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Senior School

The end of year has come around so quickly and these past few weeks have been filled with celebrations, special assemblies, Form and Year Level gatherings and our Years 7 – 9 Presentation Evening.

On Sunday night, while the weather tried to dampen our spirits, our annual Carols at Camberwell was moved indoors to the Barbara Sutton Hall. We all enjoyed a wonderful evening with the Camberwell Girls community and the families and friends from two of our local Primary Schools, Auburn and Surrey Hills whose choirs helped us to celebrate Christmas. Special guest artist Nina Ferro was ably assisted by the Camberwell Girls choirs, orchestra and ensembles. As in previous years, Santa delighted us all by making a special visit to Carols at Camberwell.

Our Carols Service at St Mark’s Church is always a fitting end to the year and Monday was certainly no exception. The Ormiston girls and Senior School students from Years 7 – 9 shared time together, singing carols and reflecting on Christmas messages. The theme of the service was “Light from Light” and this theme was introduced by the Middle School Choir singing “One candle”. As always many thanks to Rev. Creed and the Mustard students for their many inspirational assemblies and services throughout the year.


Years 7 – 9 Presentation Evening
Last night our Years 7 – 9 Presentation Evening was a true reflection of 2016 including all its innovation, individual achievements and combined successes. Special guest presenters included Camberwell Girls Senior School robot Nao (with thanks to Derek Luo for his programming) and 2011 School Captain Jay Smiles who both spoke about the dynamic and changing nature of our World. The Music items lead by Director of Music, Mrs Jennifer Meachem and Deputy Director, Ms Kate Savige were exceptional. The massed singing of “When I grow up” and Russell Strings performances being particular highlights. “The World is Changing” item was a marvellous way of encapsulating the ways in which the girls at Camberwell Girls are exploring evolving ways of learning. We all thank the Head of Drama and Performing Arts, Ms Keira Lyons, for her creativity in bringing these thoughts to fruition for all to witness. I am truly so grateful to these staff for their innovation and energy. My thanks are also extended to Andrew Burnell for his organisation of the night and Kim Perkins for his technical support. The message from our Principal, Mrs Debbie Dunwoody about being yourself and kindness is a poignant reminder of another of our core beliefs as we enter the holidays and we thank David Kollmorgen, Chair of School Council for his overview of the school year from a Council perspective.

A full list of our Award Recipients can be found here.


Kooyong Student Prize Award Ceremony
It was my great privilege to attend the Kooyong Student Prize Award Ceremony on Monday night where two of our Senior School students were recognised by Josh Frydenberg for their contributions to three broad areas. Excellence in academic and co-curricular pursuits, leadership amongst peers and a strong commitment to upholding the School’s values and strengthening the community at-large. Our Camberwell Girls recipients in 2016 are Sarah MacKinnon of Year 10 and Kaavvya Divakaran of Year 11. Both girls have been excellent citizens of our school, upholding the School Values of Integrity, Commitment, Respect, Hope and Courage and the School motto “Utilis in Ministerium” in all their endeavours. We congratulate Sarah and Kaavvya and will recognise them in Senior School Assembly in early 2017.

Josh Frydenberg, Federal Member for Kooyong introduced these awards 3 years ago in order to recognise the work of the more than 30,000 students who attend the more than 50 schools in this area.


Head Start Program
The HeadStart Program for all students in Years 10 and 11 going into the VCE years in 2017 has once again proved to be a great success. Thank you to all the teachers who planned and conducted sessions and to Mr Mark Corrie, Director of Operations and VCE Coordinator for his organisation of the program. The feedback from both the students and teachers has been most positive with students heading off to their Summer break with materials and resources for pre-learning and a confidence that they are aware of the expectations of each of their subjects.


Year 9 Service Learning Week
The Year 9 Service Learning Week was a new initiative in 2016 and as a School community we thank Mr Brett Stout, Mrs Melissa Campbell and Mr Ben Jenkinson, Director of Teaching, Learning and Innovation for their planning and coordination of a very hands on and thought provoking week of activities. While the highlight for many students was their visits to some of the organisations servicing those who are disadvantaged, such as River Nile Learning Centre, elderly homes and an Asylum Seekers Centre in Epping, for me it was spending the night at the Brotherhood of St Laurence with Mrs Waters and 24 of our students. These girls lived out scenarios of homelessness and less privileged community members and also shopped for and prepared the lunch for 70 regular visitors to the drop in centre in Brunswick.

The week was valuable and eye opening to the needs in the community and how little acts of service can make a real difference to those we encounter.

Each student wrote a reflection on the last day, below are just a few excerpts:

> “I have learned that if everyone is to live equally, we all need to contribute to our community, which in the end, will have a positive impact and not only improve the lives of the disadvantaged, but also our own. The two days that I spent at Urban Camp have been a highlight of this year.” ~ Genevieve Alexie

> “There is no doubt in my mind that this week has changed my life, and my outlook on it.” ~ Madi Parfuss

> “The amount of care and selflessness I witnessed made me rethink how I myself can make a difference of some sort or give back to my community. I found myself leaving the Brotherhood feeling rewarded and as though I have been given a snippet of what a career in social aid or services would be like.” ~ Eloise Shilling

> “I realised that volunteering is a really rewarding experience and just a small act of kindness goes a long way. I felt that my experience with the elderly people really made a difference.” ~ Angelica Salaoutis

> “Prior to visiting this center, I did not expect to enjoy it as much as I did. Over the course of the two days that I visited the nursing home, I had the opportunity to interact with both the residents and the staff. Being in that environment really opened my eyes to not only the difficulties that the residents faced, but also the incredible work done by the staff.” ~ Kiana Fotoohabadi

> “Personally, it has definitely made me more aware of how I treat others, but also to never judge a book by its cover.” ~ Grace Munro

> ” …I realised the importance of people like Paul and workers at the Brotherhood of St Laurence. Their passions, empathy, love and care for people are what moves the community forward and support people in need. I, one day would like to be as compassionate and influential as they are.” ~ Bonnie Thorn


Semester 2 Reports
A reminder to all parents that Senior School Semester 2 Reports, for Years 7-11, were uploaded to SEQTA engage (parents) at 3.30pm on Tuesday 6 December.


Boroondara Awards
In the company of teachers Pamela Badoer and Ronnette Clark, two of our students were awarded prizes at the Boroondara Literary Competition.  Awards were made in the categories of prose (junior, middle, senior), and poetry (junior, middle, senior), as well as the presentation of awards given to residents of Boroondara.

From 1190 entries Annie Zhang, Year 11, was awarded Third Prize in the Prose Senior section and Cindy Jiang, Year 12, was awarded Second Prize in the Senior Poetry section.

Warm congratulations to both girls and we would encourage you to read their pieces ‘Viral’ and ‘Witness’.


Netball Round up
The Camberwell Girls Netball Program has come to an end for 2016. Camberwell has had a very successful year on the netball court, we had 15 teams compete in the Winter Competition and 17 teams compete in Spring Fling; including our new Year 3 team and an additional Year 4 team form in Term 4. The girls have gone through it all, they have played and trained in the scorching sun, endured sheets of rain, hail, and gusty winds. The girls have also come away with many bumps and bruises but never the less, they all wanted to keep at it.

The Year 3 and 4 girls played in a round robin; Year 3 Opals won 2 out of 3 games and have improved out of sight in such a sort amount of time. The Year 4 Citrines weren’t so lucky in the round robin, but all seemed to have fun, and the Year 4 Silver won 1, lost 1 and drew 1. All Year 4 girls have learnt a lot this year and are showing promising signs for 2017. The Year 5 Sapphires won comfortably against the MA Falcons, whilst the Year 6 Diamonds were runners up to the Ruyton Reptiles. The Year 6 Aquamarines played a terrific game against Ruyton Roadrunners and came away with a win. All the Junior School girls have learnt a tremendous amount of knowledge and skills this year, you all should be proud of your achievements.

The Year 7 Gems had their first win in the Spring Fling competition, after winning their division in the Winter Season and moving up 2 sections, and the Year 7 Turquoise defeated Genazzano Eddy comfortably. The Year 8 Emeralds went down to Strathcona Sonics in an extremely close battle, whilst the Year 8 Tanzanites had a convincing win. Year 8/9 Gold may not have been as successful as the other teams, but in the Spring Fling Final, Gold managed to get their first win of the year against Koonung Topaz; the team should be very proud of their persistence through the tough games and hopefully can get a few more wins on the score board in 2017. The Year 9 Moonstones played a terrific match, defeating MLC Coral by 18 goals, and the Year 9 Amethysts won yet again. The Year 10 Rubies had a tough match against Canterbury Rockets, they showed glimpses of fantastic play but unfortunately it wasn’t enough, the Year 10/11 Quartz defeated Strathcona Shooting Stars, and the Year 11 Crystals had their chances but went down to Genazzano Fraser. Congratulations all girls, you have all been a pleasure to work with.

We had several girls try out for Representative Teams for 2017, unfortunately some weren’t successful but I hope have learnt from their experience and work towards trailing again next year. A big congratulations goes to Anuska Pokarel (Year 6), Felicity Vanin (Year 6) and Madison Murphy (Year 8) who have been selected in the 2017 Boroondara Power Representative Teams. Well done girls!


The Duke of Edinburgh Award
We congratulate Zoe Giagoudakis (Year 9) on receiving her Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award. The award is recognition for all her hard work, dedication and service to her endeavours and her community:


On Monday, the students of 8C visited the residents at the Hedley Sutton Nursing Home in Canterbury, where they performed a range of sparkling items – Christmas carols, Bollywood dancing, a lyrical dance, a piano solo, a cello and violin duo, and individual vocals, all showcased the wonderful energy and talent that the girls joyfully shared with the ladies and gentlemen of Hedley Sutton. It was an afternoon to remember!


Uniform Shop
Whilst Bob Stewart is now the supplier for our School’s uniform requirements and you can purchase from their High Street, Kew store, our Uniform Shop here at the Senior School campus will also open just before the return to school on February 1. The hours of operation are listed below:

Monday 30 January                              8.00am – 4.30pm
Tuesday 31 January                              12.00pm – 4.30pm
Wednesday 1 February                         12.00pm – 4.30pm
Friday 3 February                                  12.00pm – 4.30pm

From the week commencing Monday 6 February, the Uniform Shop will then resume the normal opening hours of Tuesday and Friday 12.30pm to 4.30pm.


As the 2017 School Environmental Captains, we would like to acknowledge the funds that have been raised through Froggies initiatives to support a number of different organisations. In total we have donated $1,900 to the following organisations:

> Save the elephants
> Green Peace Fund
> Stand for Trees
> Black Jaguar Foundation
> Dolphins
> Bilbies
> Gorillas
> Koalas
> Orang-utans
> Lead-beater’s Possum
> Wildlife Victoria

Thank you all for your support and contributions throughout 2016 and we look forward to achieving great things with you again in 2017. ~ Carina Chen and Serena Chan

After such a fabulous year in the Senior School at Camberwell Girls, there are many staff to thank. My new role from February this year as Deputy Principal / Head of Senior School has meant the Year Level Coordinators and Mr Gyles, as Deputy Head of Senior School have been required to oversee, organise and conduct the many programs we offer in the Senior School.

I would like to thank the Year Level Coordinators for their unwavering support and nurture of the students in their care. Mrs Maxine Ewens, who will follow her students into Year 8. Rev Helen Creed, who is also following her students into Year 9. Ms Liza Stevens, who is handing the Year 9 students on to Mrs Nareen Robinson for Year 10 2017 while she moves to Year 7. A special thanks to Mrs Meg Anderson who has so ably coordinated Year 10 during Semester Two. While Meg is returning to Head of Department of Geography, these students will be in the capable care of Mrs Karen Anderson in Year 11 in 2017. Also my thanks to Mr Andrew Burnell who follows his students into Year 12 and to Mrs Karen Anderson, who has lived each and every day of the VCE with such kindness and care for her 101 students! Also thank you to Mr Hayden Gyles for his work in particular supporting the students in School and House leadership roles, the staff with their Positive Education sessions and for his coordination of our Senior School Assemblies.

The Wellbeing Team at Camberwell Girls includes all staff, teaching and Professional Services, and again I wish to thank all those who have been so integral in making the year so memorable. At Camberwell Girls we are most fortunate to have two very approachable and skilled School Counsellors. Mrs Beth Sarlos and Mrs Paula Kolivas are always at the ready to assist students with any and all concerns. Their words of wisdom and sound advice is appreciated by all.

Finally, while all areas of the Professional Services team ensure the Senior School functions smoothly, from the maintenance men to the enrolments team, this year since moving into the Anne Feehan Building there have been three amazing women who ensure the Senior School tasks are on track. Mrs Kathy Rigopoulos, the School Nurse, ensures our Health Centre caters for the needs of all students who require her assistance throughout the day. Kathy also ensures the safety of our students on all excursions and events. Ms Liffy Burns, the Student Services Coordinator, is at the coal face of the Senior School, answering phone calls and emails and generally making sure the first point of contact for all students and parents is a positive experience. Mrs Victoria Hargreaves, the Senior School Administration Coordinator, works on all the projects and programs in Senior School and has the unenviable task of trying to keep me organised! My thanks to these exceptional women for their hard work throughout 2017.


With best wishes for a safe and happy holiday break.


Cathy Poyser
Deputy Principal / Head of Senior School

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