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Secondary School

Students returned for the start of Term Two on Tuesday 16 April and were greeted with a lovely autumn day. It was fantastic to see students take full advantage of the last of the warm weather, with many students enjoying their break times outside, catching up with friends and sharing holiday tales. Although this weather did not last with showers later in the week, it did not dampen the spirits of the students, with many returning to training for GSV Sport or resuming their involvement in co-curricular activities. With smiles and laughter, they transitioned from one activity to the next.

In this edition of CamNews, we celebrate the sporting and musical achievements of some of our senior students, as well as reflect on the ANZAC spirit.

We wish all in our school community the very best for the term ahead and look forward to seeing students go from strength to strength this term. 

Kath Woolcock                                    
Head of Senior School  

Tom Clark
Head of Middle School


As part of their History studies, our Year 9 students are studying the key aspects of World War One and the Australian experience of war: in particular, places where Australians fought and the nature of warfare, including the Gallipoli campaign.

Sass, Chloe, Pardis and Jasmine delivered the address commemorating Anzac Day at this week’s Assembly with a focus was on mateship.

In all the wars and conflicts, what remains the strongest image of an ANZAC is the message of service to others; that is mateship, in the best sense of the word. 

Mateship can be defined as a code of conduct among Australians that embodies friendship, equality, solidarity and loyalty, often forged in adversity

Soldiers relied on each other for survival and support.  They shared food, water, and shelter, and looked out for each other in the face of danger. This spirit of mateship was also evident in the way that Australian soldiers treated their wounded and fallen comrades with a deep sense of compassion and respect.

We’d like to share some unforgettable stories of mateship: 

Private John Simpson Kirkpatrick and his donkey (better known as ‘Simpson and his donkey’) brought wounded men down from the fighting in ‘Monash Valley’ through ‘Shrapnel Gully’ to the beach that is now known as ANZAC Cove. Simpson and his donkey are reported to have saved more than 300 men.  Simpson became a symbol of self-sacrifice and mateship – values that Anzacs stand for and Australians treasure.

Nurse Alicia Mary Kelly was stationed close to the Western Front where for five days they experienced severe air raids from the German forces. During the final day of shelling the nurses were ordered to retreat to safety, but Alicia refused to leave her patients. When asked why she had not left with the rest, she answered ‘I couldn’t leave my patients behind’.  Nurse Kelly was awarded a Military Medal for her bravery.

Private Caleb Shang showed remarkable bravery under heavy enemy fire.  When his battalion was ordered to withdraw, he noticed that a portion of the line had not received the order to retreat.  Realizing the danger they were in of being surrounded and captured, Shang, under heavily artillery and machine-gun fire, rushed forward and successfully delivered the withdrawal order.  Shang’s quick thinking and disregard for his own safety ensured the survival of dozens of his mates.  

Leslie Charles Allen was an Australian soldier who was awarded the American Silver Star for single-handedly rescuing 12 injured Americans at the battle of Mount Tambu in New Guinea in 1943, carrying each man out of the line of fire on his shoulders before returning for the next.

This mateship has imparted upon us a lasting sense of national identity. Their displays of bravery, loyalty, self-sacrifice and fighting spirit all personify the ‘real’ Australian spirit- of which our remembrance continues to honour.

Mrs Karin Lemanis
Head of History

Kiki & Nini perform at the Suzuki Music Victoria Autumn Festival

On Friday 12 April, Kiki P (School Music Captain – School and Community Events) performed at the Suzuki Autumn Festival at the James Tatoulis Auditorium, MLC which was hosted by Suzuki Music Victoria.

The concert only featured very advanced students who were selected by audition. Kiki played the virtuosic piece Tambourine Chinois by Fritz Kriesler.

Nini C (Year 8) was also selected to perform at the festival and played the second movement of violin sonata by Veracini.

Congratulations Kiki and Nini on being musical ambassadors for CGGS and for having real world musical experiences in the wider community.

Rohan Mack & Kate Savige
Directors of Music

Footy Accolades

Hi, my name is Amina K, and I made the Northern Knights squad for 2024. I debuted over the holidays for my first game with them and played in the backline. I’ve always dreamed of playing high-level footy and am very grateful for this opportunity to play with the Knights team and wear their gear with pride. As a proud Yorta Yorta and Wurujuri girl, I’m very grateful to represent the Aboriginal community, as not many of us First Nations people have the opportunity to show our passion and heart for the game. This sport originated from Aboriginal culture, known as ‘Marn Grook,’ which is the indigenous name for AFL.

My name is Charlee J. I was fortunate to be selected for the U18 Oakleigh Chargers squad. Over the holidays, I had the opportunity to play my debut game in Tasmania, which was very cold but an unforgettable experience. The pre-season for Oakleigh started last November and ended in March, with two list reductions throughout the process. I am happy to say that I made it through and also had the opportunity to play in the VIC Metro Diversity Game last week. Football is such an amazing sport that opens many doors for girls.

Amina K and Charlee J
Year 12


Today, Mrs Dunwoody will discuss the importance of supporting student wellbeing.

Secondary School

This week was our annual CGGS Celebrating Diversity Week!

Junior School

A group of Ormiston students represented CGGS with pride at the District Cross Country event.

Connected Community

The PFA Mother's Day Breakfast and Stalls were a resounding success!

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