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Junior School

Early Learning 3 – Year 6 Winter Warmth Appeal

Every year one of Ormiston’s major service learning projects is the Winter Warmth Appeal. This week at our Junior School Assembly, we launched the Winter Warmth Appeal. In the Junior School Hall, we have four tables set up for donations. Already it has been wonderful to see so many students getting into the spirit of helping others!

Throughout the appeal, students are encouraged to bring to school different products that can help families that are struggling at this time of year. I strongly believe, that together we can help people who need it most. When we get hungry, we can easily just go to our pantry and get some food, however it is very different for people who are in poverty or are homeless. The Winter Warmth Appeal is about helping people that are going through a hard time. Ormiston families are encouraged to donate at least one item per week throughout the appeal. Here are some suggestions, quality second-hand clothes, a box of cereal, toiletries, noodles, rice or non-perishable snack items.

I would like to thank the Ormiston Student Council, Michelle Kalus and Craig Goodwin for all their work so far in planning and organising the Winter Warmth Appeal. I look forward to our school community filling all the tables in the Junior School Hall.

Year 2 – Toys Incursion

On Friday 1 June, the Year 2 students participated in an incursion called ‘Toys Over Time’.

They had the opportunity to explore popular toys from different generations and learnt about how and why toys have changed. This interactive investigation supported the learning about history and change that the students have been investigating in the classroom. It was a very practical and enjoyable way to support their learning.

“I liked playing with the toys because it gives you an experience of toys you might not have at home.” – Genevieve 

“I found out that lego was so old and it’s actually one of my favourite toys.” – Tiffany

“I was fascinated about how dolls were so old, one of the oldest toys in the world.” – Jessica

“I liked finding out about some of the toys from the olden days like the Frisbee. Two boys used to use a silver pie tray and throw it to each other. One day they made the same shape from plastic and it worked really well as a game. They called it a Frisbee because that was the name of the pie company.”  – Rudra

“I was interested when she told the story about the slinky because I didn’t know the slinky could do the trick down the stairs.” – Maddy M

“My group played with elastics and learnt the rhyme with it. The highest level we got to was to have the elastic around your hips.” – Mo Lin

“It was very interesting to play with the old toys because there was a fun story at each station and the toys were easy to play with and learn from.” – Amy Q

Selena Reedman &  Kathryn Brandt
Year 2 Class Teachers

Early Learning 4 – Year 6 Speech & Drama Mountfield Maestros

Congratulations to the following students who participated in our annual Semester One,

Mountfield Maestros event.

Early Learning 4
Chelsea Wang

Claudia Huang, Madeleine Law, Elaine Li, Angela Lin

Year 1
Jade Wang, Ellie Zhang,  Sharon Zhang

Year 2
Nina Gan, Yanjun Gan, Tiffany Lau, Amy Qi, Rita Wong, Amy Yang, Nicole Zhang, Audrey Zhu, Erena Zhu

Year 3
Charlotte Chong, Elise Orme, Ashanti Rajakulendran, Annabelle Nemtsas, Isla Stronell, Melody Hu, Chloe Law

Year 4
Trinity Sideris, Anneka Sinnappu, Larissa Ma, Victoria Mao, Sharon Tjioe, Vicky Qiu

Year 5
Isabel Chen, Anneke Cook, Elysia Wang, Hanna Wang, Sarah May, Karinda Hattersley, Ellie Cowell, Aliyana Rajakulendran, Raynee Wong, Simrah Ahsan, Amy Cao.

Year 6
Anneke Bray, Sofia Sanfilippo, Dora Hu, Kelly Liang, Ava Lillehagen, Sienna Lonetti, Nancy Ma, Kiki Page, Matilda Chen, Fiona Zhu, Mia Paulse, Hayley Price, Clarissa Wong

I would like to thank Lucy Mason and Kath Buckingham our Junior School Speech and Drama teachers for organising a wonderful event for our School community.

Boroondara Division – Cross Country Championships

This week, I had the opportunity to take five of our Years 4 – 6 students to the Division Cross Country Championships at Ruffey Park Lake in Doncaster.

I would like to congratulate Anik Selvaratnam (Year 4), Ellie Cowell (Year 5), Sarah Zhou (Year 5), Emily Price (Year 6) and Sofia Sanfilippo (Year 6)for participating in this event and giving their personal best effort throughout their races. To get to this level of running is an outstanding effort for our students.

Anika Selvaratnam achieved a third place in the Under 9/10 Girls 2km run and now qualifies for the Eastern Metropolitan Region Cross Country Championship on Tuesday 19 June at the Yarra Glen Racecourse. We wish Anika all the best for this race.

Year 4 – 6 Ormiston Netball

Year 4
The Jets had a close game against KD Starbursts last Friday afternoon but KD Starbursts barely missed a goal

The Opals played a great game against MA Ladybirds.

Year 5
Topaz were unstoppable last Saturday morning, the CGGS students defeated Strathy Pandas 8 – 2.

Year 6
Quartz kept the opposition to 1 goal for the whole game, these students showed great skills and team work throughout the game.

Congratulations to all of the Junior School netball teams.

In line with the celebrations held throughout Reconciliation Week, the CGGS Netball teams wore Indigenous designed netball bibs during the games. The students were very excited to wear the bibs designed by Senior School CGGS students.

Lexie Joyce
CGGS Netball Coach / Year 4 Student Teacher

Years 5 & 6 Camp

Next week our Years 5 and 6 students will be going on camp. This is the first time that both year groups will be going out together at the same campsite. I look forward to seeing both year levels at camp participating in all outdoor activities.

I would like to wish everyone a restful long weekend. Please remember that Monday is the Queen’s Birthday public holiday and the school will be closed to all staff and students. I look forward to seeing all students back at Ormiston next Tuesday 12 June.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Donohue
Head of Junior School