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Secondary School

After successful Year 7 and VCE Transition programs, it was wonderful to welcome all year levels back onsite for the commencement of the 2024 School Year. The school has been abuzz with excitement and anticipation for the year ahead. With a new year comes change, challenge and opportunity, with students embracing these moments with confidence and enthusiasm.

Over the past two weeks, students have settled into new learning environments and year level spaces, met new staff and students, and prepared for the year ahead. Co-curricular activities have also been in full swing, with students participating in GSV Sport, House Dance and Music rehearsals, as well as the first meetings of some co-curricular clubs and committees.

With so many opportunities on offer, it is sure to be another fabulous year at Camberwell Girls, and we can’t wait to see all the wonderful things that our students and school community will achieve this year.

Kath Woolcock            
Head of Senior School  

Tom Clark
Head of Middle School

School Captains’ Theme for 2024 - RISE

Every year, the School Captains select a four-letter word for the CGGS community. This word becomes an acronym and symbolic of the focus for the year, each letter corresponding to a different term.

In 2024, we chose four words that describe our vision for CGGS, focusing on both our whole school community and each of us as individuals.

Without further ado, our word for 2024 is … RISE ☀️

RISE stands for Resplendence, Involvement, Support and Empowerment


Resplendent at its core means to shine brightly. Our team, through our leadership, strives to empower every individual in our school community to be confident in their authentic selves. As CGGS comes together after a long break, we hope to see everyone shining brightly, in both their strengths and weaknesses as we all serve to grow the CGGS community.


Our school community provides so many wonderful opportunities for students, and as we move further into the year and Term Two, we urge students to be fully involved. Whether that means trying a new co-curricular, being involved in your form or simply being present in the school community. Involvement in any capacity strengthens relationships, improves wellbeing and allows for growth. 


Support is crucial to create an inclusive and nurturing environment. It can help to foster a sense of belonging and build a strong and connected community. Therefore, in Term 3, we want to enhance the supportive relationships between staff and students to cultivate a community where everyone feels heard, valued, and empowered to thrive.


It is our overall mission this year to not only inspire our school community but to empower the forging of positive change, from a personal to a global scale. Empowering others to feel heartened as their authentic selves can build a steady and innovative path to the future. We are hoping students, staff and families alike reach the end of the year feeling motivated and encouraged; ready to take on the world in their way.

We hope you all RISE to the occasion, taking every opportunity 2024 throws at you, and we look forward to sharing the journey with you.

Emily P, Sara R, Jess T
School Captains

Celebration Assembly – Class of 2023

On Tuesday 13 February we welcomed back recipients of the Principal’s Awards for Academic Excellence from the Class of 2023. The assembly celebrated and acknowledged the successes of our recent graduates, in their VCE achievements and ATAR results, as well as their wide and varied contributions to the school community. During the assembly we thanked the year level for their courage, determination, passion and commitment to Camberwell Girls.

We were thrilled to have the top 4 ATAR recipients and their families attend the assembly, and we took the opportunity to present the students with their medallions and certificates in recognition of their outstanding academic achievements in their final year of schooling.

Congratulations to the following students:

  • Dux of School – Louise Taylor Memorial Award– May Du
  • Dux Secondus – GD Lawrence Award– Natalie Chung
  • RH Westcott Award(3rd Highest ATAR) – Madeleine Giagoudakis & Sarah Park
  • Otto Yuncken Award(4th Highest ATAR) – Lucy Ying


As the Dux of the School, May spoke to students and staff, reflecting on her VCE experience and time at Camberwell Girls. With her trademark humour, May urged students to find joy in the little moments throughout their final years at school, and to remember that small setbacks don’t define us.

Congratulations to the Class of 2023, and to our High Achievers, and we look forward to seeing what they achieve in the future.

Kath Woolcock
Head of Senior School

Chinese New Year Celebration at CGGS

The lion dance performance held on Thursday 15 February, as part of our Chinese New Year celebration, was truly spectacular. The rhythmic cadence of drums reverberated through our school courtyard, announcing the arrival of the lively and colourful lions. With graceful agility and precision, the performers impressed everyone present, including students, teachers, and staff. Their performance not only showcased their skill but also highlighted the rich cultural traditions that they represent. Beyond its visual appeal, the event served as an educational opportunity for our students. It provided students with a firsthand experience of the vibrant cultural heritage of the Chinese community, fostering cross-cultural understanding and appreciation.

CGGS wishes everyone a happy and successful Year of the Dragon.

Scarlett Zhang
Chinese Coordinator

Galentine’s Gala

On Wednesday 14 February, the Year 12 students hosted the annual Galentine’s Gala! It was wonderful to spend a sunny afternoon out in the Quadrangle running exciting activities and raising money for the Heart Foundation. From the skipping competition to letter and chalk writing to a chocolate toss, our activities were a hit, and we thank the whole Year 12 cohort for their help in running all the different stations. Complete with music by our Senior Rock Band, the smiles and laughter of the afternoon were contagious, bringing our CGGS community closer together. The enthusiastic, out-of-this-world atmosphere really spread the love and we ended up raising over $300, so thank you everyone.

Happy Galentine’s.

2024 School Captains – The Planets

Year 8

What a vivacious start to Year 8 it’s been! The 8s came back full of beans, and excited to see everyone they hadn’t had the chance to catch up with over the holidays with hugs, smiles and such a warm energy throughout. Since that first Monday, it’s been full steam ahead. The 8s have taken to the start of the year in the only way they know how, with an openness to try new things with many of them diving entirely into House Dance rehearsals, taking new students under their wing with guidance and care, making sure they know their way around the school and demonstrating courage as they embark on their new classes and electives. We too started our ‘kindness act of the week’ initiative with honourable mentions to both Misaki and Rita for supporting their friends through acts of kindness and generosity. Moreover, there’s certainly been a buzz in our year level area with the introduction of the photo board, designing our year level area (with cats) and discussions about upcoming SRC nominations and speeches. With the focus for Year 8 this year centralising around “identity” the year has unequivocally commenced with their willingness to learn not only more about themselves, but one another. I am honoured to guide this year level, and I’m eager to keep our community updated on their incredible achievements and moments throughout the year.

Jessica Friend
Year 8 Coordinator

Year 9

The Year 9s made a seamless start back to school last Monday week. This was no doubt assisted by the wonderful work completed by twenty students in their year level who gave up their final afternoon of holidays to come into school and help to set up the Year 9 space in Lower Woodstock for the 2024 year.

There was much excitement on the first morning back as the Year 9s spent most of Period 1 setting up their new lockers. Later that day they attended a very moving and informative Welcome Assembly, a highlight of which was the beautiful playing of didgeridoos by Murrundindi and his son.

On the second day back, the Year 9s engaged very enthusiastically in their first Service Leaning experience of the year under the leadership of Ms Brooksbank. This involved the Year 9s being introduced to what is planned for Service Learning this year, student guest speakers from Year 10, a scavenger hunt, a quiz and finally all Year 9s were presented with a Reflection and Goal Setting Booklet for their Service Learning journey in 2024.

A further highlight to the start of the year was last Thursday, when all Year 9s brought an object or a picture of a significant momento to them to Period 5. Every Year 9 student spoke eloquently and with genuine passion about their momento, and it was a wonderful sharing experience with both their peers in their Form and their new Form Teacher.

Finally, earlier this week, the Year 9s had the pleasure of having Ms Gibbs (8B Form Teacher and English teacher in 2023) talk about her experiences as a Foster Carer for animals from the RSPCA. There was considerable interest shown by many members in Year 9 and this was the first of a number of regular guest speaker presentations that will be held throughout the year.

As a year level, the Year 9s appear to be very happy and settled, and this certainly augurs well for a very successful year in 2024.

Andrew Burnell
Year 9 Coordinator

Year 10

The first two weeks with the Year 10 cohort were truly inspiring, infusing Upper Woodstock with a remarkable level of energy and enthusiasm as students reconnected and eagerly anticipated the exciting opportunities awaiting them in Year 10.

Last Monday, we welcomed six new students to the year level with great joy, seamlessly facilitated by their buddies. Throughout the week, our primary focus has been fostering connections among the students and aiding them in organising themselves for the year ahead. Working closely with their new Form teachers; Ms. Ford, Mr. Pasinati, Mrs. Henson, and Mrs. Castauro, the students have established routines for the school day, decorated their form rooms, and cultivated a warm sense of community. After thorough discussion and creative input, “Bluey” has been chosen as our mascot, aptly reflecting our theme of ‘Purpose and Passion’.

Preparations for camp have already commenced, with students given the opportunity to express their preferences for activity groups. Excitement abounds as the ‘Mermaids’, ‘Dolphins’, and ‘Pelicans’ anticipate the adventures awaiting them at Merricks Lodge.

As we look forward to the rest of 2024, it promises to be a year of significant personal growth, learning, and the formation of enduring friendships, all aligned with the overarching theme that will guide our collective endeavours. As we embark on this journey together, I extend my heartfelt wishes to Year 10 for an extraordinary year brimming with opportunities to discover their purpose and pursue their passions.

Nicole McKie
Year 10 Coordinator

A Day with Paul Dillon

On Tuesday 6 February, ours Years 10 to 12 students and staff heard from Paul Dillon from the Drug and Alcohol Research and Training centre, where he has been working for over 25 years. Each year, we invite Paul to speak on his contemporary research and perspectives on supporting our young people to make healthy, safe and informed decisions regarding Drugs and Alcohol.

Paul’s strength is in his ability to carefully craft his message using humour, story-telling and real statistics to engage his audience. Throughout the three years, our students learn many life changing and life saving strategies including how to ensure personal safety, the safety of peers and most importantly, being aware of the dangers and risks. 

As parents and as teachers, it is important that we regularly engage in conversations with young people about the latest ‘fads’ and ‘trends’ in drug and alcohol use. By having these conversations, discussing the risks and the data, and by keeping communication lines open, we are more likely to strengthen decision making and reduce the risk of harm.

If you would like more information on Paul’s presentations, you can access a range of resources at his website:

Kath Woolcock
Head of Senior School

Micro-credentialing – Congratulations to our First Beginner Drone Pilots

In Term Three and Term Four last year, CGGS students had the opportunity to earn a micro-credential badge as a “Beginner Drone Pilot”. There were two groups involved, those taking the Daring to Drone elective and those who opted into the Upskill Drone Program (open to Years 9 – 12) run in partnership with Baden Coates from the Melbourne University Geomatics Society (MUGS).

Both pathways form part of the CGGS Drone Program and are designed specifically to equip students with industry and workplace focused future skills relevant to geomatics, surveying and geospatial industries. According to Brian Pitre, a member of Forbes Magazine Technology Council, ‘Drones are a transformative technology that, over the next decade, will change in ways you likely never imagined.’

What is the value of a “Beginner Drone Pilot” micro-credential for a student? 

  • Experiencing something new and fun
  • Adding to a repertoire of employability skills by developing and applying Transferable Skills such as Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, Teamwork and Collaboration
  • Developing specific technical skills in basic drone flying, using specific industry apps/software such as Drone Deploy (photogrammetry was used to create a 3D model of the school)
  • Gaining a “taste” for something that has real career pathways and job availability; from healthcare, urban planning and development, to agriculture and much more.

What students say:

Selina G (Year 9 in 2023)

“I chose to take part as I wanted to understand the function of drones on a deeper level, as technology is constantly developing. As a result of this development, technology has opened up countless opportunities and career pathways which I take interest in.”

“I particularly enjoyed the practical activities that took place. I learnt so many fascinating things about drones and the potential it carries for our world’s future just through flying them at school… I learnt how to plan out paths for the drones and how to create 3D models through the images taken by the drones.”

Angela L (Year 10 in 2023)

“I decided to try out the program since it’s something I’ve never really experienced or been a part of before, and I wanted to try something new! I’ve never shown particular interest in drones, however it seemed quite interesting, and I wanted to try expose myself to new and unique different aspects that could lead to potential career options!”

“I would definitely recommend an opportunity like this as it’s really brought me so much insight into the world of Geography and drone technology! It’s such a different and unique program, and it’s really opened my eyes to see new career options and sparked new interest”

Congratulations to: 

Drone Program with MUGS – Upskill opt-in
Sophie C
Natalie C
Selina G
Sarah H
Audrey K
Angela L
Yidan M
Charlotte P
Wendy Y

Daring to Drone (elective)
Sahana A
Vivien C
Charlotte C
Mai Ly C
Sofia G
Madison H
Harriet J
Zoe L
Elsie M
Nicola P
Audrey R
Amelie T
Sophie T
Summer Z

Karoline Walter
Head of Geography, CGGS Drone Program


School Chaplain, Helen Creed shares an Easter message with the community as we head into the school holidays.

Secondary School

The Secondary School has been full of House spirit this past fortnight, with Hosue Dance, Music and Cross Country taking place.

Junior School

Our Year 5 & 6 students are flying into the Term 1 holidays after a fantastic week in Phillip Island!

Connected Community

Thank you to the guests and volunteers who made the Moonlight Movie Night so special.

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