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Secondary School

As we conclude Term Two, we reflect on the dedication and enthusiasm our students have shown in their studies and co-curricular endeavors, and we are incredibly proud of the learning and progress they have made. From Year 7 through to Year 12, our students’ hard work and resilience is inspiring, and we are excited to see their continued development in the coming terms.

It has been an eventful and productive term filled with numerous activities, events, and academic milestones and we extend our heartfelt thanks to our dedicated teachers for their unwavering commitment and passion. Their efforts in providing high-quality education and fostering a supportive learning environment have been instrumental in our students’ success.

As we head into the break, we wish everyone a safe and restful holiday. Enjoy this time with family and friends, and we look forward to welcoming you back refreshed and ready for another exciting term on Tuesday 16 July.

Kath Woolcock                                    
Head of Senior School  

Tom Clark
Head of Middle School

Student-led Model UN

A Model UN, as the name suggests, is a simulation of United Nations processes and principles which underpin diplomacy and international relations. This week CGGS hosted an interschool student-run Model UN with students from PLC. Year 12 student, Grace B from CGGS and her PLC counterparts, Rachel and Ananya, planned and implemented the event. This included preparatory mentoring sessions and involvement in behind-the-scenes processes for planning an interschool event, all activities which provided opportunities for them to develop transferable skills including leadership, communication, planning and organisation.

46 Years 9–12 CGGS and PLC students formed teams of two to represent UN countries to debate and amend two resolutions, with food security and data collection the topics for the day. Students debated in the main caucus, engaged in intercountry discussions in the negotiation chamber, collected signatures of support and voted on amendments.

There was a real sense of excitement in the room, with each team focused and actively listening to the proceedings. There were new routines to learn, such as how to formally pass notes between countries and how to address the chair. A whole new vocabulary was learned by many of the participants.

Grace, Rachel and Ananya were excellent role models. They were collaborative, highly organised, and demonstrated excellent leadership skills as they managed the complex proceedings, using effective techniques to ensure the sessions ran to time and students were engaged.

We are looking forward to future opportunities to participate in interschool activities such as the Model UN. Most importantly, this event demonstrated the capacity of students to organise and implement a significant event and the value of supporting student initiatives.

Dr Charlotte Forwood
Director of Learning Design and Development

A Day in the Life of Veris – a unique Upskill experience

On Wednesday 19 June, a group of eager Year 9 and 10 students travelled to various locations across Melbourne to take part in activities designed by our partners at Veris – a leading national geospatial and data business. They saw different projects in action and gained an insight into how this high-demand industry uses a range of powerful tech tools to gather precise geospatial data and find highly effective solutions.

Students noted a major highlight was visiting Margaret Court Arena to see how laser scanners are used to conduct an ‘obstructed view analysis’ that assists with maximising seating capacity for different events. The group also visited the Shrine of Remembrance to learn how surveyors help to protect the historic significance and ‘vista’ by assessing overshadowing risks. Lunch was hosted at the Veris office in Southbank and included an afternoon of presentations about the different uses of drones, how AI is finding road defects with data collected via a car mounted laser scanner and a GIS inundation mapping demonstration. There was a buzz amongst the students as they met and chatted with Veris professionals and learnt about different career pathways.

It is very exciting because the opportunities in this sector are endless. Recent findings from the Geospatial Council of Australia’s report ‘Economic impact of geospatial services in Australia’ (2024) highlights this, stating that by 2033-34, the sector could contribute $81 billion in GDP, and an additional 22,000 jobs.

Watch this space – there are many more interesting opportunities coming soon!

Karoline Walter
Head of Geography

Year 9 Upskill Spotlight- World of Work

The two-day World of Work experience is the introduction for our Year 9 students to the CGGS Careers program. This year for the first time we journeyed into Melbourne’s CBD to immerse ourselves in the hum of working Melbourne. Beginning at the Library at the Dock, equipping students with practical knowledge and experience was at the heart of the day. Getting a job, the value of volunteering, first interview tips, gaining confidence in talking about yourself and even navigating some curly workplace dilemmas were all explored before the day’s highlight, an Amazing Race around the city. Working in teams of up to 10, the students collaborated, strategised and problem solved their way around the city, accumulating points. Designed to provide students an opportunity to safely explore the CBD on foot and public transport, as well as gain real life experience working in a team to achieve a specific outcome, congratulations to the Pink Panthers who were our winners, beating their City Cyan rivals by just 5 points.

The day two component of this experience, our mock interviews were conducted on site at the Brooksbank Library. We were delighted to welcome alumni, parents and some of our school partners to support the students in undertaking a first job interview. This experience enables students to gain valuable practice at interviewing with someone unfamiliar to them and additionally, receive feedback about how they responded to questions and are perceived in an interview situation. We are incredibly grateful to have such a supportive community to help facilitate this initiative and look forward to hearing successful stories of first job offers from our Year 9s soon.

Kate Manners
Director of Strategic Initiatives

Student Forum with the Archbishop of Melbourne

For the past three years, principals of Anglican Schools in Melbourne have organised forums for students to gather and discuss their view of education, and the needs of young people in our times.

Last week, the forum was held at Melbourne Girls Grammar School, with CGGS represented by Amber C from Year 10.  Students and the Archbishop of Melbourne discussed a range of questions, including:

Where is God in the loneliness?

Where is God in the selfie?

Where is God in the environment?

Where is God in Anglican Schools?

Reflecting on the forum, Amber said, I really appreciated the topics for discussion and the way that the panel discussed modern and upcoming issues as well as other things happening in the world right now.

Helen Creed

Chess Champions! Camberwell Girls Qualifies for State Finals after Tournament Success!

A team of eight from Camberwell Girls had an extraordinary day at the Chess Victoria Secondary Open Chess Tournament held at Balwyn High School. Competing against over 100 participants, the team’s collective effort and strategic play led them to a commendable 2nd place finish among the girls’ teams. This impressive result secured their qualification for the Victorian Girls State Finals in Term Four.

Every team member played a crucial role, demonstrating resilience and a passion for chess. Olivia M highlighted the day by recalling a thrilling checkmate in her final game, achieved with a clever knight and bishop combination. Alice L humorously mentioned that the crepes she had for lunch helped her win a game, underscoring the lighter moments of the day. Christine M, who was awarded the runner-up top girl trophy, described the tournament as “a really fun and challenging experience where we all got a chance to test our skills”. Sienna T celebrated a personal triumph by promoting a pawn to a queen and clinching victory with a decisive checkmate.

The team is now eagerly preparing for the State Finals, determined to bring fierce competition and make a strong impact at the event.

Competitors – Lucy C (Chess Captain), Alice L, Olivia M, Christine M, Jessica W, Sienna T, Celeste M and Panya S

Staff – Mr Sam Fitzgerald and Ms Katherine Barbadonis

Sam Fitzgerald
Head of Digital Technologies

Cross Country

The 2024 Cross Country season was a huge success for many CGGS students. After participating in the School House Cross Country event, many keen Cross Country runners chose to compete at both the GSV Preliminary and GSV Championship Cross Country Carnivals. This is the only GSV carnival that includes all 24 schools competing at the same time on the same day which presents a fun and  unique experience.

A massive shoutout to the many students ranging from Years 7 – 12, who took up the opportunity to participate in long distance running training sessions on Wednesday mornings and Friday afternoons throughout Term Two. Many personal best times were achieved at both carnivals, and these trainings proved immensely helpful in promoting a successful Cross Country season at CGGS in 2024.

The CGGS Cross Country team was captained by Year 12 students Ashleigh W and Bella F, with Bella placing 2nd at the GSV Championship Carnival, and also being selected into the GSV Cross Country Representative team, which is a fantastic achievement! We also congratulate Nysa R (Senior) Anika S (Inter) and Georgia P (Junior) for their top 10 finishes.

Well done to all of our fabulous runners, and congratulations on your Cross Country achievements!

Sofia P
School Sports Captain

Year 10 Work Experience

Work Experience is a vital part of the CGGS Career Education @ Year 10, another endeavour in the ‘#myfuture’Careers program. Work experience gives students an opportunity to work in a profession they are interested in, designed to be exciting and informative, with experienced people offering insights into many different professions.

Students experienced a wide range of industries, including veterinary practices, retail, accounting firms, design, marketing, dental practices, local government, physiotherapy clinics, childcare and primary education, pharmacies, hospitality, architectural and building construction firms, podcasting, real estate, film production and allied health. Reflecting the changing nature of the work environment, some students experienced a hybrid work placement with days in the office and days working remotely.

Employers’ evaluations were overwhelmingly positive with many commenting on the terrific work ethic of the students, their maturity, courtesy, willingness to ask questions and the effort they made to fit into busy and unfamiliar workplaces.

Those few students who, despite their best intentions, were unable to find a placement participated in the CGGS Virtual Work Experience Program: a digital program which is a touchpoint for our students to not only experience different industries, but to see these industries in action and to learn from respected professionals. Our students completed four days of this novel program which included virtual tours, videos, podcasts, career timelines and more. 

The success of both experiences suggests that future work experiences may comprise both real world placements and virtual opportunities. 

Trish Dolan
Careers Counsellor

Emma D’s Indigenous Round Livery Design

Penrite Racing’s new student-designed livery for the Supercars Indigenous Round was co-designed by Year 9 student, Emma D. Emma, and her Melbourne Indigenous Transition School (MITS) classmate, Hoanna, were the creative minds behind the artwork that adorned Matt Payne and Richie Stanaway’s Ford Mustangs at the betr Darwin Triple Crown.

It is the third year that the racing team have collaborated with MITS to produce a striking design for the Darwin livery which was revealed at a special partner event held at Grove Racing headquarters.

Emma’s designs are rich with symbolism, and echo the significance of family, connection to Country and the transformative power of education. Emma’s contribution to this significant project highlights the importance of cultural celebration and education in motorsport, showcasing the rich heritage and creativity of Indigenous communities.

Emma was invited to watch her designs race around the track live in Darwin and spent time witnessing firsthand the behind-the-scenes exhilaration of the Supercars events. This has been a huge achievement, and we are all incredibly impressed with Emma’s creative skills as well as her confidence and maturity in attending a range of Supercars events and speaking to her design and culture.

Maria Litchfield
Indigenous Student Coordinator

Lowther Hall Student Visit

On Thursday 20 June we were fortunate to host five students from Lowther Hall for the afternoon as part of their leadership program. It was a lovely chance for their aspiring leaders to ask our School Leadership team questions and gain an insight into our processes and experiences in leadership.

For our team, we found it a wonderful opportunity to reach out and connect with other students, learning about the similarities and differences between different programs at our respective schools. We loved answering all the thoughtful questions, as well as posing our own.

We finished our afternoon with a quick tour of the School, unpacking more about our community and having lots of fun with our new friends. Overall, it was an amazing and enlightening experience for all of us and we hope the Year 11 Lowther Hall students found it valuable. We can’t wait to see what they do as leaders in the future.

2024 School Captain Team

Year 11 and 12 French Film Excursion: A Cultural Journey with "Divertimento"

Last Friday, the Year 11 and 12 French classes joined students from other schools at a special screening of the French film “Divertimento”. The event offered students a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the French language and culture beyond the classroom setting.

“Divertimento,” a critically acclaimed film, tells the story of two teenage sisters of Algerian descent who face formidable odds as they aspire to break into the exclusive domain of classical symphonic music. The inspiring narrative is based on a true story, centred on renowned conductor Zahia Ziouani and her sister, cellist Fettouma Ziouani. Set in 1995, Divertimento paints a remarkable portrait of these young women defying expectations and overcoming societal barriers.

Students were captivated by the protagonists’ story and the film’s exploration of passion and resilience, and the pursuit of dreams resonated deeply with the audience. Events like these highlight the vibrant and dynamic nature of language learning at our school. We look forward to more cultural excursions that broaden our students’ horizons and deepen their love for learning.

Joanne Rittey
Head of Languages
French Teacher

Simon Normand’s ‘Teaspoon Colony’ Exhibition

On Wednesday 19 June, Year 8 Service Learning classes visited Camberwell Grammar School (Boys) for Simon Normand’s ‘Teaspoon Colony’ Exhibition. 

Simon, who designed and built our CGGS labyrinth some years ago, led us through the exhibition and explained its meaning. He spoke to our group about the variety of Indigenous nations in Australia, and the theme of the exhibition including the impact of colonisation. 

Using teaspoons in a creative way, Simon’s exhibition was designed to share and raise awareness of the Indigenous experience during European colonisation. The exhibition was centred around Tindale’s 1974 map of tribal boundaries, with particular places marked by decorative souvenir teaspoons protruding from the surface. Details of these locations were then found in other rooms of the exhibition, each accompanied by a box that could be opened with a teaspoon handle.

The outside of each box had a 150-word tourist brochure of the place in question, often painting these locations as prosperous rural centres with noble pioneering pasts. After reading the outside, students were invited to open the box, which revealed the account as related to Simon by local Aboriginal interviewees and recounted with their permission, of how they had experienced colonisation.

These were the real, ‘horrible histories,’ as Simon called it; versions of events that were often hidden behind the slick tour guide and real estate agent promotional gloss of the period. Although short, each account was enough to give another side to the conventional story. The visit was a fitting way to complete the semester during which our students had worked on group projects about Indigenous Australia.

Duncan Reid
Religious Education & History Teacher

Environment Week

Environment Week was a chance to bring awareness and action for the protection of the environment through various activities run at lunchtime. Connecting to nature by gardening was the focus, and students made creations to take home.

Monday’s activity was making pumpkin soup and kale chips using produce from the garden. The following day Baths Salt Bags were created using Epsom salts, dried rosemary, calendula leaves, and lavender flowers, combined in a little bag made by the Froggies co-curricular group. Wednesday’s activity was potting indoor plants made with a variety of plant cuttings. Broad bean seeds were sowed in origami paper pots and lettuce seeds were planted in terracotta pots on Thursday. Cold Day on Friday was a casual clothes day where the heaters were turned off for the day to conserve energy. Money raised through the lunchtime BBQ will be donated to the Year 7 Service Learning Solar Buddy Program where students will build solar lamps in Term 4 for people living in energy poverty.

Anna Clarkson
Sustainability Coordinator

A Message from the Literature Captains

We have the privilege of being the CGGS Literature Captains for 2024, leading with our own passion for reading to help to nurture our school community’s love for all things books!

Earlier this year we were very fortunate to run Classics Club every Tuesday morning, preparing students for the 2024 UK Literature Tour. Sessions were filled with everything Literature and tour related, with the help of the amazing author’s Adam Wallace and Ingrid Laguna, who presented engaging and interactive sessions that the whole group enjoyed.

We have also run Book Club every Tuesday at lunchtime in the HUB. Every week, we welcome both new and old faces accompanied by fun activities surrounding our shared love of books.

Our favourite activities this term include “Bring your favourite book” week and friendship bracelet making. We have enjoyed getting to know so many fellow book lovers, bonding over similar interests and having very in-depth book conversations facilitated by this idea of coming together at Book Club.

We love to promote the idea of books being bridges that help form relationships and generate conversations. Books have really helped us celebrate our shared love for reading as a school. We cannot wait to see the results of the House Readers Cup and Book Week next term. We hope to continue this excitement around books and reading and hope you do too.

Melanie C and Lizzie C
Literature Captains


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