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Senior School

Welcome to Senior School 2017 and our first CamNews for the year. A warm welcome to all the new Camberwell Girls students and their families. I look forward to our partnership over the years that your daughter is in the Senior School. CamNews is the means of communication every fortnight during term time to share highlights of the many and varied Senior School activities and student achievements.

On Monday and Tuesday of this week, our Class of 2022, the new Year 7 students as well our Years 11 and 12 students took part in special programs aimed at their particular transitions. For our Year 7 students the program was used to assist our new students in adjusting to their new environment, starting to establish friendships with their classmates and becoming familiar with both their teachers, as well as the routine of Senior School. Activities included an information session outlining the Girls Sport Victoria (GSV) offerings, an introduction to Positive Education, an IT session on setting up the iPad, a welcome to our beautiful Senior School Library, a session conducted by the House Dance Captains to encourage the girls to audition for the upcoming House Dance competition, Drama, Art, Music and Sport sessions to ensure the girls can make informed choices about the co-curricular offerings in Senior School. Being involved, yet maintaining balance is the key!

The Amazing Race which took the students to some of the local landmarks we utilise throughout the year, including St Mark’s Church, and then the QR reader Race around the School to orientate themselves and to find all the rooms, such as The Poyser Pod was a highlight. On behalf of the students, I would like to thank all the teachers and older students who conducted sessions, the Year 7s were thrilled to have been welcomed as members of our Camberwell Girls community.

Years 11 and 12 students used Monday to participate in introductory sessions with their subject teachers, familiarising themselves with the content of their VCE subjects.

On Tuesday the Year 12s also participated in a team building activities run by Uplift Events. The Year 12s took part in a different Amazing Race around the school campus. The students were divided into groups and undertook a series of tasks, competing not just against the clock but also requiring a high level of accuracy. Each of the tasks required the students to exhibit many of the Twenty First Century skills that we have embedded into our school curriculum and in particular, communication, creativity and collaboration were all key essential personal skills required by the students. It is not surprising that the Year 12s excelled in each of the given tasks. The organisers at Uplift were extremely generous in their praise of our girls indicating that they had worked as quickly and collaboratively as any school group that they had ever led. An excellent effort and this surely bodes well for a great year ahead.

As part of our commitment to Driver Education, the Year 11 students take part in the VicRoads Fit to Drive Program. Members of Victoria Police and the Ambulance Service help to deliver this program and the students who are typically on their L Plates find this most relevant and useful.

The Years 8, 9 and 10 students all returned on Wednesday and I would like to thank all the teaching and professional services staff for their efforts to ensure the start to school for all our students was seamless and that the special activities conducted at each Year Level were engaging and warmly received by all involved. In particular thanks to the Year Level Co-ordinators, Liza Stevens, Maxine Ewens, Helen Creed, Nareen Robinson, Karen Anderson and Andrew Burnell.

Year 7 and 12 Commencement Services and Welcome Dinners
For students in their first and final years of Senior School, we hold Commencement Services with Rev Helen Creed in the Barbara Sutton Hall followed by dinners for parents and students in Robinson Hall and the Fig Tree Café catered by Pinwheel & Co. For Year 7s it was an opportunity for parents to begin forming connections with parents of their daughter’s future friends, who they will share the Senior School journey with for the next six years. For our Year 12 students, it was an opportunity to reconnect with families ahead of the final year of Senior School studies.

Many students are involved in these two services, with reflections, prayers and accompanying the hymns. The Year 12 reflections by Grace Hamann on courage and Cara Ellis on encouragement served as great reminders of two of the traits students need to exhibit during their VCE.

Thanks in particular to Helen Creed for her thoughtful messages and the themes explored in all of her services.


Welcome to 2017 Senior School Assembly
Assemblies, be they at Ormiston or our Senior School fortnightly assemblies are always a highlight. The welcome assembly on Wednesday was particularly special as our new School Captain, Mia Sieber and Vice Captains, Meagan Kollmorgen and Jacqueline Gu presented their theme for 2017 – GRIT. Each School Term being represented by one of the letters. Term One “G” for Gratitude, Term Two “R” for Risk-Taking, Term Three “I” for Individuality and Term Four “T” for Trust. The notice board has already been decorated in the GRIT themed quotations and other students have been asked to add other examples of GRIT that they may witness in fellow students or in role models. The captains have described Gratitude as being “an approach to life where one is appreciative and returns kindness to others”. The students spoke about the people who have inspired them as fine examples of Grit; Mandela, Penny Wong and Malala Yousafzai.

The theme of GRIT and the TED Talk by Angela Duckworth “Grit: The power of passion and perseverance” that the Captains used to introduce this theme, have certainly set the scene for a fabulous year and we all look forward to watching these Captains and all other House and School Captains growing within the roles.

We look forward to highlighting and sharing the many activities and achievements of the students in Senior School throughout the 2017.


Kind regards,

Cathy Poyser
Deputy Principal / Head of Senior School

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