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Senior School

As in previous years, the House Athletics carnival on Tuesday was a wonderful day with an absolute sea of red, blue, green and yellow. All the senior school students participated in the track, field and novelty events with enthusiasm. There were some personal bests set and CGGS records broken on the day as well. Please find the full article and summary of results later in this edition of CamNews. Lawrence House were the victors on the day, breaking an 11 year streak of Taylor House winning the whole event. The now muchly coveted House Spirit stick was won by Singleton House. The Spirit stick has recently been created and is awarded to the House that shows the most energy and passion on the day of an event. This year the Year 12 students dressed up in Cheerleading outfits – Lawrence, Bumble-Bees – Schofield, Army Camouflage – Taylor and complete body paint in blue for the Singleton Avatars. This level of commitment needed to be acknowledged.

There was terrific compliments from many new CGGS staff on how well the carnival was organised, the level of enthusiasm of our students and the real community feel as students across houses cheered for each other.

On behalf of the students, I would like to thank all the staff who assisted on the day, in particular the PE staff for their organisation. A special mention to Head of Sport, Lauren Law for her efforts to ensure the day was such a success.


International Women’s Day

Mrs Dunwoody has talked about International Women’s Day in her CamNews article this week, but I would also like to say that we can all play a part in making a positive difference for women everywhere. We are all responsible for creating a better world, but as a school for young women we are invested in ensuring that at a school level, the message that we deliver reinforces our desire for a gender-balanced world.

Thank you to our School Faith and Service Captain, Isabella Lincke and School Wellbeing Captain, Isobel Arnot, for their Funky Socks initiative to acknowledge International Women’s Day. This was very well received by all the students and staff to help raise money for an organisation close to the CGGS community, Days For Girls.


 Year 11 Student travelling to Canberra for National Schools Constitutional Convention

From Tuesday 19 March to Thursday 21 March 2019, Emily Zhang from Year 11 will be among 120 Year 11 and 12 students from around Australia attending the 24th National Schools Constitutional Convention (NSCC), being held at the Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House, Canberra. The Convention is supported by all state and territory Ministers and funded by the Australian Government Department of Education and Training.

The topic for the 2019 Convention is, ‘A new constitutional preamble for Australia?’ This topic will provide students with the opportunity to explore the present Constitution and if a preamble is required. A range of stimulus speakers will discuss the issues with students for them to debate with all delegates.

As a national delegate Emily will travel in a group of 25 students from Victoria.

Congratulations to Emily on this amazing achievement and we cannot wait to hear all about the convention when she returns.


BrainSTEM Design Thinking Workshop

This week a group of Year 10 students attended the BrainSTEM Design Thinking workshop, facilitated by the BrainSTEM team in Melbourne’s CBD. The team ‘kicked off’ with some icebreaking activities, The Never-Ending Story was a popular choice and the 30 Circles activity is always fun.

It was wonderful to see the difference between the BEFORE and AFTER scores of their assessment of being able to explain to someone – What is Design Thinking?

We then took a problem, learnt about EMPATHY and then worked our way through DEFINITION > IDEATION > PROTOTYPING and finally TESTING. The PERSONA building is sometimes the hardest thing to do.


Nicole Rogers
Head of Strategic Initiatives


Year 11 & 12 School Leaders & Captains Leadership Forum

What are you good at? What is the role of a student leader at CGGS? What do you bring to the team of student leaders? These challenging questions and more were put to our Year 11 and 12 student leaders in a Leadership Forum facilitated by Mr Maycock and Mrs Watkins on Wednesday 27 February.

Just once in the history of CGGS, will the same team of people, with the same talents, passions, skills and attitudes exist as a student leadership team. The students were introduced to their shared purpose through this proposition and challenged to consider what their individual and collective contributions might be.  Students created a ‘heat map’ of their strengths and can use this information as they approach the complexities of their roles.

They were invited to step into their role as leaders with conviction and purpose and also to delve into what “makes them tick”. They also thought about how they can be purposeful in seeking assistance from others in the team whose skills and attitudes are different from their own.

The forum also allowed two student leadership teams to report back on their attendance at leadership conferences that involved other schools. Isobel Arnot, Genevieve Alexie, Isabella Lincke and Bonnie Thorn shared their reflections on the Fitzroy High School FemCo Your Voice Conference, a student-organised event designed to “Unite, Empower and Disrupt”.  The School Captains Nikki Chen, Stephanie Lysikatos and Ellie Zhou spoke about their time at the annual Y-Lead Leadership Conference, in which they were partnered by university-age mentors and encouraged to dream big for their leadership roles this year.

We are confident that as a cohesive team, this group of leaders will continue to make a significant impact on CGGS throughout the year.

Shane Maycock – Deputy Head of Senior School (Co-Curricular)
Nirvana Watkins – Deputy Head of Senior School – Wellbeing Programs and Curriculum


2019 GSV Sports Leaders Breakfast

On Thursday 14 February, five Year 12 students attended the 2019 GSV Sports Leaders Breakfast. This event brought together sports leaders from the 24 GSV schools to participate in a workshop run by Olympic Basketballer, Jennifer Screen.

This was a great opportunity for the students to interact with leaders from other girls schools and discover their leadership styles through a variety of interactive activities. Jennifer Screen was a motivating and engaging speaker as she shared her sporting journey and events that had shaped her career. Overall it was an inspiring breakfast.

2019 GSV Triathlon

Congratulations to the girls who competed in the GSV Triathlon at Altona Beach on Sunday 24 February. This year we had a record number of students racing with 36 girls participating in the team event. For the first time CGGS had 1 student participating in the individual event. Well done to Frida Andreasen in Year 8 who completed the swim, bike and run legs of the race. We were very lucky to have perfect water conditions and weather which resulted in a very enjoyable and successful morning. Thank you to the parents for your support of this event and we look forward to seeing everyone back at Altona beach for the 2020 triathlon.

Days for Girls

I am sure it is almost incomprehensible for the women associated with our school and with whom we interact daily, to understand that in developing countries around the world there are young women who are placed effectively under house arrest for the duration of their menstrual periods each and every month. When Days for Girls was first established it was as a result of Founder and CEO Celeste Mergen’s experiences while working with a family foundation on the outskirts of Nairobi in Kenya. She was assisting in an orphanage when she discovered that young menstruating girls would sit on cardboard for several days each month, alone in their rooms, until their periods had ended. They would often go without food, unless someone thought to attend to them. Recognising that disposable pads were not a viable option, both in terms of finances to purchase, as well as means to dispose of them, the idea of Days for Girls was born.

CGGS has been supporting the work of Days for Girls for the past 3 years. This year students in Year 10 worked alongside volunteers to make the pads and liners that will be used to fill these packs and be sent to support young women around the world.

Funds raised today through the ‘Funky Socks’ collection will go towards the purchase of more packs. Each pack costs $7 and the school is aiming to take 200 packs on the students’ trip to Cambodia later in the year. If you are interested in further supporting this organisation, through volunteering your time, or donating further, please go to

House Athletics

It was a sea of colour at Doncaster Athletics track on Tuesday with all girls from Years 7 – 12 excited to showcase their skills at House Athletics. It was a fun, but competitive day and the girls participated with enthusiasm in a range of track and field events. The atmosphere was electric as students cheered on their friends. Well done to Lawrence who finished the day as champions of House Athletics Champions and to Singleton who won the House Spirit Stick for their support and cheering throughout the day.

1st – Lawrence
2nd – Taylor
3rd – Schofield 
4th – Singleton

There were some outstanding performances both on the track and in the field and today, during Period 5, we announced to the students the Athletics Year Level Champion Awards for 2019.

Year 7
1st – Livvy McInnes
2nd – Emily Price & Sweta Sundaram

Year 8
1st – Sasha Feldmann
2nd – Madeleine Giagoudakis
3rd – Frida Andreasen

Year 9
1st- Emma Peak
2nd- Ella Robinson
3rd – Emmelyn Choo-Lambropoulos

Year 10
1st- Emily Arvidsson
2nd- Megan Quach
3rd – Olivia Pietralla

Year 11
1st – Loren Palma
2nd – Tilly Dunn & Michaela Robinson

Year 12
1st – Zoe Giagoudakis
2nd – Bianca Phan
3rd – Lucy Bartram

Thank you to all the staff and students who assisted throughout the day to ensure the program ran smoothly, particularly the House Sport Captains who have put in an enormous effort to make sure all races were filled. They are:

Lawrence – Haylie Chen & Ashleigh Cheung

Schofield – Michaela Robinson & Claire Tremewen

Singleton – Laney Kriketos & Polly Plummer

Taylor – Tilly Dunn & Loren Palma

A massive thank you to School Sport Captain, Lucy Bartram and School House Captain, Madison Parfuss for their assistance throughout the event.


2019 GSV Swimming & Diving Carnivals

Congratulations to the CGGS Swimming and Diving Teams for another outstanding performance in the GSV Carnival last Friday. The Swimming team competed with determination in the Preliminary A Carnival, with some outstanding individual and relay performances.

Thanks to our Head Coach Peter Kitney for running all the early morning training sessions throughout the term. Good luck to the squad who has qualified for the Division 3 Championship Carnival that will be held on Tuesday 17 March. The Diving team also performed exceptionally well, skilfully executing their dives and finishing the day in 5th position. It was a fantastic team effort by all competitors and they should be very proud of their efforts which saw the team qualify for the Division 2 Diving Carnival.

I wish you all a lovely long weekend,


Cathy Poyser
Deputy Principal/Head of Senior School