My Journey / Zara Mammone

Commenced her journey in 2007 / EL3

Has learnt French and Chinese (Mandarin) / Has made many good friends across the year levels with girls of all cultures / Played the violin since EL4 and has been tutored the entire time by Mr Mack / Plays the clarinet and saxophone… she taught herself to play the piano / To unwind she plays netball, soccer, basketball and t-ball / Has been on 4 camps and too many excursions to count / Has performed in 4 School Productions – Space Odyssey, The Granny Awards, The Pirate Factor and Myrtle / Has been a member of 7 orchestras and choral ensembles including Super Strings, Chamber Strings, Concert Band and Symphonia / Was elected Student Council Representative in 2009 and Environment Leader in 2014 / Initiated ‘World Turtle Day’ at the Junior School to raise funds for the RSPCA / Chosen to perform with The Melbourne Youth Music Orchestra / Has a strong love for learning and can efficiently use all devices that begin with i… iPad, iPod, iMac, interactive whiteboard.

My Dream

My goal is to live in Tokyo and to work at a local hospital curing people with illness through music therapy. I can’t imagine a life without my violin! On weekends I will sell my artwork in a marketplace and each month I will travel to a foreign destination and write documentaries for a travel journal. If for some reason none of that eventuates, at the very least I hope to never stop dreaming!

Last Words

Ormiston has allowed my whole family to make friends and I have been accepted for just being me. If I have learnt anything about myself during my time here, it is that I belong.

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