We celebrate the important role that women play as leaders in our society.

Opportunities for leadership are provided at all levels. We celebrate the important role that women play as leaders of our society and opportunities for leadership are provided at all levels.

The leadership journey begins in Junior School when each class has a representative on the Student Council. In Year 6, all girls participate in a Leadership in Action program and have at least one specific leadership role during the year.

Significant School and House Leadership positions are offered in Years 9, 10, 11 and 12.

Leaders at Camberwell Girls are role models for the School community. We are proud of the way in which they conduct themselves, grow in confidence and represent the School.

The goals of the Camberwell Leadership Program are to:

Understand and create a personal model of good leadership
Embrace a greater self awareness and understanding of leadership

Believe and understand that leadership can be learnt by anyone
Actively seek leadership opportunities

Learn and practise the skills required of effective leaders
Inspire students to use leadership roles in serving the School and community

See the importance of leadership in the School and broader society

Foster collaborative leadership practice

2018 School Captains