part in the first Coranderrk Dreaming excursion in conjunction with Zoos Victoria. 

As part of the ongoing commitment CGGS has to celebrating and acknowledging First Nations people and culture, Coranderrk Dreaming was an integral part of student learning. 

Wurundjeri Elder, Murrundindi, lead the session, along with other Aboriginal facilitators sharing culture. Following a moving smoking ceremony and Welcome to Country, students and staff learned about the local flora of the Wurundjeri lands, and the extensive uses of trees, shrubs and grasses for both medicinal reasons, tools, and food. The Zoos Victoria Threatened Species Specialists also shared their work on fighting extinction. 

This immersive experience provided students and staff with a unique opportunity to connect with Country in a sacred area. As day turned to night in this significant place at Coranderrk (Healesville Sanctuary), students listened to and shared stories, created art on clapping sticks made by a local Aboriginal man, danced, and ate Indigenous food lovingly prepared by Torres Strait catering company, Mabu Mabu. Students left with a deeper understanding of the meaning of Country and caring for the land. 

Georgia Biggs 
Indigenous Coordinator 

Student Reflections

I thought that Coranderrk Dreaming would be a memorable experience, and as it turns out I was right. Participating in this event answered many questions I had about First Nations people and culture. Learning how to dance a better way than usual made me more connected with other schools and culture. I walked away from that night with a deeper understanding of a culture I barely new anything about, and more friends to talk to in the future.   

Gretel Blake, 8C 

Coranderrk dreaming was such a fun and eye-opening experience. It really made me realise how much of First Nations People’s culture has been hidden from us through time. One highlight of the excursion was the Welcome to Country ceremony, where Murrundindi sung a traditional song and we all walked through the eucalyptus infused smoke which welcomed us to Wurundjeri land. Coranderrk Dreaming taught me about family, tradition and language. But most importantly it taught me to be proud of your culture, no matter who you are or what you have experienced. This was definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I feel privileged and grateful to be a part of it. 

Samantha Ng, 8C

Adelaide Fringe and International Festival Drama Tour

30 students. 48 hours. 9 shows. 1 exhibition. Mic drop 

At long last our beloved Adelaide Fringe and International Festival Drama tour has returned.  

We had the immense pleasure of immersing ourselves in the Festival City and bearing witness to some of the most magnificent things that theatre can do. From dance pieces completely illuminated by digital projection, the massive scale cinetheatric masterpiece, ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ and the more intimate beautifully crafted story telling of, The River That Ran Uphill … there were so many provocations for our students to invest in.  

Why tell those stories? Why choose the style and format that they did? What is the cultural benefit that the Arts contributes to our society? And, of course, the all important question How DO you shimmy down the streets of Adelaide as one big massive Silent Disco group? 

We cannot wait to go again! 

Keira Lyons 
Head of Drama & Performing Arts 

Year 9 and Year 10 French Film Excursion

On Tuesday 14 March, my class and I set off to watch the beautiful French film Tempête at the Balwyn Cinemas as part of the Alliance Française Film Festival School Screenings.  

It was a heart-warming story about a girl who loved horses but became injured and started to find her way back to what she loved. It was wonderful to immerse myself in the French language and culture with my classmates and learn new vocabulary and French experiences. Je l’ai aimé! 

Olive Clohesy, Year 10

Maddie Wood – Year 9

At CGGS it gives us great joy to celebrate the achievements and endeavours of students both within the school and beyond.  

We congratulate Maddie Wood who was recently awarded a scholarship for the Oxbridge Academic Program. This scholarship will provide Maddie with the opportunity to live and study at Oxford University, learning from leading academics, including professors from around the globe. As part of her in residence program, Maddie will select two courses, a Major and a Minor, from a myriad of choices that includes Medicine, Business, Psychology, Politics and Law. It is clear, Maddie is passionate about history, immersing herself in European culture and broadening her academic journey.  

On behalf of the CGGS community we wish to congratulate Maddie on all of her dedication and hard work.  

Kate Giles
Head of Middle School

Maria Litchfield
Year Level Coordinator Year 9 


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