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Welcome back to all our Junior School students and families. I hope everyone had a relaxing break and is ready for an action packed Term 3!

Early Learning 3 & 4 – A Smoking Ceremony

In Early Learning, we feel privileged to have a connection and relationship with Murrundindi, the Ngurungaeta of the Wurundjeri. This relationship provides us with an opportunity to learn and gain knowledge and understandings about the First Peoples, in particular, the Wurundjeri people.

The Early Learning children and teachers participated in a Smoking Ceremony with Murrundindi and he informed us about the cultural significance of the Smoking Ceremony. The Aboriginal people have been doing the Smoking Ceremony for thousands and thousands of years. It is a type of blessing and it is only done by men and is usually performed by the head man of the tribe. A special cloak that is made from possum skins is also worn during the Smoking Ceremony.

Murrundindi used a Bread Fungus and the children discovered this is a special mushroom that grows on a gumtree. A long time ago the Aboriginal people would create fire for the Smoking Ceremony by rubbing two pieces of wood together. Murrundindi lit the Bread Fungus and then sang a welcome song in Woiwurrung language.

Murrundindi placed the smoking fungus in the Early Learning garden to burn. The children will be gathering to bury the ashes in an area in the garden that will be conducive to reflection and prayer.

The Early Learning community were fortunate to take part in a significant ceremony that Aboriginal people have been doing for thousands and thousands of years.

The children are currently reflecting on the Smoking Ceremony through drawing, dialogue, images and clips. A slide show with images and music on the iPad have been provided with headphones, so the children can reflect on the process of the Smoking Ceremony and share their understandings through drawing.

“They use it for making bread (bread fungi).  And his brother is good at fire sticks not him.” – Sofia

“He wears possum clothes.” – Daniel

“Murrundindi was lighting the bread fungus and then walking around singing a song. He wore a possum skin coat.” – Claerwen

“You light the bread fungus and then it smokes.” – Aurelia

“Murrundindi walked around and sang a song in his language.” – Lucy

“We were sitting in a circle and Murrundindi sat on the bench and he lit a bread fungus and it burnt and changed to black.” – Emma

Angela Follacchio, Early Learning 4 (Full Time) Teacher

Year 2, 3 & 5 Dance Incursion

On the first day of Term 3, Years 2, 3 and 5 students participated in a World Dance incursion hosted by Supreme Incursions. We learnt about four different types of dances from Latin America, India, Spain and Africa. We also learnt about the different cultures, and were taught some dance moves and routines. Near the end of our incursion we chose our favourite culture’s dance, dressed up in costumes and performed their dance. We really enjoyed this experience and are looking forward to more opportunities like this during Ormiston Creates.

Mia Chapman & Anneke Cook, Year 5R Students


Year 2 – 6 Chess Ideas: All Girls Chess Tournament

Last Friday, our annual All Girls Chess Tournament took place in the Junior School Hall with six schools from Melbourne. The schools included, Glendal Primary School, Mount View Primary School, Balwyn North Primary School, Yavneh College, St Catherine’s School and Camberwell Girls Grammar School. Throughout the day, 83 participants took part in the competition and Glendal Primary School were the eventual winners on the day.

Congratulations to the thirteen students that represented CGGS on the day. They represented the school superbly and were all wonderful Ormiston ambassadors. Congratulations to:

Asha Bhattacharjee
Matilda Chan
Selena Chen
Ency Chen
Lucy Ciro
Christine Moi
Preesha Navaneetharaja
Amy Qi
Suwedha Ranjith
Zara Teh
Katrina Tong
Christina Weickhardt
Jessica Wong

Year 5 & 6 Coding Day

On Friday 20 July, the Year 5 and 6 students had an opportunity to learn and participate in coding. Our challenge was to create a game suitable for any age that related to the theme ‘Transformation’. To create our games, we used the Scratch program. It was really fun getting to explore Scratch and learn more about what you can make characters (“sprites”) do. We had to show determination and perseverance because often a lot of things didn’t work or turn out quite as expected.

At the end of the day we got to share our games that we created with other groups. Over all the day went really well and we all learnt more things about coding. A huge thank you to Miss Brandt for organising the day and making it so much fun.

Sarah May & Aliyana Rajakulendran, Year 5D Students


Year 6 Incursion- Bell Shakespeare

On Monday 25 July a presenter from the Bell Shakespeare organisation conducted an incursion with the Year 6 students. The Student Masterclass began with Jane, our presenter, engaging the students in a series of movements and direction.

The session then focused on the students being given different roles for the play Macbeth. The language was explored as students transformed in to Macbeth, Lady Macbeth and a wide range of characters that eventually drew in Mrs Robottom, who eagerly became Macduff.

After the incursion, the students explored the themes of the play. Aspirations, values, decision making and living with their actions were discussed in the classrooms in the days after the incursion. Some students felt this play was relevant as aspirations and decision making were explicitly linked to some political leaders and their aspirations and values in the past several years. Other students linked the play to their own lives and aspiring to have the latest toys or technology. They discussed what their decisions would be and whether this might align to their values.

In the coming weeks the Year 6 students will explore the character decisions and traits from Macbeth. We look forward to continuing to unpack the text as we consider how stories are told and whether Shakespeare’s stories are still relevant today.

Craig Goodwin, Year 6G Class Teacher & Deputy Head of Junior School (Student Wellbeing)


Year 6 – Virtual Debating Team

The Year 6 students in the 2018 ISDCN National Virtual Debating Team have participated in their third and fourth round debate. Each round has presented the students with a new challenge and these debates were no exception. The students had to consider their arguments against banning children under 5 from using smart devices and that the RSPCA should allocate pets rather than letting people select their own.

Isabel Betts, Sienna Catalogna, Sienna Lonetti and Sofia Sanfilippo faced very strong Ruyton Girls’ School and St. Paul’s Lutheran Primary teams.  Both sides of the arguments were hotly contested. The Ormiston team presented strong rebuttals against Ruyton’s argument. They acted on the feedback given to them in previous debates about the importance of providing evidence to support their viewpoints. The strength of these rebuttals gave the students their third consecutive win. Against St. Paul’s the students were commended for their thorough research on the topic but they were unfortunately beaten in the Round 4 debate.

The student’s success in this competition is a result of the collaborative effort of the students. They have worked diligently to research topics and they have consistently written and delivered high quality speeches. We congratulate the team on their outstanding achievement in the ISDCN National Virtual Debating Competition.

Nancy Robottom Year 6 Class Teacher & Numeracy Learning Leader


Student Achievement

Last week, Anika Selvaratnam (Year 4) competed at the State Cross Country Championships at Bundoora Park near La Trobe University and ran a personal best race. Overall, Anika came in tenth position and ran a wonderful race in the Under 9/10 age group. Anika just missed out on qualifying for the National Cross Country Championships later in the year, however Anika is only 9 years of age this year and will race in the same age group in 2019.


Junior School Netball

Netball started back last weekend!

Year 4
> Jets had a bye
> Opals went down to MA Butterflies although, the team has improved tremendously since the start of the season.

Year 5
> Topaz were missing a few players but this didn’t affect the team, who defeated Ruyton Raccoons 18-1.

Year 6
> Quartz defeated Koonung Galaxy 15-1, CGGS showing their fantastic defensive pressure and steady transition into the goaling end.

Well done to all teams.

Lexie Joyce CGGS Netball Coach / Year 4 Student Teacher


Foundation – Year 6 Ormiston Assemblies

Our weekly Ormiston assemblies take place every Wednesday at 8.40am and all parents are very welcome to attend.
Below are the themes for the Term 3 assemblies:

1 August: JS Leaders Assembly, Barbara Sutton Hall

8 August: Science Week, Junior School Hall

15 August: Ormiston Creates, Junior School Hall

22 August: Book Week and OGA Public Speaking Launch, Junior School Hall

29 August: No Assembly due to the Ormiston Art Show

5 September: School Values, Junior School Hall

12 September:  R U OK?, Junior School Hall


I would like to wish everyone a restful weekend and hope to see you in attendance at Chitty Chitty Bang Bang next week.


Yours sincerely,

Paul Donohue
Head of Junior School