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Junior School

Winter Warmth Appeal

One of our most significant Service Learning projects undertaken at Ormiston each year is the Winter Warmth Appeal. This annual initiative, in collaboration with Anglicare, is dedicated to helping those in need during the harsh winter months. Helping others during this time reflects our school motto, ‘Utilis in Ministerium’ (Useful in Service). Lead by our Year 6 Social Service Leaders, Lucy, Annabelle and Sara, all students from Early Learning 3 to Year 6 are encouraged to contribute and to bring in non-perishable food items for donation.

The Winter Warmth Appeal will continue until the end of term, concluding with a special assembly on our last day, organised by Reverend Helen Creed and attended by Anglicare. Students can wear their pyjamas to school on this day and it is a fun way finishing off the project.

Over the coming weeks, we encourage families to donate non-perishable food items and your contributions will make a significant difference in someone’s life. As our students are learning, one single act of kindness can have a ripple effect, contributing to the combined efforts of an entire community. In the words of our Early Learning students, “if everyone brings [donations] then they’ll be lots and lots”.

Paul Donohue
Head of Junior School

Year 2 Unit of Inquiry - Space

This term, the Year 2 students have been learning about space and looking at the question “Where is my place in space?”. In the first part of our unit, we have explored Earth, the Sun and its impact on Earth, the Moon, gravity, atmosphere and different eclipses that occur.

Last week, students welcomed Aboriginal and Wurundjeri elder Murrundindi to our classroom. Murrundindi spoke about stars and constellations from an Aboriginal perspective. Murrundindi told the story about Bunjil the Eagle. Bunjil is an important aspect of Wurundjeri culture and storytelling.

The Year 2 students further consolidated their knowledge about the story of Bunjil the Eagle by writing sentences about his story. Below are student reflections on the story of Bunjil, the connection to stars and constellations and how the land on which we learn and play came to be.

Peter Sartori
Year 2 Classroom Teacher

Year 5 Art

This term, the Year 5 students have been learning about how and why people use adornment. They have used paper and cardboard to create their own adornments. Last week, the students participated in a bracelet making workshop with Koori artist, Taylah Eid. Taylah is textile designer, artist and educator.

Taylah began with an Acknowledgement of Country. She shared examples and spoke about the cultural significance of different types of adornment. Taylah explained that a lot of culture and traditions have been lost for First Nations people, however it can be recreated in new ways. She explained that with the darkness there is still light.

Taylah demonstrated how to use a Koori stitch, which is a stitch specific to New South Wales and Victoria. The students used plain and coloured raffia to create bracelets. The students were encouraged to embrace the imperfections in their weaving and to use the time as a chance to slow down. It was a wonderful opportunity to learn about First Nations culture from a practicing artist and the experience was enjoyed by all students. 

Lilian Bishop
Art Teacher

Year 6 French

This term in French Year 6 have been learning how to talk about getting around. They have learned the names of places around town, different modes of transport for travelling to school and they are currently learning how to ask for and give directions. The students produced a small illustrated children’s book using the language to describe travelling to school: Comment vas-tu à l’école? (How do you get to school?) Je vais à l’école en voiture. (I go to school by car.) Je vais à l’école à pied. (I go to school on foot). The students did an excellent job with their books and the next step was to turn the language in the booklet into a rap as the oral component. This activity showed the students creativity and helped to reinforce the language they have learned. On y va!

Joanne Rittey
French Teacher

Mountfield Maestros Music Concert

The recent Music Mountfield Maestros Concert provided the opportunity for many of our Ormiston students to perform to a live audience in the Junior School Hall. The student musicians enjoyed sharing their performances to very appreciative audiences at both the Foundation-Year 3 and the Year 4-6 concerts. It was wonderful to see so many enthusiastic participants showcasing high quality and musically engaging performances. The range of presentations highlighted the extensive talents of our Ormiston musicians across all year levels. We congratulate the students on their outstanding musicianship and confidence they displayed in presenting their pieces. We thank our music staff for supporting their students to build individual performance skills and for encouraging them to explore ways to communicate the artistic intent in their music pieces.

Kate Savige & Rohan Mack
Directors of Music  


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