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Junior School

Early Learning Centre Authorisation Assessment and Report
This term our Early Learning Centre underwent an intensive and rigorous authorisation assessment by the Department of Education and Training in relation to seven key areas as part of The National Quality Framework. When assessed against these seven areas, a School or provider will be given four different levels of rating for each area, such as:

> Exceeding National Quality Standard
> Meeting National Quality Standard
> Working Towards National Quality Standard
> Significant Improvement Required

Our Early Learning Centre received an overall assessment rating of Exceeding National Quality Standard. This is the highest possible rating. Here are our results:

The seven National Quality Framework areas and final ratings were:

1. Educational program and practice – Exceeding National Quality Standard
2. Children’s health and safety – Meeting National Quality Standard
3. Physical environment – Exceeding National Quality Standard
4. Staffing arrangements – Exceeding National Quality Standard
5. Relationships with children – Exceeding National Quality Standard
6.Partnerships with families & communities – Exceeding National Quality Standard
7. Leadership & service management – Meeting National Quality Standard

Here are some comments from the Assessment and Rating Report:

‘The development of the educational program was focused, active and reflective and contributed to setting high expectations for every child. The design and delivery of the program was responsive to each child’s needs, embedded intentional teaching opportunities and used critical reflection to review and revise current programs.’

‘The organisation of educators, and the strong pedagogical knowledge displayed by each educator contributed to a high quality learning and caring environment for all children.’

‘Respectful and supportive relationships with families were actively developed through a comprehensive enrolment and orientation process, meaningful opportunities for families to contribute to service decisions and the provision of information about the service.’

‘The provision of high quality buildings, facilities and equipment contributed to the creation of a stimulating learning and caring environment for all children.’

This process takes place every five years and it gives staff an opportunity to review and self-reflect on their own teaching. I would like to thank the Early Learning staff for their professional contributions during the authorisation. Many thanks to Angela Follacchio Team Leader, class teachers Melissa Field and Debbie Lowden, and Class Assistants Effie Kitsiris, Danxue Lu and Neroli Bowyer-Smyth.


Year 5/6 Virtual Debating Competition
On Wednesday 16 November, Happy Wen (6C), Annaliese Le (6C) and Liesel Trichardt (6G) went up against Scotch College in the semi-final round of the virtual debating competition. Their affirmative stance on the given topic – ‘human cloning research should be banned’ – featured a unique and effective case line that was repeatedly emphasised throughout each speaker’s material: ‘Humans were never meant to play God.’

Both sides provided different definitions of the term ‘human cloning’. Our girls stated that they were talking about the whole entire human body, whilst Scotch College differed by talking about cloning selective body parts, also known as therapeutic cloning. As such, students fought throughout to reiterate their definition during rebuttal. At the end of the debate however, the adjudicator urged all debaters to venture further outside their comfort zones, spending more time speaking off the cuff in order to effectively rebut the opposing team’s material. In addition, he advised them to try and acknowledge the other team’s arguments in terms of their definition, but continue to persuade the audience that their arguments were still stronger. In the end though, it was the harms articulated by our team that overpowered the benefits given by Scotch College due to the larger scale of issues such as overpopulation, poverty and deaths in research.

We congratulate these girls on the time and hard work they have devoted to preparing for these debates, as well as their win. They each handled themselves with grace and composure under pressure and will be back to fight it out in the final round in two weeks. We wish them the best of luck! ~ Katrina Cheong, Year 6 Class Teacher


Foundation – Year 6 Ormiston Orientation Morning
This week we had one of our biggest school events of the year, our annual Ormiston Orientation Morning with new students and families and our current students and staff. All students found out their class, class location and class teacher for next year. This was a very exciting morning for everyone, especially for new students coming into our School for officially the very first time. I would like to thank our Year 6 Captains Olivia Banitsiotis and Janice Wong for their speeches during the morning session. As a Junior School, we look forward to working with all families in building and sustaining a positive relationship between School and home in 2017.


Kate Giles – Head of Professional Learning and Partnerships
Many families have enquired about Kate Giles for next year as she was not listed as a class teacher for 2017. Next year Kate will be working with staff and students from the whole School to develop new projects and initiatives in professional learning. Additionally, an important aspect of her new role is to develop partnerships with other schools and organisations to enrich our school curriculum ever further at Ormiston and Senior School. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Kate for all her incredible work at Ormiston over the last six years as a wonderful class teacher, Team Leader and Deputy Head of Junior School (Teaching and Learning and Innovation).


Foundation – Year 6 Student Reports
Student reports will be available for parents on Friday 2 December as recorded in the Junior School Diary. As outlined at the end of Semester One, all student reports from now on will be available online through SEQTA, the School’s new Learning Management System. Parents will be able to access these reports at any time and print them from home if they wish. This new approach to Ormiston student reports will now be the same as Senior School, as they have provided reports to parents online for over 12-months.


Year 7 Orientation Morning – Friday 11 November
I would like to thank the Senior School staff for looking after our Year 6 students last Friday during their Year 7 Orientation Morning. They were all very excited about their Senior School experience and it will be wonderful for them to use the new Year 7 and 8 facilities within the Anne Feehan Building. I encourage our Year 6 students to finish off their final school year at Ormiston by keeping positive and enjoying their final Ormiston school events during the last two weeks of the school year.


Davina Bell & Allison Colpoys
The dynamic book duo, author Davina Bell and illustrator Allison Colpoys, spent the afternoon in the library with Year 5 and Foundation on Monday. The creators of award winning picture book, The Underwater Fancy-Dress Parade, have completed their latest sublime book to be released in March, Under the Love Umbrella. We were priveleged to be the first audience to be read the published story.

The Year 5 students were taken through the entire process of creating Under the Love Umbrella, providing inspiration for their own picture book project next year in Year 6.

Foundation students marvelled at the striking colours on each page of the book and the warmth of the storyline. And there were umbrellas to look for throughout the book!

We can’t wait to get a copy of this dreamy book when it’s launched next year.


Year 4 & 5 Author Visit
Camberwell Girls alumni and published author Alex Miles visited the JS Library on Monday 14 November to give our students a sneak peek at her exciting new project. Years 4 & 5 were lucky enough to see the ‘story behind the story’ of Alex’s new book series about Olive Black, a child movie star and A+ friend. From the nuts and bolts of story structure to creative brainstorming, editorial work to cover design, the insight into the publishing process had students captivated. They also had the chance to ask the author questions about her writing and ideas, and to workshop their own story concepts, which Alex encouraged them to record in a Writer’s Notebook. No doubt there will be huge excitement when the Olive Black series appears in our library in early 2017! ~ Jo Whiffin Junior School Librarian


I hope all Ormiston families have a relaxing and enjoyable weekend.


Yours sincerely,

Paul Donohue
Head of Junior School


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