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Secondary School

It has been an exciting two weeks at Camberwell Girls, and we are now well and truly immersed in all that Term One has to offer. From the Year 7 – 10 Meet and Greet and PFA Welcome Event held on Friday 16 February, to the Year 12 Formal and the UK Tour Information Evening, it has been wonderful to connect with so many families and students beyond the usual happenings of the school day.

Students have now found themselves settled into the school routine, making for a joyful and engaged atmosphere. To add to this, we have been delighted to see such high levels of participation in many co-curricular opportunities such as House Dance, House Music, GSV Sport and the first session of our Upskill program for 2024. The diverse range of activities and opportunities available at Camberwell Girls is a strength of our community, as highlighted by the vibrant Co-Curricular Fair held this week, and we are excited to see students continue trying new things, connecting with students across year levels and discovering their areas of interest and passion.

In this week’s edition of CamNews, we celebrate the experiences and learnings that have emerged from the past two weeks, and we hope you enjoy reading about the various highlights.

Kath Woolcock                                     
Head of Senior School  

Tom Clark
Head of Middle School


On Friday 23 February we were excited to launch our first Upskill program for the year. Redesigned and strengthened based on community feedback, the Secondary School gathered at the start of the day to learn about the four learning pillars that frame the program’s design – 360° of Being, Digital Technology, Future Ready, Service Learning. Whilst the Year 12s then returned to their classes until being dismissed to prepare for their formal in the evening, Years 7-11 undertook a variety of experiences across the program. 

Year 7
In Year 7, three of the four learning pillars were explored. In their first session of the day, Mr Maycock and a team of supportive staff pitched tents and talked about all things packing and camping with the students, in preparation for their upcoming camp. Digital Technology was then the focus, with students learning about Algorithms; their application and how to create them. With a lot of collaboration and some fancy dance moves, it was a great introduction to how algorithms can sort information using logical sequences. A session on 360° of Being with their YLC Mrs Litchfield followed, and finally Service Learning, where environmental stewardship led by Mrs Clarkson closed off the day.

Year 8
Our Year 8s experienced Digital Technology, Future Ready and 360° of Being sessions throughout their program. Starting with a coding challenge, students became creators of digital solutions by programming a virtual ocean cleaning robot to collect as much rubbish as possible from the coral reef. Competing against other forms, their challenge was to see which class could collect the most rubbish with their coded VEX VR virtual robot. Congratulations to 8D for collecting over a tonne of rubbish off the ocean floor of the Mangrove Coral Reef off the south-east coast of Indonesia!

In their Future Ready session, they were challenged to think like a futurist and use what they know about the past to identify patterns for imagining the possibilities of the future. Drawing inspiration from Hollywood movies and global think tanks, this session encouraged the Year 8s to be intentional about identifying the skills, tools and mindsets that living in the future might demand.

Year 9
The annual Service Learning Dignity Conference led by Ms Brooksbank and a team of staff throughout the day, was the focus for the Year 9 students. The conference included many generous acts of service, aimed at supporting and extending the Anglican and CGGS values of providing dignity to all members of our community – a true representation of the School’s motto, utilis in ministerium (useful in service).

Later in this edition of CamNews, Year 9s students Grace G, Cosette T and Pippa S share reflect on the significance of this program.

Year 10 and 11
To begin the day, the Year 10 students heard from the School Service Learning Captains Katherine P and Tyra D, and were introduced to their focus for the year: Global Issues for Women. Students also engaged in preparation activities for their upcoming year level camp and explored self-care strategies in their 360° of Being session, with a range of artistic, mindful and physical activities on offer.

The Year 11s began their Upskill program mid-morning, after completing Period 1 and Period 2 classes. Students engaged in the Fit to Drive workshop, a program based around road safety in schools. Aimed at preventing serious injuries and lives lost amongst young Victorian road users, the program offers a unique opportunity to explore the complexities of decision-making and assessing risk as a road user. Falling under the pillar of 360° of Being, this was an important session for all students to partake in, as they prepare to take on the responsibility of being a road user, both as driver and passenger.

In the afternoon, Year 10 and 11 students learnt about an optional credential program that Camberwell Girls has designed with leading Industry partner HEX. As part of this, our senior students can choose to enroll in a suite of online, self-paced Hex courses, where they will explore the world of technology, jobs, trends, cyber security and how to operate ethically in this space.

We look forward to continuing to share insights into the experiences of our Upskill program throughout the year.

Kate Manners
Head of Strategic Initiatives

Co-Curricular Fair

This week we held our annual Co-Curricular Fair in the Year 7 open area on Tuesday lunchtime. The area turned into a hive of activity, with students from Years 7 to 12 bounding from table to table learning all about the various Co-Curricular offerings available.

Student leaders took charge and shared their passion about their Co-Curricular groups and activities. Representatives from the following areas were present.

  • Art Club and Open Studios
  • Book Club
  • Chess Club
  • Debating and Public Speaking
  • Drama and Performing Arts
  • Duke of Edinburgh Awards
  • Frisbee Fridays
  • Froggies
  • GSV Sport
  • Lights, Camera, Action
  • MakerSpace Clubs (3D Printing, Electronics, Laser Cutting, Knitting, Sewing and more)
  • Maths Study Group
  • Music Ensembles
  • Mustard Faith and Service
  • Philosophy Club

Personally, I would like to express my thanks to all volunteer staff and students for their time on Tuesday and loved seeing the enthusiasm for all our wonderful programs.

To find out more about our extensive Co-Curricular offerings, students and parents can go onto myCGGS – Co-Curricular Programs. Alternatively, please feel free to reach out directly to myself or any of the other wonderful staff in charge of particular programs.

Eleanor Wood
Director of Co-Curricular Programs

Breaking News from Camberwell Girls: Year 12 Formal Lights Up the Night

Who needs P!NK or Taylor Swift when you have the glitz and glamour of the Year 12 Formal? The event of the year unfolded at the prestigious Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club last Friday evening, and let me tell you, it was nothing short of spectacular.

Over 150 attendees, including our dazzling students and their esteemed guests, graced the occasion, transforming the venue into a scene of pure elegance and excitement. From the moment they stepped onto the red carpet, our students radiated confidence and style, setting the stage for an unforgettable evening.

The festivities kicked off with welcome drinks and photos on the balcony, setting the tone for a night filled with laughter and joy. As guests settled into their seats for a sumptuous three-course dinner, the formal proceedings began with a touching Acknowledgement of Country delivered by the amazing Ruby R, followed by a warm welcome from our school captains Emily P, Jess T, and Sara R.

But the real magic happened with the premiere of the Formal Video, a masterpiece crafted by our very own Year 12 cohort and expertly edited by the brilliant Isabel B. Featuring cameo appearances from both students and staff, this video was a delightful mix of humour, nostalgia, and infectious energy.

As the dance floor beckoned, our students unleashed their inner stars, showcasing their signature moves and infectious enthusiasm. With tunes pumping and lights flashing, the night truly belonged to them.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who contributed to the success of this event, from our dedicated staff and supportive parents to the fabulous students and their Plus Ones. Your unwavering enthusiasm and spirit made this a night to remember.

As we reflect on the memories and cherish the photo booth strips, one thing is certain – the Year 12 Formal will forever hold a special place in our hearts. Here’s to creating more unforgettable moments in the year to come.

Lindsay Hill
Year 12 Coordinator

VCE Geography Students Spend a Day at Pentridge

On Friday 16 February, VCE Geography students spent time in prison, but fortunately, it was at the new Pentridge Coburg. The former prison, which closed in 1997, held the reputation as Melbourne’s most notorious prison. Today, the site has been transformed into a mixed-use development hosting a shopping centre, cinema, apartments and shaded greenspaces, along with a chance to sleep in luxury hotel rooms made from converted cells. This makes for a fascinating fieldwork investigation, due to its stark contrast to the prison’s dark past.

Students spent the day collecting a diverse range of primary data about the impacts of the change. They met with different stakeholders, surveyed visitors and residents, and took a tour of B Division with National Trust, a clear highlight for all. These enthusiastic geographers now have an innate understanding of the changes made and the reasons behind it, which will serve them well as they undertake the write-up of their findings in their fieldwork reports.

Karoline Walter
Head of Geography

MYO Opening for Sidney Myer MSO Concert Series 2024

On Saturday 24 February, Hannah L (Year 11) performed, playing French Horn, with the Melbourne Youth Orchestra to open the series of concerts at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl Concert by the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.

Hannah thoroughly enjoyed the experience of performing in front of 1000s of people at one of Melbourne’s premier entertainment venues:

“Leading up to the performance at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl, there were two rehearsals during the week in which we were to prepare the repertoire for Saturday. The entire experience was very enjoyable, as I was able to play new pieces and develop ensemble skills when playing in an orchestra. It was also exciting to play for such a large audience that filled the seats and the grass seating area behind it. Overall, I really enjoyed this experience: I had a lot of fun and learnt lots of things.”

An amazing real world experience for one of our CGGS Music students.

Rohan Mack and Kate Savige
Directors of Music

The Dignity Conference

On 23 February, the Year 9s participated in a day of many fun and interactive Service Learning activities as part of the Dignity Conference. We kicked off the day with energy and lots of hot pink, packaging colourful toiletry bags with Emily from Pinchapoo. The toilerary bags we made helped to support women and children who are fleeing homes affected by domestic violence. Through this program, we hope that we made a small difference and helped other girls and women feel confident and empowered.

Annie and Jake from Scope, a disability support service provider, then visited us to discuss the lives of people with disabilities in Australia. Many of the students, presenters and teachers shared their personal stories, building a supportive community and opening our eyes to new perspectives. Continuing our conversation, we worked collaboratively to brainstorm and prototype products which were inclusive and supportive of people with a disability.

We finished off our Friday afternoon with mindful activities, crocheting granny squares for patients at the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness & Research Centre, as well as designing cards of hope for the Salvation Army.

A big thank you to Ms Brooksbank for organising such a rewarding and creative Upskill program. All the Year 9s enjoyed working together to lend a helping hand to the community.

Grace G, Cosette T and Pippa S

Year 9 Music: Unpacking the World of Musical Theatre

Last week Samantha Wong (School Music Captain – Class of 2018) presented to the 9D Music class as part of their Musical Theatre module. Since graduating, Samantha has completed a degree in International Security (ANU) and throughout this time has maintained her love of vocal, piano and cello performance, songwriting and recording. Samantha shared how she has been able to springboard off her enmusic classes, VCE Music studies and co-curricular opportunities at CGGS to create and collaborate with other artists; with a particular focus on her original musical theatre show that she is currently workshopping. As part of her presentation, she connected the classroom learning with performances of her original songs, to the enthusiastic delight of the students.

Mathew Duniam
Music Teacher

The Plummery Urban Backyard Visit - Year 8 & 9 Organic Gardening Elective

On Monday 26 February, students visited an abundant sustainable food garden on a suburban property in Northcote called The Plummery. The excursion formed part of the Year 8 and 9 Organic Gardening Elective, and during the program students toured the garden full of summer produce, inspected the quail enclosure, and walked through part of the sustainable house built from straw bale walls. They observed the compost toilet, the wood fire heater, and the pantry of preserved produce. Students sampled some home-made grape juice and home grown tomatoes. Kat, the expert permaculturist, imparted some great advice about how to grow in rental properties, easy rodent free composting, and grafting fruit trees as an alternative to managing large orchards.

Anna Clarkson
Sustainability Coordinator


School Chaplain, Helen Creed shares an Easter message with the community as we head into the school holidays.

Secondary School

The Secondary School has been full of House spirit this past fortnight, with Hosue Dance, Music and Cross Country taking place.

Junior School

Our Year 5 & 6 students are flying into the Term 1 holidays after a fantastic week in Phillip Island!

Connected Community

Thank you to the guests and volunteers who made the Moonlight Movie Night so special.

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