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Elective Subjects

Diverse programs tailored for a girls' education

Whilst our core academic curriculum is designed to be rigorous, challenging and relevant to ‘tomorrow’s woman’, the school also provides elective offerings within Years 8, 9 and 10 to help extend and broaden each girl’s outlook, whilst strengthening her passions for learning and developing her various skills.

Year 8 & 9 Electives

In Years 8 and 9, students will undertake intensive courses designed to develop skills and interests in a wide range of creative areas. Through cross-age collaboration, these project-based subjects will utilise design and solutions-oriented thinking to inspire girls in their learning.


Music Studio Composition

Dance to Communicate Ideas

PodCam: Podcasting

Co-design @ Year 9 (Year 9 Only)

Organic Garden: Grow @ Home

Lake Mungo

Edible Creations


Fashion & Design

Year 8 students complete one semester of electives, which alternates with Commerce & Service Learning.

Year 10 Electives

At Year 10, a wide variety of semester-length elective subject offerings help to broaden each girl’s outlook and deepen her passions for learning in specific disciplines.

Forensic Science

Exercise & Sport Science

American History:
Power and Inequality

Food Studies
Units 1 & 2

Music Performance
Units 1 & 2

Business Communication & Marketing

Taste of Commerce

Smoke & Mirrors: The Art of Illusion in Theatre

English Amplified

Interactive Digital Media

STEAM: Marine Science

Bridging EAL

Art and Visual Communication

Language Electives

Studying a language is a life enriching experience, enabling students to explore different cultures and develop their communication skills.

At CGGS students must study two languages in Year 7 and at least one in Year 8. From Year 9 onwards, languages become an elective.

Years 7–10







Chinese 1st Language

Chinese 2nd Language

Chinese 2nd Language Advanced

Chinese Culture, Language and Society

Create Your Tomorrow