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There is something special about the annual cycle and rhythm of every school year. As each year level moves up, and eventually on, they pass the baton to the next, knowing they have left their mark by contributing significantly to the life, culture and very fabric of the School. Annual rites of passage and traditions bring certainty and meaning; they anchor our purpose and strengthen our sense of belonging.

What an absolute joy it has been over the past two weeks to experience the very last chapter of our Year 12’s journey. This year level has been outstanding in their collective capacity to embrace their final year of schooling with great energy and joy, whilst also displaying sincerity and care for their peers across all year levels.

Events such as Presentation Night, the Leavers’ Service and Valedictory Dinner gave our school community the opportunity to celebrate and acknowledge the Year 12 cohort for their outstanding achievements and contribution to the School; stemming right back to Junior School memories of Ormiston for some. For me, a highlight was the genuine heartfelt gratitude many individuals expressed to their parents and teachers when sharing their valedictory message. Another was the pure joy on the Valedictory Dinner dance floor as students, mums and dads celebrated together!

Much has been written about this Generation Z (born in the early 2000s). It is not surprising that McCrindle research identifies them as the first generation to be truly global and extensively connected with each other. They are highly visual digital integrators who are likely to have up to 18 jobs over 6 careers. But we know that there is so much more to life than this and indeed, each student’s core values and character will shape who they can become. We all know that success has many definitions and with the reality of life there will always be ups and downs. And yet we have much faith and assurance that the Class of 2023 will draw deeply on their Camberwell Girls’ education well into the future as they lead a purposeful life in an increasingly complex world. I agree with Dr Simon Breakspear that, “We need to believe that young people are capable, and that they do have it within them to navigate what is in front of them.”

And now, the baton has been passed to our Year 11 students. They are already stepping up into leadership roles and looking forward to the year ahead. We wish all students studying a Units 3 & 4 subject the very best throughout the current VCE examination period and thank our subject teachers for their thorough instruction and dedication.

With best wishes,

Davina McClure
Deputy Principal


Today, Mrs Dunwoody will discuss the importance of supporting student wellbeing.

Secondary School

This week was our annual CGGS Celebrating Diversity Week!

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A group of Ormiston students represented CGGS with pride at the District Cross Country event.

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