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Over the past few weeks, Australia has undoubtably become a nation of soccer enthusiasts. With record merchandise sold, record viewers and conversations about soccer, the FIFA Women’s World Cup has emerged as a powerful force for empowerment and inspiration of young girls around the world. The tournament has moved far beyond the boundaries of a soccer pitch, igniting and transforming the language and dialogue often heard in women’s sport, sparking young athletes to challenge stereotypes, inspire others, participate with confidence and chase their dreams.

As educators, we are acutely aware of the enduring resonance that such moments and messages hold in the lives of our young people. At CGGS we instill in our students an unwavering belief in the realm of possibilities and foster an environment where dreams are not just acknowledged but pursued with purpose and passion. Our students are encouraged to strive for excellence and greatness, undeterred by any challenges or obstacles they may encounter. We urge our students to question, to design, to ideate and to envision the future. Students are encouraged to experience the world beyond the traditional boundaries of the classroom, forging connections with inspiring women, industry and strategic partners who provide practical learning experiences with real-world applications. Whether it be through curriculum, co-curricular, Education Outdoors or Upskill, we always strive to equip our young people with the mindset, toolkit and skillset that they need both now and into their future.

A recent example in our Upskill Program that spotlights this in action was the Year 10 and 11 Mental Health workshop with BATYR. Within this workshop, facilitators engaged our students by imparting evidence-based strategies for fostering positive attitudes towards seeking help and nurturing wellbeing. Real-life testimonials from young people who triumphed over mental health challenges resonated deeply, with students reflecting on the powerful impact of these conversations.  The Year 9 World of Work Day, another testament to our approach, highlights the importance of students as partners in their learning. Led by Ms Manners, student voice was pivotal in crafting and developing the program for the day, culminating in an amazing race style adventure through Camberwell. We encourage you to read the article below by Ms Manners as it offers a wonderful insight into the way in which we design our programs so that they are relevant, hands on and collaborative.

And before you enjoy this latest edition of CamNews … Go Matildas!

Kath Woolcock                        
Head of Senior School

Kate Giles
Head of Middle School             

Year 9 - World of Work Day

At CGGS, we embrace student voice, not only because we recognise young people have brilliant ideas but because we know that when students are active partners in their learning, they become more motivated and engaged. The recent Upskill day provided a perfect opportunity for us to put this belief into action, ensuring our students were not just participants in activities but active co-designers of the day. When I put the call out for students to join me for a lunchtime focus group, I was thrilled to see that 7 students embraced the opportunity to share ideas and create the program together.

As many parents would know, Year 9 is generally a time when young people begin to contemplate part-time work and consider the types of work and industries they might enjoy. While the prospect of entering the workforce brings anticipation, it often comes with a multitude of questions for students regarding how to navigate the job application process. To address this, we have crafted the World of Work program for students, focused on upskilling them with the knowledge and skills to approach part-time work with confidence.

Beginning with an introduction to the CGGS Careers Program with our expert Careers Practitioner, Trish Dolan, students completed an interest assessment which helped them look at how some of their interests might align to different jobs/industries. Skills in crafting a resume and a letter of application were also included in this part of the day, along with a morning tea, a key feature of any workplace. A student panel of current Year 9 students already in part-time work also shared their insights on applying for jobs and interviews skills, before a specific focus on student requested topics of workplace dilemmas, opportunities for volunteering and getting comfortable in speaking about yourself was had.

The afternoon’s highlight was the Amazing Race around Camberwell Junction. Working in small groups, our students faced both work-related roadblocks and detour challenges, from collecting data to practising their social skills, immersing themselves in the bustling local area with over 300 operational businesses. Whilst their goal was to accumulate as many points as they could, this hands-on experience not only broadened students understanding of diverse industries but also provided a vivid glimpse into the different ways that people work and the opportunities that exist beyond the classroom and into the future.

Kate Manners
Director of Strategic Initiatives

Timor-Leste Immersion Tour

This trip to Timor-Leste has been incredibly insightful. We were introduced to some of the challenges developing nations face, their fascinating history and the strong sense of community and togetherness. – Erika T, Year 9

How do we sum up 10 action-packed and life-changing days in Timor-Leste? How can we possibly describe how our senses were in overdrive everyday with new sights, smells and tastes? This article provides a very small insight into the July 2023 Service Learning Immersion Tour to Timor-Leste.

The Place
From coastlines with white sandy beaches (and all the coconuts you could imagine) and rainbows of coral to towering, jagged escarpments with waterfalls cascading and tumbling down the steep mountain sides, Timor-Leste is blessed with natural beauty. During the Immersion Tour we snorkelled above the reefs, drove through misty mountains to hike to waterfalls and watched the sun set and rise over the ocean.

We visited agroforestry projects conducting research into what is possible to farm and grow in Timor-Leste including cinnamon, dragon fruit, coffee, vanilla, pepper and mangosteen. We toured an industrial coffee complex where we learnt about washing, drying, sorting, packing, roasting, sniffing and sipping coffee.

The People
Employed and trained by Sam from Maddog Adventures, Robbie and Marcal were our Timorese guides, drivers and ultimately, friends. They shared stories of growing up and living through and with the trauma of Timor-Leste’s recent history.

Mario showed us his village and took us to the local primary school where students walk for over an hour up and down hills to get there. There is also no electricity in the school. We played volleyball and soccer with his community as the sun set over the island. On another night and in another place, we connected with Paulina and her community through dance and games, with Paulina and her daughters dressing us in traditional tais, arranging our hair, and teaching us some traditional dances.

Dressing up in traditional clothes at Paulina’s house was a truly memorable experience for me. Dancing, playing, and laughing with the people there while the sky melted into cascading colours was something I never thought would be so sweet. – Wendy Z, Year 12

Everywhere we went we were welcomed into communities, villages and homes.

The Pursuits
As part of this Service Learning Immersion Tour, we visited many charities, social enterprises and organisations that are working to improve the quality of life for Timorese people. Timor-Leste is a developing country with a range of social, economic and environmental issues and challenges.

We visited Ahi Matan (a food innovation hub) for a lesson in culture, food, tradition and even some weaving. Ahi Matan work with seasonal produce to keep traditional Timorese cuisine alive.

At the Resistance Museum we learnt about the occupation of Timor-Leste by the Portuguese and the more recent invasion by Indonesia. We learnt about the struggle for Independence and the significant role Australia played in the struggle (not always for the best).

We visited the Alola Foundation and heard about the important work they do, particularly in education and child and maternal healthcare. We toured a workshop where women make traditional tais (scarves) on a loom.

We visited Arte Moris – an incredible artist community. We heard their story, participated in some artistic activities, and gifted them paints and brushes.

We helped Barry clean up a small section of beach and then deposited the plastic waste at his plastic recycling plant. The plastic problem in Timor-Leste is huge, and with little to no government services to deal with the waste, it is often left on the ground to wash up on beaches across the island nation.

The teachers and students on this trip had their minds and hearts opened and changed forever by this experience. It is exciting to consider how the CGGS community can best serve our closest neighbour. We are indebted to Sam and his team from Maddog Adventures for their guidance and leadership. This is only the start of our connection with Timor-Leste.

Micah Wilkins
Head of Digital Learning and Innovation

Monash Scholars Program Recipients 2023

It was my pleasure to announce the Monash Scholars Program recipients for 2023 at our Secondary School Assembly on Tuesday 1 August.

The Monash Scholars Program provides selected high achieving students from Years 10 – 12 with an exclusive opportunity to engage with Monash University. Each year, students in Year 10 are invited to apply and the application process is rigorous.

The program is offered by Monash University to give the successful students a unique head start into university life. It provides opportunities for students to explore their passions, develop a broad suite of study, personal and academic skills, gives students the knowledge and confidence to make the right university course and career choices. The program also enables the recipients to build a network of student peers, academic, and future employment contacts.

The program begins in Year 10, and continues through Years 11 and 12, with participants being invited to several events and activities each year. Students who receive this award are expected to commit around 20 hours a year to the program through participation in a range of events and activities. Students receiving this award who successfully gain a place at Monash University for their tertiary studies after completing Year 12 continue to receive benefits including leadership and ambassador opportunities.

The Monash Scholars Program is a highly respected program for high achieving secondary school students, Students must be in the top 10% academically of their year level, must demonstrate leadership ability and potential, must be university focused; and must display a willingness to connect with like-minded students.

This year we congratulate our 2023 Monash Scholars Rhea, Gina and Lauren. We wish them well as they commence in this prestigious program.

Kath Woolcock
Head of Senior School

Combined School Orchestra Concert 2023

Last Sunday, a group of CGGS Secondary School musicians took part in the annual Combined Schools Orchestra Concert at Scotch College. This student-led initiative raises funds for the Australian Children’s Music Foundation, a non-for-profit organisation which provides musical instruments and lessons to students who lack access to these essential educational resources.

CGGS students rehearsed alongside musicians from a range of Independent Schools, preparing their selected repertoire for the concert. The student directed orchestra presented a varied program of high quality orchestral works. Our musicians were well represented across a range of orchestral families; Sarah P (Violin), Sasha W (Percussion), Angela L (Cello), Elysia W (Violin), Nonie M (Trumpet), and Isabel S (Violin).

Each musician volunteered their time to raise funds for the Australian Children’s Music Foundation, and very much enjoyed the experience of working with a team of people to produce a creative outcome. Their contributions to this very worthy charity and the wider community illuminated the importance of music education for all young Australians.

Kate Savige and Rohan Mack
Directors of Music


The Combined Schools Orchestra concert was a great experience, allowing us to meet and play with fellow musicians from other schools. In particular, it was wonderful to play a wide range of pieces, including Dvořák’s New World Symphony, the Saint- Saëns Piano Concerto No.2, Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No.5 and Studio Ghibli pieces. It was also very meaningful to play in this charity concert, as the funds were raised for the Australian Children’s Music Foundation, supporting children to have an opportunity to access music education. Sarah P


First and foremost, involvement in this project provided all of us with the amazing opportunity to support a very worthy charity and help others who are not as fortunate as us. Collaborating with liked-minded musicians from other schools and working together on the student-driven concert program, was very rewarding and lots of fun. All of the CGGS participants had the best time playing together, and the music performances that we produced for the concert were very high quality. I highly recommend being involved in future CSO projects.Sasha W


The Combined Schools Orchestra has been an amazing opportunity for me to connect with like-minded musicians and to work together to create music that is genuinely inspiring and captivating. CSO has offered me a chance to grow and develop both as a musician, but also as a person, helping me expand my performance experience in both piano and cello, as well as interacting with students from all different schools. Being a part of this orchestra for the first time this year has really motivated me to continue pursuing my interests in music and is an experience I am so extremely grateful for. CSO has been such a sensational opportunity for me, and I am so extremely thankful for the chance to be a part of such a talented and hard-working group of musicians. I can’t wait to sign up again next year, and I highly encourage any musicians out there to give it a go.Angela L

JMC Academy Art Prize Winner!

We are thrilled to celebrate Joanne T’s outstanding achievement in securing the JMC Academy Art Prize.

Her remarkable talent and hard work have made us immensely proud. This achievement not only highlights Joanne’s artistic excellence but also reflects the dedication of our school to nurturing and supporting exceptional artists.

Congratulations, Joanne.

Rachael Miller
Head of Art and Design

Duke of Edinburgh Award Program

Did you know:

  • 88% of Award holders recommend the Award to others.
  • 96% of Awardees plan to continue their physical activity/exercise
  • 72% of those who exercised on average once a month before the award now plan to exercise at least once a week
  • 93% of Awardees tried something new
  • And 68% of Awardees now feel a greater part of their community.

That is just some of what the tens of thousands of young people completing The Duke of Edinburgh Award program had to say about their participation in learning new and developing skills, participating regularly in physical activity, volunteering in their community and heading out on adventurous journeys.

At recent Year Level assemblies we were honoured to present the following students their Bronze Award:

Emma D

Alicia B

Olivia S

Hannah C

Disha Mo

Summer Z

Maya M

Cindy G

At Senior School Assembly on 1 August, we were able to acknowledge Grace B and Sofia P on the completion of their Silver Award and Madeleine G as our most recent recipient of the Gold Award.

Students continue to progress in their award at different times throughout the year and a number of Bronze and Silver awards have been submitted recently as well as a fellow Gold Awardee. We look forward to acknowledging these students at upcoming assemblies.

If you want to know more about The Award, visit the Duke of Ed myCGGS page under Co-Curricular Resources and Clubs or speak with Education Outdoors Captains Bella and Heidi about upcoming camps, logging activities or how to join.

Shane Maycock
Education Outdoors Coordinator

Fuse Cup

Last Thursday, Alicia, Ruby, Angela, and Nonie embarked on an exciting eSports adventure – the FUSE Cup’s Mario Kart Competition. This event, part of an international network of schools, offered us a chance to engage in safe, competitive gaming while embracing positive digital habits.

Guided by the FUSE Cup’s principles, we learned more than just racing skills. As a team, we honed valuable life lessons in collaboration and contribution. Alicia’s precision, Ruby’s reflexes, Angela’s strategy, and Nonie’s timing all contributed to a great team.  A special mention must go to Angela on being awarded Most Valuable Player. As a team the girls made it through the time trials and into the quarter finals – we commend the team for supporting each other and giving their best. A special mention to Mr Major, IT Systems Engineer, for his active role in coaching and mentoring the students through the eSports Competition.

Kate Giles
Head of Middle School

The Berthe Mouchette French Poetry Competition 2023

Every year, CGGS participates in the Alliance Française Berthe Mouchette Poetry Competition where students memorise a French poem and then recite it. This year 6,315 students participated in the competition. Our students recited their poem to a French judge who came to the school from the Alliance Française.

The French Department is very proud of all our students. It is no mean feat to learn a poem in another language and then deliver it. Well done to all those who took part.

True to French educational tradition where every assessment is marked out of 20, the students are awarded a mark based on fluency, pronunciation, expression and intonation. To be a finalist, students must achieve a lofty 20 marks and this year, 15 students from Years 5 to 10 have made it into the finals and will recite their poem again this month to French judges via Zoom.

Year 5 – Anshika A, Quynh B

Year 6 – Rachel F

Year 7 – Asha B, Shreya H, Niyati K, Melody MA, Zara T

Year 8- Natasha C, Natasha O

Year 9 – Camille C, Mai LC, Anjali G

Year 10 – Olive C, Rhea J, Aliyana R

All participants will a receive a certificate.  Félicitations à tout le monde! (Congratulations to everyone)!

Joanne Rittey
Head of Languages

House Athletics Champions

During last week’s school assembly, the much-anticipated individual results of the House Athletics Carnival were announced.

To be eligible for Year level champion in 2023, students must have participated in a maximum of 4 individual events, which included at least one track and one field event. Points are awarded for each individual placing across all events at the carnival and at the end of the day, results were incredibly close at all year levels.  We congratulate all students on this remarkable achievement. 

Year 7
1st – Eden C
2nd – Grace E
3rd – Nini C & Misaki S

Year 8
1st – Emily L
2nd – Harper D & Anthea V
3rd – Sienna M

Year 9
1st – Ruby E
2nd – Anneka S
3rd– Anika S

Year 10
1st – Nysa R
2nd – Amber R
3rd – Angela L & Atara P

Year 11
1st – Sofia P
2nd – Bella F, Emily P & Ashleigh W

Year 12
1st – Sasha F
2nd – Tara R
3rd – Clara K

Nareen Robinson
Head of Sport

Celebrating Excellence: Awards in House, Drama and Sport

In a triumphant display of talent, dedication, and commitment, a group of exceptional students have achieved Badges, Blazer Pockets, Colours and Double Colours across House, Drama and Sport. Last week we presented 119 students with Awards in both whole school and year level assemblies.

House Awards
We would like to extend our warmest congratulations to all recipients of House Badges (30 points of activity), House Colours (60 points of activity) and House Double Colours (90 points of activity). These are significant achievements that reflect the students’ commitment, talent and their overall positive contribution to the school’s House Programs.

Last Tuesday, we awarded two students House Double Colours, Tyra and Salome; as well as a further 9 students received House Colours and 19 students received their House Badge. For those students who have been awarded House Colours and Double Colours, we will provide instructions regarding how to get blazers embroidered at Bob Stewart in Kew.

Drama Awards
In the Drama category, the following students have transported audiences into captivating realms through their mesmerizing performances, including the wonderful production of Medea this year. Congratulations to Sasha, Siena, Alisha, Meghan, Helena, Sara, Jessica, Laura, Joanne and Zoe for achieving the top honour, Drama Colours. Amazingly, an additional 8 students received Drama Blazer Pocket embroidery and 15 students were awarded Drama Badges.

Sport Awards
Equally remarkable are the achievements of our students in Sport. Through rigorous training, determination and perseverance, they have committed themselves fully to the CGGS Sport Program. Congratulations Jasmine, Barsa, Lisa, Greta, Emma, Bella, Trudy, Imogen, Sofia, Emily, Liana, Sara, Sofia and Ashleigh for achieving the top honour, Sport Colours. Additionally, 14 students received Sport Blazer Pockets and 28 students received Sport Badges.

As we applaud these students for their achievements in House, Drama and Sport, we should also recognise the teachers, mentors, and families who have supported them along the journey.

I would like to let the CGGS community know that I have been working with an extensive number of Co-Curricular heads, as well as the SRC and targeted student groups to redesign the School and House Awards system. The goal of this project is to increase transparency around student recognition, allowing students to plan, predict and achieve these awards with more clarity. Once this project is finalised, I will present this to the community and ensure the new system is implemented gradually to ensure that all existing student experience is recognised accurately. If you would like to be involved in the next stage of this project, including trialling some of the new systems, please contact me. 

Eleanor Wood
Director of Co-Curricular Programs

House Public Speaking Competition

The annual House Public Speaking Competition took place late in Term 2, with winners being announced last week, after a long, exciting wait.

The overall winner was Taylor and the division winners were:

Senior Division – Sara R

Intermediate Division – Sarah C

Junior Division – Pippa

The topics for the finals of each division were:

Senior Division: What makes us human?

Intermediate Division: That the pursuit of happiness is unhelpful.

Junior Division: That fashion is an expression of one’s true self.

The speeches prepared were of exceptionally high quality and the adjudicators had a hard task choosing just one winner for each division. Thanks must go to all the House Debating and Public Speaking Captains for all their hard work mentoring their candidates, Salome O, School Debating and Public Speaking Captain for her leadership and passion and Ms Eleanor Wood for her tireless work with all the captains. Congratulations to all the students who put their hand up for what can be a daunting task and congratulations to Taylor House for taking out the win.

Emma Ford
Head of House Public Speaking and Debating


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