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National Primary School Champions - FUSE Cup

The co-curricular opportunities at Camberwell Girls provide our students with extensive choice and opportunity as part of their holistic education. One area you may not be aware of is our eSports competitions and I have some exciting news to share with you.

Two weeks ago, the Camberwell Girls Grammar School Primary School Team won the National FUSE Cup Championships on the Gold Coast! The FUSE Cup is an eSports competition and our teams have been actively involved in the local and state competitions for the past two years.

Teanna and Ivy from Year 5 and Amiya and Charlotte from Year 6, supported by Camberwell Girls staff, Mr Micah Wilkins (Coach) and Mr Mark Major (Technical Lead) focussed on their one and only dance in the national competition (the State Finals directly preceded the Nationals the day before).  Training and tryouts commenced in earnest in Term 1, not only at school on Monday lunchtimes, but also in the homes of some team members averaging 30 minutes of training every day!

In this competition each member of the team takes turns to compete individually, however their final score is all of the individual scores combined. Mr Wilkins shared his observations:

Each team member took on a unique role within the team (developed over time with no guidance from us): Teanna was probably the captain. She yelled the loudest, spoke the most, and cheered everyone on. She watched how our competitors were doing and kept a piece of paper and pencil to make notes. Amiya was the star player. She was the strongest dancer, scored the highest points and set the team up. She danced first and absolutely smashed it. Ivy was the cool, calm and steely member. We looked to her for assurance that all would be okay. She kept the team grounded. She danced last, ensuring that our lead was not lost. She was never going to drop the ball (or controller in this case!). Then there is Charlotte – I could not be prouder of her achievements. She worked the hardest and was the most dedicated. She showed the team what it means to keep trying and to work hard in order to improve.

This gaming competition taught the girls many different skills that will help them to understand how teams work most effectively, and how the skills and attributes of individuals may all be different yet enable the whole team to be remarkable. What wonderful life lessons!

Mr Wilkins and Mr Major have supported our students in this activity for two years now. This year alone they co-ordinated nine teams across Years 5-10 and have participated in six external competitions (not including the Nationals) in three different eSports (Just Dance, Mario Kart and Rocket Leagues) and worked closely with the School Captains to run their Mario Kart tournament. I would like to thank them for their commitment to this co-curricular opportunity.

Students in Junior, Middle and Senior schools have choice in their co-curricular activities across a wide range of areas. For example, in Junior School there are approximately 26 offerings from clubs and competitions through to sports in addition to the School Sport Victoria (SSV) and Girls Sport Victoria (GSV) competitions. Music Ensembles (11 different ensembles) and Speech and Drama offerings are also included. Each week in the Junior School Weekly a table is published outlining the core co-curricular activities available.

In Middle and Senior Schools there are approximately 175 different opportunities that cover the areas of House programs, performing arts including drama and music ensembles, concerts, productions and tours, debating and public speaking competitions, sport (both GSV and other), clubs and committees, enrichment and competitions, service learning opportunities as well as tours, camps and exchanges. Many leadership roles also enhance these through our distributed leadership structure. Further information regarding these co-curricular activities can be found in the myCGGS parent directory via the following link:

If you would like to find out more about opportunities for your daughter, please speak to your daughter’s classroom teacher (Junior School), Tutor (Year 7) or Form teacher (Years 8-12).

Finally, I would again like to congratulate our National Primary School FUSE Cup champions – Teanna, Ivy, Amiya and Charlotte!

With best wishes,

Debbie Dunwoody


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