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Secondary School

Excitement levels were at fever pitch on Thursday as we eagerly awaited the opening night of the annual School Production, Medea. As members of the audience streamed into Barbara Sutton Hall, the transformation of the space itself was enough to have everyone captivated – and that was before the play had even begun! As the story began to unfold, the audience found themselves drawn into the emotionally charged performances that took us on an intense journey through the powerful tale of love, betrayal, and vengeance. The collective effort invested in every aspect of the production, from the meticulous set design, lighting and music to the makeup and costumes, really showcased the dedication of our students and of course our talented Director Ms Lyons. Our best wishes to the cast and crew for their remaining weekend performances.

Beyond the creativity taking place in Barbara Sutton Hall, there has also been a great buzz of House Spirit in the air, as students have worked in teams to create a piece for House Fashion. Today marks the finals of interhouse competition, and we can’t wait to see the culmination of ideas and creativity. In addition to the arts, we also take immense pride in our commitment to sustainability initiatives. During Environment Week, Ms. Clarkson and the dedicated Froggies students organised numerous activities that encouraged our community to think carefully about a range of sustainability initiatives and practices that can make a positive difference. We extend our sincere gratitude to Ms Clarkson and the team of students and staff for their efforts in promoting awareness and taking concrete steps towards a more sustainable future.

Kath Woolcock                        
Head of Senior School

Kate Giles                    
Head of Middle School

Environment Week

Last week at CGGS we celebrated World Environment Day. This day seeks to encourage worldwide awareness and action for the protection of our environment. This year, the issue we are tackling is that of plastic pollution. Students engaged in various environmental activities at lunchtimes.

The smoothie bike gained a lot of interest as it used a unique renewable option of energy to create the drinks. Selling brownies at the netball match against Camberwell Grammar School (Boys) was a highlight. Over $200 was raised for the Australian Conservation Foundation, an organisation that speaks out for a world where forests, rivers, people and wildlife thrive. We popped some popcorn and watched Regeneration Australia on Wednesday. On Thursday, a gardening workshop was held in the Woodstock courtyard. Five varieties of tomatoes were sowed in our new CGGS greenhouse. On Friday, Cold Day, was a free dress day, heaters were turned off and a BBQ was prepared. Money raised was donated to Solar Buddy, an organisation that supports children experiencing energy poverty worldwide.

Students from the environmental cocurricular group, Froggies were rostered to assist on lunchtime activities. Environment Week activities taught us how to be sustainable at home. Saving electricity and reducing the excessive amount of plastic have been some of the valuable tips learned.

Amelia S and Aathana S

Camberwell Grammar School Environmental Partnership

In the last week of Term 2, Froggies students visited Camberwell Grammar School (Boys) to observe their sustainability initiatives. CGS is one of the first schools in Victoria to procure energy needs from 100% renewable sources. They are committed to making change in many areas of resource use and we were interested in learning about the actions they have taken in their café and waste management areas.

Ideas of interest viewed were:

  • A beehive that is thriving and is cared for by students and professionals
  • Their canteen offers reduced priced hot drinks using CGS mugs
  • The waste bin area collects textile, food organics, and e-waste
  • CGS solar panels are the largest on a school in the southern hemisphere

We look forward to working together in the future and planning environmental projects. For example, on Sunday 30 July some CGS and CGGS students are volunteering to plant trees with Melbourne Girls College at their Myrnong-Birrarung re-vegetation site beside the Yarra River.

Ms Clarkson and the Year 8 Froggies – Alina J, Chloe Y, Ayesha R, Erin L

Music Excellence with The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra: Sasha W

Sasha W (12A) has continued to develop her exceptional talent and skill as a percussionist through her association with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. Sasha is a member of the Melbourne Youth Orchestra, a principal partner with the MSO, and was selected to participate in the recent Side by Side Concert at the Art Centre Melbourne’s much-loved Hamer Hall. 

The MSO Side by Side Education Program supports talented music students to learn from world-class professional musicians and perform high quality orchestral works, with featured artists and conductors. Involvement in this concert is a particular highlight for the selected students in the Melbourne Youth Orchestra as their commitment to musical excellence inspires each other to perform at their best.

The MSO Side by Side Orchestra performed Stravinsky’s Firebird Suite & Wagner’s Lohengrin: Prelude as part of the program.

Such an amazing & rewarding experience for the next generation of talented orchestral musicians.

Kate Savige
Director of Music Curriculum

Melbourne Symphony Orchestra Meet the Music Excursion

On Wednesday 26 July, VCE Music students and Music staff attended an excursion to the Melbourne Recital Centre for the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra’s Meet the Music Concert.

The immersive presentation program featured performances by the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, highlighting development of interpretative ideas and insight into the tools composers use to write music. Our students heard two stunning works by early 20th Century composer Ralph Vaughan Williams and current local Melbourne composer Mary Finsterer.

Strong connections to the VCE Music Areas of Study, including performance presentation and listening analysis allowed students to explore, discuss and delve into the finer aspects of performance, compositional devices and expressive elements, alongside how to interpret them as performers. 

Kate Savige
Director of Music – Curriculum

Annual Independent Schools Victoria Art Exhibit

We are thrilled to announce that our students have showcased their exceptional artistic talents at the Annual Independent School Victoria Art Exhibit. The event, held at the ISV Gallery in The District, Docklands, provided our young artists with an extraordinary platform to express their creativity.

The exhibition brought together talented students from various schools in the region and we couldn’t be prouder that CGGS was among the participants. Our students’ artworks stood out, capturing the attention of visitors and art enthusiasts alike.

Amidst the sea of creativity, two exceptional young artists, Melanie and Alyssa, captured the spotlight with their breathtaking portraits, earning them personal praise in the opening address from Michelle Stockley, the esteemed Head of Learning at the National Gallery of Victoria.

In the ever-evolving landscape of education, one thing remains constant: the invaluable role of creativity and creative thinking in nurturing the minds of our future generation. Art education is a vital aspect of our curriculum. It not only fosters creativity but also instils important life skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and self-expression. We firmly believe that creativity plays an integral role in shaping well-rounded individuals who can thrive in an ever-changing world.

As parents and guardians, your unwavering support and encouragement have also played a significant role in nurturing our students’ artistic talents. We thank you for embracing the importance of art in education and for being advocates of your children’s creative pursuits.

Once again, congratulations to all the students who participated in the exhibition. Your dedication, passion, and artistic brilliance have made us immensely proud. We look forward to witnessing the continued growth and artistic endeavours of each of our talented students.

The exhibition can be viewed at Ground Floor, Wharf Street, The District Docklands, 440 Docklands Drive, Docklands. The exhibition remains open until November.

Rachael Miller
Head of Art and Design

Year 11 Soiree

On Friday 14 July, the Year 11 cohort enjoyed the highly anticipated Soiree. Prior to the event, the Soiree Committee (consisting only of students) met frequently with Ms Hill to organise and plan for the night. Everyone had been looking forward to the night, having missed both Year 8 and 9 socials. Expectations were high, and the event most definitely lived up to them.

It was a night to remember, with beautiful green and white decor and everyone sporting incredible outfits. A live DJ played lively and upbeat music that we couldn’t get out of our heads for hours. It was amazing to see everyone getting out onto the dance floor and busting a move, even in heels! Elegant and delectable food was provided by the stellar catering, which everyone could not get enough of. We even had our own special and exquisite themed mocktail! A raffle was organised and conducted by our fellow Soiree Committee Members for everyone in attendance — congratulations again to all those who won the prizes!

On behalf of all of Year 11 and their guests, we’d like to extend a massive thank you to all the teachers (especially Ms Hill) who put in so much time and effort to make the event possible and ensure we would have the best time of our lives.

All in all, the 2023 Year 11 Soiree was a fantastic night filled with much laughter and happy chatter. Truly a night none of us will forget any time soon!

Erica W and Matilda J
Year 11 Students

Fuse Cup MarioKart

The FUSE Cup is played locally in each state and brings together students from Years 5-10 to compete in a safe, structured and supervised esports competition where they will also learn about ways to improve their digital wellbeing and online safety.

We went to the Fuse Cup MarioKart competition late last term and had heaps of fun. The competition was divided into different sections such as heats, knockouts, and the finals. We were all so excited and ready for whatever was ahead, and throughout the whole tournament, we had a great time and did our best. Some highlights were Jessica doing one of the quickest laps ever and Florence getting fourth place overall. We also found that the MarioKart tournament was a great way to socialise and find people in a community with the same passion as you. Overall, the MarioKart experience was one to remember and we encourage you to take part in these types of stimulating activities – Florence J, Amelia L, Jessica W and Tiffany L

Micah Wilkins
Head of Digital Learning & Innovation

CGGS v CGS Netball Match

Last week, CGGS and CGS (Boys) went head-to-head in our annual charity netball match.

While the weather was chilly and the rain almost washed out the event, we pushed on fiercely. The hour was filled with loud chants, enthusiastic cheering and lots of support from the school community.

At half-time, we continued to demonstrate our strong CGGS spirit through an exciting pom pom dance routine, choreographed by Ella W, followed by a thrilling competition of Partner Yoga Pose-Off between the schools.

As the match fell within CGGS Environment Week, we were super excited to support the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) in the fight for climate justice. Our Froggies environmental group sold chocolate brownies baked by a group of captains from CGGS and CGS with the help of Ms Goad and raised a total of $307. The funds raised will go towards ending coal and gas mining, protecting wildlife and pushing businesses to be more environmentally conscious.

Despite losing 10-17, our CGGS netball team definitely offered some strong competition and spirit. We are grateful to have supported the ACF and we look forward to future interschool collaborations.

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