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2021 Inspiring Women


Professor Delene Weber
(Marsh, 1987)

BForSc(Hons), MForSc, PhD

Delene Weber has always been passionate about the environment. This passion began with family holidays to national parks but was fuelled by inspirational teachers including her Geography teacher, Mrs Conway and many others who encouraged her to pursue this passion.

Studying Forest Science at the University of Melbourne, then later at Southern Illinois University, Delene connected with her ‘tribe’ of fun-loving people who were determined to make a positive impact in the way forests and our environment were protected.

In university breaks, she travelled and worked in amazing places such as Gippsland, Tasmania, Canada and the United States. Eventually moving to South Carolina with John, her now husband, she pursued a rewarding career coordinating environmental education in parks.

She returned to Australia in 1998 to get married, to complete a PhD and to begin a position with the University of South Australia. Delene has received multiple national teaching awards and has published widely on the topic of environmental values, the importance of greenspace and bushfires. Inspiring students to care for the environment and respect Aboriginal knowledge is one of the most rewarding parts of her job.

While Delene’s career continues to be rewarding, it has been the love and support of friends and family that has always been the most important to her. Her favourite times are those she spends with her two beautiful children, her fabulous husband, and her amazing friends and family.

Delene is incredibly grateful for her experience at CGGS and hopes to catch up with more of the brilliant people who shaped her and convinced her that she could make a difference. She is especially grateful to the grammarians she keeps in touch with regularly.

Professor Delene has been passionate about the environment from a young age.

“We acknowledge and pay respect to the Wurundjeri people as the traditional custodians of the land on which the school is situated.”

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