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High Achievers​

Class of 2023

The Class of 2023 leaves CGGS with remarkable ATAR results, as well as invaluable transferable skills and leadership qualities that can be applied in any setting. They understand the importance of maintaining balance and a well-rounded life, which can bring great enjoyment and numerous benefits. They have actively participated in service learning, wellbeing, co-curricular and House programs, and each contributed to school life and culture. This diverse and exceptional group of young women are now more than ready to pursue their dreams and impact the world.


Median ATAR

7% > 99

13% > 98

32% > 95

63% > 90

80% > 80

Percentage of students and their ATAR scores.



3 x English, English Language,
Geography, Chinese First Language

Legacy of Achievement

Camberwell Girls Grammar School has a strong history of academic excellence. Our students have consistently achieved exceptional results in VCE and ATAR for decades, which have opened doors of opportunity and helped them achieve their aspirations and dreams.


Meet our students who achieved an ATAR of 98 
or greater.

May Du



Year 7 2018 – Year 12 2023

May is a well-respected member of our school, admired for her kindness and thoughtfulness. Her academic excellence, leadership abilities, and passion for public speaking and wellbeing are noteworthy. May’s outstanding communication skills led to leadership roles as Deputy Marcian Editor in 2022 and School House Captain in 2023. In these roles, she inspired her peers and fostered a collaborative environment. Her efforts were recognised with the prestigious Australian Defence Force 2023 Long Tan Leadership and Teamwork Award. A gifted public speaker, May excels in articulating ideas and delivering impactful presentations while championing peer wellbeing. Additionally, her skills as a visual artist add depth and creativity to her school contributions. May’s multifaceted talents and commitment have been valued by the CGGS community.

Natalie Chung

Dux Secondus


Year 7 2018 – Year 12 2023

Natalie has emerged as an exceptional student and leader, excelling academically with a particular focus on performing arts. Her dedication behind the scenes has been pivotal in the success of school productions, earning her the 2023 School Technical Captain role. Natalie’s video editing talent shone in the Videos for Change National competition, winning in 2021. Through her visual storytelling, she conveys impactful messages, showcasing her creativity and commitment to positive change. Her educational journey at CGGS has been marked by personal growth and diverse academic pursuits. Natalie’s outstanding contributions and skills have been recognised with the prestigious Australian Defence Force (ADF) 2023 Future Innovators Award. Looking forward, Natalie is excited about exploring new cultures and experiences through travel and university, demonstrating her adventurous spirit and desire to broaden her horizons.

Madeleine Giagoudakis

RM Westcott Award for 3rd Highest


Year 7 2018 – Year 12 2023

Maddie has distinguished herself with a positive attitude and strong work ethic. Her commitment to personal growth and leadership culminated in achieving the Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award in 2023, a testament to her perseverance and dedication. A member of the Inter-School Debating team, Maddie excels in expressing ideas and valuing diverse perspectives. Her participation in House Music showcases her musical talent, contributing significantly to the Lawrence House program. In sports, her communication, leadership, and resilience make her a valuable team member across various disciplines. Maddie’s involvement in co-curricular activities has honed her collaboration, planning, and organisation skills, effectively balancing her academic and personal pursuits. Her dedication to studies and her ability to manage stress and maintain positivity underscores her commendable approach to her education at CGGS.

Sarah Park

RM Westcott Award for 3rd Highest​


Year 7 2018 - Year 12 2023

Sarah has embraced opportunities to grow in confidence and develop new skills, earning respect for her considerate approach within our school community. As Singleton House Music Captain in 2022 and School Music Captain in 2023, Sarah effectively collaborated with staff and students, fostering a creative and inclusive environment. Her work with students across different year levels has been valuable and enjoyable, reflecting her successful leadership. Actively participating in sports and music ensembles, Sarah has embraced challenges, gaining diverse transferable skills. Her holistic approach to her school experience prepares her well for the future. Looking ahead, Sarah is excited about further studies and travel, where she plans to immerse herself in new cultures and languages, continuing her journey of learning and growth.

Lucy Ying

Otto Yuncken Prize for 4th Highest


Year 9 2020 – Year 12 2023

Lucy has consistently demonstrated respect, integrity, and commitment. As Lawrence House Music Captain in 2022 and Marcian Editor in 2023, she has shown exemplary leadership and a talent for fostering connections within the school community. Lucy’s leadership roles have highlighted her musical creativity and ability to collaborate effectively, culminating in impressive performances and publications. Her role as Marcian Editor particularly showcased her effective communication skills and team coordination. With a positive attitude and a strong work ethic, Lucy has skillfully balanced her academic responsibilities with co-curricular activities, developing valuable organizational skills. Her dedication to personal growth and her achievements at CGGS have prepared her well for future endeavors, particularly as she looks forward to university.

Tara Rastogi


Year 7 2018 – Year 12 2023

Tara has demonstrated her maturity and conscientiousness as an active school community member. She has developed her communication and leadership skills through participation in various co-curricular activities. Tara embraced leadership roles, including Singleton House Sport Captain in 2022 and School Vice Captain in 2023, showcasing her ability to unite and motivate peers. Known for being approachable and supportive, she has fostered positive relationships across all year levels, contributing to a connected school environment. Her commitment to academic excellence is evident in her goal-oriented approach and consistent performance. Tara’s strong organisational skills and dedication to her studies have set a high standard, positioning her well for future success.

Scarlett Giang


Foundation 2011 – Year 12 2023

Scarlett is a respected member of our community, known for her thoughtful nature. As the School Vice Captain in 2023, she has led with quiet confidence, introducing initiatives that have strengthened community connectedness and awareness.

Scarlett’s outstanding organisational skills have allowed her to excel academically while actively participating in school. Her achievement in winning the National Videos for Change competition in 2021 with her entry ‘Disconnected’, which also received the Mental Health Award, is a testament to her talent and sensitivity to important issues. In 2022, she further contributed as a judge for the competition.

As Taylor House Technical Captain in 2021 and GSV Swimming Captain in 2023, Scarlett demonstrated exceptional leadership in co-curricular activities, showcasing her communication, teamwork, and collaboration skills. Her commitment to these roles has significantly enriched the CGGS community.

Grace Quan


Year 11 2022 – Year 12 2023

Grace quickly became an integral part of the school, forming strong bonds with her peers and actively participating in school life. Her involvement in Singleton House activities highlights her eagerness to embrace challenges, developing key leadership and teamwork skills. Grace’s commitment to cross-age collaboration has enriched her school experience, allowing her to forge meaningful connections. Academically, she is dedicated and focused, maintaining high standards in her studies. Reflecting on her time at CGGS, Grace values the critical thinking, planning, and organizational skills she has gained, acknowledging their significance for her future endeavors. As she looks forward to university, Grace is excited about the prospect of new friendships, independence, and the continuation of her learning journey.

Noyesha Agarwal

Permission Pending

Year 10 2021 – Year 12 2023

Noyesha, a mature and conscientious student. Quickly integrating into school life, she has actively participated in numerous co-curricular activities and held leadership positions, including Singleton Technical Captain in 2022 and Student Representative Council Chair in 2023. Her ability to foster teamwork and collaboration has been vital in these roles. Her academic journey is marked by a drive for excellence and continuous improvement, highlighted by her participation in the Swinburne Youth Space Innovation Challenge in 2021. Noyesha embodies the school’s motto, ‘Utilis In Ministerium’ (Useful in Service), through volunteering with the ‘For a Meal’ organisation, aiding in providing meals to war-torn countries and developing critical skills in organisation and communication.

Salwa Saiba


Year 9 2020 – Year 12 2023

Salwa has been a respected member of our community, known for her caring and respectful approach. Her leadership skills shone as Interfaith Captain in 2022 and School Faith and Service Captain in 2023, emphasising unity in her roles, including leading Chaplain’s assemblies and curating the ‘Illuminating Identity’ exhibit for Celebrating Diversity Week. Salwa embodies the school’s motto, ‘Utilis in Ministerium’, actively engaging in service-learning and leading the Christmas Drive to support those in need. She has maintained excellent academic results while participating in music ensembles, debating, and the Model UN conference, enhancing her teamwork and collaboration skills. With a passion for medicine, Salwa aspires to become a surgeon, aiming to continue her journey of making a difference in the lives of others.

Sasha Feldmann


Year 7 2018 – Year 12 2023

Sasha quickly became a dynamic member of the CGGS community. Her active participation in sports has showcased her athleticism and her commitment to values like teamwork, discipline, and perseverance, especially in GSV athletic teams.

Sasha’s performances have been a highlight in drama, demonstrating her creativity, confidence, and passion. Her ability to embody diverse characters and captivate audiences exemplifies her dedication to the arts.

As the 2023 School Sports Captain, Sasha’s leadership skills shone. Her inclusive and motivational approach inspired her peers, earning respect from students and teachers. Sasha’s well-rounded contributions to sports and drama at CGGS have made her an exemplary and influential member of our school community.

Ella Summers


Year 7 2018 – Year 12 2023

Ella has been an outstanding member of our community, actively participating in co-curricular activities and honing her leadership and communication skills. Her tenure as the 2023 Singleton House Captain highlights her ability to lead effectively, fostering a supportive and connected atmosphere among students. Ella’s academic journey is marked by a drive for excellence, consistently setting and achieving goals, and effectively utilizing her planning and organizational skills. These efforts have resulted in impressive academic achievements. Throughout her six years at CGGS, Ella has embodied the school’s values of Integrity, Commitment, Respect, Hope, and Courage. As she embarks on her university journey, Ella is eager to pursue her passions and continue her educational path.




lived the school’s motto
‘Useful in Service’



utilised their creative talents in a school production



performed in an ensemble, choir or band



represented CGGS in a variety of sports



represented their House with pride



completed the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award



mentored a younger student



vocalised their opinions in a public forum

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