Shane Maycock

Inspiring Educator

Shane Maycock

We’ve implemented a very holistic program that commences as soon as students arrive at Junior School.

Shane Maycock is an adventure-seeking lover. He enjoys nothing more than being in the great outdoors which means his role as the School’s Education Outdoors Coordinator is just perfect. Shane completed a Bachelor of Applied Science, majoring in Human Movement and Outdoor Education, followed by a Diploma of Education and then his Masters in School Leadership.

Seeing students interacting and enjoying the natural environment is what Shane loves most about his role. “When I completed my first degree I worked as an assistant at a remote school campus on King Island, Tasmania.
I became hooked on seeing students push themselves beyond their comfort zones and be rewarded by experiencing those light bulb moments,” says Shane with a smile.

However it was his love of learning, in particular experiential learning that attracted Shane to the education industry. Whilst his role may appear all ‘fun and games’, there is actually a lot that goes on behind the scenes to coordinate relevant and successful outdoor experiences for our girls.

“The role is extremely varied. I visit sites to source the most appropriate venue by conducting risk assessments and then I start to plan the logistics. At the end of the day, attending the actual camp is the icing on the cake,” says Shane.

Education Outdoors is vital and under Shane’s leadership the School has re-developed its entire program to offer students a more relevant, challenging and exciting experience. He collaborates with a team, including classroom teachers and Year Level Coordinators to develop an appropriate program that meets the desired curriculum.

We’ve implemented a very holistic program that commences as soon as students arrive at Junior School.

“Students’ skills will be developed as they progress through the year levels and we’ve looked at all experiences from year level camps and overseas study tours to our local and international exchanges,” says Shane.

Since joining Camberwell Girls in 2015, Shane has been on every single year level camp, as well as travelled to the United States on a Study Tour. This equates to 84 nights away so far but he says he wouldn’t have it any other way. “I get to work with students of all year levels in a variety of settings outside the classroom and witness them develop valuable life skills. I certainly miss my family but I always ensure I make it up to them – even if it means waking up extra early each morning at camp, to walk 10 minutes away to find reception so that I can call home,” he says.

In his spare time, it won’t surprise you that Shane and his family all stay active and keep fit by participating in many sports both competitively and just for recreation. On weekends you can find them at the beach, in the bush, on a farm or exploring the city.
“I grew up playing outdoors, riding my bike, climbing trees, kicking a ball. I guess in many ways, I learnt by doing and that’s what I want our Camberwell girls to do. I want them to learn by doing rather than learn by reading. You have to touch and feel and smell – basically experience the great outdoors.”

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