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Junior School

Welcome to 2023 at Junior School!

Settling In
It has been an absolute pleasure seeing our current and new students to Ormiston getting along so well after only one week into a new school year. Already, our Year 5 and Foundation students have become good friends through our Fivedation Buddy program. These students will meet regularly throughout the year and the Year 5 students will sit next to their Foundation buddy each week during assembly.

New Parent Morning Tea
This important annual event was very successful. We had many new families join us for morning tea on Tuesday 30 January in the Junior School Hall. This was an excellent opportunity for new families to meet each other for the first time this year and speak with our Principal, Mrs Debbie Dunwoody. We look forward to our next school community event which will be our Junior School Twilight Picnic on Friday 24 February.

Ormiston Badges
At this week’s Junior School Assembly, new students from Foundation – Year 6 students were awarded their Ormiston badges. These special badges are placed on each student’s blazer and students can wear this badge for the rest of their time at Camberwell Girls Grammar School.

I wish our Ormiston families a lovely weekend and look forward to seeing many of our Foundation – Year 6 families at our Meet the Teacher evening.

Paul Donohue
Head of Junior School

Early Learning 3 & 4

“Those whom nature has fitted to care for children see a change in them every day, almost every hour. They see these small changes as admirable. This is an art which cannot be acquired without effort. To encourage is to rejoice, so that the child sees that you are rejoicing.”  – Maria Montessori

This week the ELC opened its doors to welcome new and returning families into the Centre and the classrooms. Once again building a tangible connection between families, children, teachers, and the environment. The interconnectedness between these pillars, play a crucial role in supporting children to develop a strong sense of belonging, where learning can thrive.

Over the next term, a focus will be placed on developing strong, secure attachments with teachers and peers. By establishing these positive relationships, children feel safe and secure to engage in open and collaborative learning; they are confident in applying their skills or knowledge; open to taking risks, experiencing challenges, and seeking out help when needed. The role of the teacher is to support and provide opportunities for play and interactions, the skills for learning will develop over time and through routines and consistent expectations that are established in the classroom. The role of families is to be involved in their child’s learning, and work together with teachers to form a sense of community.

Guided by the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework (VEYLDF) and its five outcome areas of Identity; Community; Wellbeing; Learning and Communication, we are excited to see where our confident learners will lead us, and to share it with the wider CGGS community.

Esther Wong
Early Learning Coordinator

Year 3 CGGS Values

We begin each school year at Ormiston with our Quality Beginnings program to ensure students form solid connections with their classmates and teachers. In addition to playing games to learn more about each other, developing a classroom agreement and establishing routines, the Year 3 students have been exploring our five school values – Integrity, Commitment, Respect, Hope and Courage – and how they relate to our learning and personal growth.

“We have school values to make sure when we leave school, we are good people in the world.” – Olive

“Our values are about how we behave and how we treat other people in our community.” – Akira

To help us understand what each value means and how we can demonstrate them through our actions and words, we read a variety of picture story books and made connections between their themes and the CGGS values. In the story ‘Flocked’ by Chren Byng, a sheep leaves the flock to pursue her dream of becoming a florist – even though it means stepping away from what feels comfortable and safe. Students were quick to identify the bravery it can take to stand up for what you believe in, try new things and be an individual. They created ‘Cups of Courage’ which highlighted ways they can show courage at school.

“We can show courage by trying new things, helping others and standing up for what is right.” – Olivia L

“I can show courage by playing my violin at JS Assembly.” – Estelle

“I can show courage by trying to make new friends.” – Kayla

“I can show courage by standing up for what is right.” – Evangeline

Gaining a deeper understanding of our school values and the responsibility each student has to not only know them, but also to live them, helps to lay a strong foundation for each student’s academic progress and personal growth. It has been wonderful to see the Year 3s so enthusiastic about contributing to a positive and inclusive school environment where all students feel safe and welcomed.

Liz Warren
Year 3 Classroom Teacher

Year 6 STEAM

The Year 6s are tackling the big question ‘How can we use energy in a sustainable way?’ in their Inquiry unit this term.

An exciting part of this program for Science-based Inquiry units is the opportunity to use the resources of the Senior School laboratories to enrich their studies.

This week, they investigated the different types of kinetic and potential energy. The students practiced their science skills of observation and recording and while sharing experiences of how energy can be transformed and transferred by taking part in a series of hands-on activities, including bouncing balls, lighting candles, evaporating water, striking a tuning fork and even sharing some laughs creating a ‘human circuit’ using a conductivity meter.

We are looking forward to seeing the students put their theory into practice in the Learning Expo later in the term.

Penny Dumsday
STEAM Teacher

Jasvindar Gill & Rebecca Leondidis
Year 6 Class Teachers


School Chaplain, Helen Creed shares an Easter message with the community as we head into the school holidays.

Secondary School

The Secondary School has been full of House spirit this past fortnight, with Hosue Dance, Music and Cross Country taking place.

Junior School

Our Year 5 & 6 students are flying into the Term 1 holidays after a fantastic week in Phillip Island!

Connected Community

Thank you to the guests and volunteers who made the Moonlight Movie Night so special.

Create Your Tomorrow