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Junior School

Year 5 & 6 Grandparents & Special Friends’ Morning

Our first Ormiston Grandparents & Special Friends’ Morning for this year was well attended by many Grandparents and Special Friends from Year 3 and 4. Wurundjeri Elder, Murrundindi welcomed our special guests to Country and interacted with families and students throughout the morning. Our visitors had the opportunity to work on an activity either inside the Year 3 or 4 classroom, or outside in the school playground followed by a morning tea. These experiences were well received by everyone who attended and were appreciated by both students and Grandparents and Special Friends. I would like to thank our Year 4 Class Teacher Anjali de Quadros for organising activities across both classrooms, and Vicki Ibbott and Jenna Rehder from our Junior School Reception who assisted with the planning and organisation of the overall event.

Year 4, 5 & 6 North Balwyn District Cross Country

Last Friday, a group of Year 4 – 6 students represented Camberwell Girls Grammar School (CGGS) at the annual local district cross country event organised by School Sport Victoria. Our students represented CGGS with considerable pride and enthusiasm and many students completed a personal best effort on the day.

The students either ran 2km or 3km on the day, depending on their age group, and both courses presented plenty of challenges. The following five students qualified for the Division Cross Country Championships on Monday 29 May. These students included Audrey C, Alessandra R, Georgia P, Kathleen L and Sophie-May R.

Finally, I would like to thank the parents who attended this event and gave each of our students plenty of support and encouragement. Our students have performed very well at district level so far this year at both swimming and cross country. We look forward to Term 3 where our students will perform at a variety of track and field events once again at district level.

Congratulations to the following cross country athletes:

Under 10 Team
Audrey C
Alessandra R
Claire Z
Faye L
Annabelle Z
Aurelia P
Lucy W
Neesha N
Janice P
Ellie L

Under 11 Team
Ivy X
Jessica P
Stephanie M
Ava P
Nellie E
Sara Z
Elfie F
Lauren J

Under 12/13 Team
Aneira P
Kathleen L
Cleo S
Sophie-May R
Georgia P
Rachel F
Sophie M
Lauren T
Alysa Z
Hanna L

I would like to wish our Ormiston community a restful weekend. 

Paul Donohue
Head of Junior School

Early Learning - Celebrating National Family Week

The ELC has dedicated time to recognise and celebrate the importance of families found in our society, as part of National Family Week (15-21 May). Aiming to promote strong family relationships, reinforce shared values, and emphasise the significance of cross-environmental learning between school, the family unit and vice versa.

Family values are evident in the classroom through children’s engagement in learning and the relationships they form with teachers and peers. They vary across cultures and individuals but encompass concepts such as love, respect, trust, communication, shared responsibility, advocacy, and support. These values provide a framework for teaching children about resilience, empathy, morals, and social skills that help them form their identity and become responsible, active citizens in society.

Partnerships between schools and families are about fostering a child’s love for learning, curiosity, and educational opportunities. Reading pictures and books together, playing together, spending time together, and having meaningful conversations can contribute to children’s holistic development. National Family Week acts as a reminder to families to prioritise relationships, values, and educational opportunities through everyday interactions.

Esther Wong
Early Learning Coordinator

Early Learning 3

The EL3 children have been learning about the seasons and are currently exploring the wonders of autumn. As part of their autumn study, the children recently went on a walk to the Junior School playground to collect some leaves. They were fascinated by the vibrant colours and textures of the fallen leaves, ranging from deep reds to bright yellows and oranges. Once back in the classroom, the children participated in leaf rubbing, using crayons and paper to create textured imprints of the leaves they had collected. Through this fun and engaging activity, the children were able to develop their sensory skills, enhance their creativity, and deepen their understanding of the beauty and diversity of the natural world around them.

Melinda Murphy & Sophia Stirling
Early Learning 3 Teacher

Year 3 Excursion to Melbourne Skydeck

As part of our exploration of Australian human-made and natural landmarks, Year 3 students visited Melbourne Skydeck, Eureka Tower.

The students were very excited to experience the Voyager Theatre – a virtual reality experience that shows many of Victoria’s iconic locations and events.

Walking around the Skydeck, the students worked in pairs to locate and identify a variety of historical and key cultural landmarks in Melbourne. Some landmarks were very easy to spot – the Melbourne Cricket Ground, Flinders Street Station and the Shrine of Remembrance were recognisable to many students. Other landmarks, such as Station Pier and Caulfield Racecourse, were less familiar.

It was wonderful to see Year 3 using their prior knowledge and learning throughout this excursion – from using directions to describe locations of landmarks (maths), to identifying regional towns which they had labelled on maps of Victoria (geography), to recognising the West Gate Bridge which had been used as a picture prompt at school (writing).

In the VR experience, we wore goggles and headphones. I saw the Twelve Apostles and the Penguin Parade. I saw Luna Park and went on a roller coaster. It felt like I was really there. The chair moved around, and it was so cool! – Evangeline H

On the 88th floor we looked through some telescopes and saw the Shrine of Remembrance, Olympic Park and the MCG. – Isabelle G

The VR ride was really fun because it felt like I was in a car and travelling around Victoria. – Doris C

The landmarks I saw were Flinders Street Station, the Yarra River, the West Gate Bridge and Australia 108. – Talena D

Liz Warren
Year 3 Classroom Teacher

Year 3 – 6 Ormiston Active - Gymnastics

During Term 2, students in years 3-5 were invited to participate in an afterschool Gymnastics Program run by Gymnastics Australia. The sessions have developed the students flexibility, balance and strength. The highlight has definitely been the fun and laughs as collectively students have conquered handstands, cartwheels, parallel bars and beam.

With so many valuable benefits for children’s physical, social and emotional development – gymnastics is a valuable and rewarding part of any physical education program. Some of the benefits include:

It’s FUN!
Jumping, rolling, tumbling, swinging, leaping, balancing – at gymnastics, there is so much fun in one lesson!

Develops Strength
Gymnastics improves all around muscle strength and is fantastic for balance and posture.  This is important whether it be balancing on a beam, sitting at a desk in class, or walking upstairs or along the street.

Develops Flexibility
The flexibility developed at gymnastics assists with injury prevention and is beneficial for all other sports too!

Develops Co-ordination
Gymnastics equips children with the skills they need to interact with the environment around them.  They develop awareness of their body, allowing them to feel successful in physical activities throughout their day to day lives.

Teaches Listening Skills
Gymnastics helps children learn to follow instructions; to watch, listen and think independently.

Increases Self-esteem & Confidence
Through problem solving, working at a task and progressing new skills, gymnastics builds confidence – preparing children to take on any new challenges in life!

Provides Social Interaction with Peers
At gymnastics, children actively engage with other children and coaches.  In the gym they are learning and practising, taking turns, working in a team and encouraging others.

Kim James
Physical Education Teacher


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