Introducing SEQTA

In modern education, the topics of school-based assessment and reporting have experienced significant scrutiny from researchers aiming to identify what practices actually work to improve student learning and thus, what best practice in assessment and reporting should look like in a school setting.

Perhaps the most significant answer to these questions comes from a meta-analysis of over 800 other pieces of international research in the topic conducted by John Hattie, the current Chair of Australian Institute of Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL).  Published under the magnificent title of Visible Learning (2009), Hattie et al. were able to show that specific and timely feedback on student learning was one of the most effective strategies teachers can use to help their students improve or grow in their learning.


In the classroom, this ‘formative feedback’, as we educators call it, has always been present in the daily operations of our teaching and learning programs, but given the limitations of school reporting in a traditional mode (which only occur at the end of each semester), this feedback has rarely been well documented as assessment for learning progress, or communicated in a structured way to parents at the right time for them to be able to assist in the learning process.

In 2016; however, with the implementation of our new, interactive online learning platform called SEQTA, the teaching staff at Camberwell Girls will progressively increase their communication of this formative feedback to the next level.

Through a combination of digital teaching and learning practices and improved accessibility for parents within the SEQTA online ecosystem, CGGS teachers will soon be providing students and parents with more specific, frequent and timely (continuous) feedback on each girl’s performance in learning tasks as an important feature of our commitment to educating tomorrow’s woman.

For our parents, SEQTA’s parent portal (called SEQTA engage) will offer a myriad of useful information related to their daughter’s learning and also the various events occurring within the School. This includes:

  • Daily Timetable
  • Attendance & Absence Record
  • Assessment Results
  • Feedback on Assessments
  • Reports
  • Direct Communication Messaging with Teachers
  • Notifications
  • School Calendar
  • Daily News
  • Links to other CGGS Online Spaces

A letter containing more information about SEQTA will soon be forthcoming from the Senior School to parents of girls in Years 7-12.  Importantly, this letter will outline how SEQTA can be accessed via the School’s website.

For the teaching faculty of Camberwell Girls, SEQTA is seen as an influential tool that we can use to leverage the impressive power of feedback in order to help improve each girl’s growth in learning.

With best wishes,

Ben Jenkinson
Director of Teaching, Learning & Innovation

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