Senior School


Senior School

June 17, 2022

This past fortnight we have again witnessed all our Senior School students and staff thoroughly involved in the academic, wellbeing and co-curricular activities of the school.

Whilst the VCE continues to have end of Year 12 examinations, our Year 10 and 11 Examinations are an essential experience for our students, and I congratulate our students on their diligence during this time. The rehearsal of examination techniques, practicing revision skills and discovering what areas of a subject require more focus in the future are all important skills for our students.

This week since completing their Semester One Examinations our Year 10 students have undertaken “Work Experience” at a myriad of workplaces and by all accounts they have thoroughly enjoyed their time exploring possible future careers. I take this opportunity to again congratulate the Year 10 students and thank Ms Dot Georgiou, Acting Careers Counsellor for their combined efforts this past term to ensure our students have been able to find excellent Work Experience placements. For those students who have placements at another time during the year an on-line and highly valuable virtual Work Experience offering was also provided which has assisted these students to explore many future skills and pathways. Thank you also to our Year 10 teachers who have made a visit to our students at their workplaces.

This week our Mustard members, led by Bella Bruce (Mustard Mentor) led “Make a Ripple Week”, where the challenge is to create a lasting ripple of kindness within the school community. Although kindness is not one of our school values, it is certainly a quality we witness each and every day in our students and staff and their interactions with each other. Visiting speakers to our school often speak of the invisible thread of kindness they feel when they enter our community, and we can all be very proud of this. Thank you to all in our Senior School for making a ripple at CGGS each week.

Cathy Poyser
Deputy Principal / Head of Senior School

Year 7 Camp

Year 7 camp was such a memorable experience! Everyone was buzzing with excitement and energy! When we got off the bus the cool air flowed around us. We grabbed our luggage and placed it outside the hall and everyone was very nervous about our cabin groups. After that everyone was very happy that they had all been paired with their friends. Each day we had fun activities like abseiling, rock climbing, canoeing, hiking and so much more! All these activities made us develop key skills that we would not be able to gain in school.

On the first day, everyone could not control their excitement. We couldn’t sit still as Mr Maycock and Rev Creed explained all the “boring” things. On the bus, the buzzing sensation continued and all the way throughout our first day of camp. The highlight of day one was definitely visiting our cabins and making it more like home!

We had a brilliant dinner and toasted marshmallows on the campfire to end our day.

The second day started off with a chilly bang. We all enjoyed a warm breakfast and our first actual day of activities. Abseiling, rock climbing, and canoeing were just a few of the many wonderful activities students participated in. Our lunch was also scrumptious too! Everyone ended their day with some hot pot and apple crumble with custard. Shoutouts to 7B and 7P for camping overnight in the snow and surviving the cold conditions!

On Wednesday, all of year seven witnessed a magical scene of beautiful snow. For some people, it was a first. Although we were fascinated by this, we couldn’t resist the cold, freezing weather bestowed upon us, but that did not stop everyone from having a good time and completing the activities provided for us. We were all extra grateful when we all received some delicious hot chocolate. 7B and 7P all did a hike in the mountains and came back exhausted, but proud of themselves. That definitely was a source of motivation for 7T and 7W, who were camping overnight.

Thursday quickly arrived and it was almost impossible to believe that we had only one more sleep until the end of camp. 7T and 7W all came back from camping out shivering, but happy. They then completed a hike and played some fun games with the OEG Leaders midway. They came back to the camp with lots of moments to share with the other classes.

Everyone had a mouth-watering dinner (Chicken schnitzel with veggies and mash potato) and ended our last dinner of camp with some sticky date pudding. Everyone then watched a movie in their pj’s and sleeping bags. We watched ‘Princess Diaries’ and we certainly didn’t act like princesses slogging back to our cabins!

Friday was definitely the saddest day as we had to leave Camp Marysville. We all thanked the wonderful OEG Leaders for leading our activities as well as the chefs for cooking our delicious meals.

Everyone headed back to school, carrying and treasuring lots of memories, experiences, and achievements. Overall, camp was an incredibly fun and exciting experience filled with delicious meals, new friends, fun, excitement and so many skills that we can use for many other things we do in our life. Of course, none of this would go ahead without the lovely contributions by Mr. Maycock! It was very exciting to have a camp after two years and we were very grateful to have one. In conclusion, camp was an amazing experience filled with so many fun and exciting things that made us appreciate how lucky we are to participate and take part in these school events. We can’t wait for next year’s camp!

Preesha Navaneetharaja & Aathana Sivapalan

Zoos Victoria Youth Leadership Program

This year, Nysa and Jessie of Year 9, applied for and have been selected to be part of the Zoo’s Victoria Youth Leadership program. This program involves 10 workshop days which commenced during the April School holidays and will conclude during the September School holidays with a graduation ceremony.

“This program grants us the opportunity to meet different people from various schools to gather and discuss about topics on science, environment, wildlife, conservation and learn to use and advance our leadership skills in these matters. We spend a considerable amount of time at Melbourne Zoo and have special excursions which allow us to go to Phillip Island, St Kilda Beach, Werribee Zoo, and Healesville Sanctuary. In this process, we will build on our leadership and communication skills, real-world problem-solving abilities, and project management skills as well as science knowledge and wildlife conservation experiences. In addition to that, we are also part of a research project, and this is where we need your help!

Our research project is surrounding the usage of soft plastics, how it affects wildlife (particularly marine wildlife) and how we must reduce our utilization of soft plastics. Soft plastic littering is seen everywhere, even including zoos. Everyday items we use end up in oceans, streets, and the stomachs of wildlife. In our workshops we had the opportunity to see this first hand and get up close to the Australian Fur Seals at Melbourne Zoo and the Zookeepers showed us a number of items which they have recovered from around the Seal’s bodies or which they had ingested. Our objective is to reduce (soon stop) the uses of soft plastics at school. For us to execute our goal, we need parents, teachers and students to fill out this quick survey for us to collect the data on their thoughts and knowledge of soft plastics pollution, how we can reduce usage of soft plastic at school and why we must do so.

We hope you enjoyed reading this snapshot of what we have been up to and learnt something valuable about soft plastics.

We would really appreciate if our school community could assist in completing this short survey for our data collection.   If you can spare 5 minutes of your time, this will provide the team with additional valuable data that will help us work with the Zoo’s Sustainability team to develop the next social media campaign, just like you would have seen in recent years which included the ‘Wipe for Wildlife’ and ‘Blow Bubbles not Balloons’campaigns.”

You can access our Zoo’s Victoria Survey HERE or via the QR code:

Thank you for your support.

Nysa Ramavat and Jessie Chen
Year 9 Students

Winter Sleep Out

On the evening of Friday the 3rd of June, students from Years 8-12 participated in the annual Winter Sleep Out. This event seeks raise awareness of those experiencing homelessness, or at risk of homelessness. Guest Speaker Major Warren Elliot, Public Relations Secretary for Salvation Army Victoria, engaged students and staff with a history of the Salvation Army, the broad and varied experiences of those at risk of homelessness, and how the Salvation Army works to alleviate the conditions of those experiencing homelessness.

The evening also raises material support for the Salvation Army, to particularly aid individuals experiencing homeless in the Camberwell area. Students and teachers worked harmoniously in the cold conditions to purchase essential goods required by those in the local region. Students partially emulated the experience of those who are sleeping rough, with a simple evening meal of cup noodles or soup, and they slept outside in 6°C. While students went without core comforts of home, they did enjoy trivia games and a movie night before snuggling up in their sleeping bags for the night.

The Salvation Army’s Red Shield Appeal is currently underway, and those wishing to take action or donate to this cause can do so here.

On behalf of the Service team, we would like to extend a special thanks to Major Elliot from the Salvation Army who took time out of his night to educate everyone on the issue of homelessness. Further we would also like to extend gratitude to all staff who assisted in the event: Mr Clark, Dr Forwood, Ms Lyristis, and Ms Wighton.

Elysa Zhou and Lauren Bernabe
Service Captains

Junior Victorian College Basketball

It has been a busy term for the CGGS Basketball Squad as they have been trialling and training for the prestigious Victorian College Basketball Tournament. Congratulations to the following girls who were selected to compete in the tournament last Tuesday, 14th of June at the State Basketball Centre.

Junior Squad

Maddie Wood

Emily Lewis

Olivia Liu

Lexi Stuart-Adams

Christina Xia

Harper Drane

Ruby Edge

Sofia Sarayana

Phoebe Plummer

Chloe Wong

This tournament was an exceptionally high level and the girls performed admirably on the day against very tough competition. Everyone had a go and participated with much enthusiasm and effort. As the day progressed you could see everyone improving and working together as a team, displaying good skills and tactics.  It was great to attend a day full of fun and competitive basketball. Everyone should be very proud of their commitment to the squad and all they have achieved this season. 

Thank you to Emma Pearce for coaching these squads and Ms Stevens for accompanying the students on the day. We look forward to seeing many more students join the CGGS Basketball Squad for GSV Basketball in Term 4.

Year 10 Work Experience

After two years of disruptions to the Work Experience program, it has been wonderful to see our Year 10 students embark on the world of work. From Tuesday 14 June to Friday 17 June, our students swapped their school uniform for work attire as they utilised this opportunity to gain insight into a career path of interest. There was such diversity in the placements student undertook from traditional areas such as dentistry and law, to more novel areas such as equine sports therapy and Chinese medicine. Organisations are so welcoming of our students, providing them with a true sense of all that is involved such as law firms allowing our students to attend court. Whether the work experience placement has confirmed a passion for our students, or they have decided that career path is not for them, the knowledge they have gained about the occupation and about themselves is invaluable. This is particularly the case as our Year 10 students commence their VCE subject selection journey. I congratulate all students for their efforts throughout the whole process from sourcing a placement to stepping out of their comfort zone and delving into the workforce for the week.

Dot Georgiou
Acting Careers Counsellor

Term 2 GSV Sport

With Term 2 coming to an end its time for a review of weekly GSV sport! The sports on offer this term were hockey, netball and AFL, and we had great success spread across the field. A huge thanks to all the girls and coaches for their efforts and commitment this term, keep it up!


It was great to see the number of students who braved the early morning trainings and participated in GSV Hockey this term. The cold 7am trainings consisted of various drills and exercises, whether it was focusing on game strategies or more specialised skills, and the everyone was rewarded with gorgeous sunrises!

A shout out to all the teams for their amazing efforts and giving each game their best, displaying the Camberwell spirit and making for great games to both play and watch. Everyone who played should be proud of their progression and growth in both their own skills as well as their teamwork.

There was fierce competition across all year levels and each team played their hardest with a number of successful wins. A huge congratulations to the senior team’s extraordinary results, finishing 2nd in their zone and qualifying for finals, achieving 4th place overall!


With the GSV netball season coming to an end, all of the girls played spectacularly, showing admirable persistence and sportsmanship throughout the season.

The junior teams displayed amazing participation with five teams giving netball a go. All teams put up their best efforts and the majority had successful games throughout the season. A special congratulations to the Junior E team who placed 1st in their grade winning every game and qualifying for finals on Thursday 16thJune.

The intermediate grade also had five teams participating, showing tremendous contribution and commitment. All teams in this division had successful games displaying a multitude of skill and perseverance. Special mention to the Intermediate B team who came 3rd overall!

The senior teams gave their best efforts with a great attitude at training and games every week. After the last two years of disruptions to the GSV schedule, the girls showed inspiring optimism which led to remarkable teamwork. Specifically, the Senior B team who achieved two wins this season which is an incredible result in the tough competition. 

A big thank you to all the coaches who showed amazing support and feedback for everyone!



Well done to the Junior and Senior AFL teams for their performance in the GSV weekly sport competition this term. Over the season each player showed a huge improvement in their skills and confidence for the game it was a great opportunity for students from different year levels to come together and share some positive experiences, building a fun and successful team culture. The older and more experienced students provided great leadership and mentorship to our rising stars of the CGGS future. The support, encouragement and comradery shown from each player allowed us to grow as a team and provide positive support during tough moments in games.

The Junior team had many students who were new to the game and they should be so proud of their development throughout the term. The team was entered in the A grade competition so they came up against tough opposition each week. There were some convincing wins as well as 1 game where CGGS won with a goal in the last 10 seconds of the game. Everyone should be so proud of their performance and commitment to the team.

The Year 10-12 AFL senior GSV team had an amazing season with the team remaining undefeated and winning their division. There were many team highlights, terrific goals and plays throughout the season. For example, Issy stepped up and became ruck for the first time, winning lots of contests. Jas’s selfless effort to lay one of her awesome shepherds allowed Amina to run free and score a goal. Lastly, Flicks great leadership in the midfield kept the team strong and focused. The intensity, pressure and hard work ethic to get to the ball first and give every contest our best shot was a major factor to us to winning all our games.

We can’t for next year’s season to begin and hope to have even more girls participating!

Ella Robinson, Catia Cococcia, Ruby Killington and Bianca Coles

Enlighten Education

Year 9 students participated in an Enlighten Education incursion on Wednesday 8 June, hosted by the energetic and inspiring Dannielle Miller. Enlighten Education is a leading provider of personal development workshops run specifically for teenage girls and the program provides students with a series of workshop that respond directly to the trends, challenges and opportunities facing adolescents in today’s world.

As a Year 9 wellbeing team, we selected workshops that focus on promoting positive body image, gratitude and provide strategies for managing stress. Discussions were also held around personal safety and role of personal voice in consent, including setting boundaries, managing conflict and feeling empowered.

Program workshops included:

> Forever Friends

> Stop I don’t like it

> Gratitude

> Chill Out

> Love the skin you’re in

CGGS is immensely proud of its long-standing relationship with Dannielle Miller and Enlighten Education, whom we have been working with for almost 15 years. Our students always reflect positively on the day and most importantly, can draw upon their learnings for many years after. We look forward to more programs and collaborations in the future.

Year 9 Testimonials

I learnt the love languages, that gratitude makes me feel happy, that being calm is good, that I am beautiful no matter what and to not let anyone challenge my boundaries.”

I learnt to try and use positive self-talk, how to recognize abuse, that gratitude is very important and makes me happier and ways to cope with stress. Thank you for your talk today!”

“I really enjoyed the session where we go to write those notes to people and I loved the first session when we talked about gender stereotypes and how to break them.”

I really enjoyed the whole day, your energy made me so happy!”

Debating Competition Update

2022 has been the most exciting year yet for debating at CGGS. A record 13 teams comprising 76 students have competed in the Debaters Association of Victoria Schools competition. We have been lucky enough to have the assistance of CGGS’s alumni, Rebecca Waldron (Class of 2016), the former president of the Melbourne University Debating Society and DAV adjudicator, in running lunchtime sessions to help debaters further develop their skills in constructing and presenting their arguments. We have also been able to take advantage of the new myCGGS (Firefly) platform to create a DAV Debating site to share advice, video tutorials, and topic guides to help debaters prepare. This extra support has helped CGGS debaters develop their skills and achieve a record win rate – in our best round this year, 11 of our 13 teams won their debate.

As we reach the halfway point in the competition season, we asked some of our debaters to reflect on what they have enjoyed about debating:

Emily Lin, Debating Captain, Year 12: “DAV has been an absolutely enchanting experience that has empowered me with a greater understanding and knowledge of the world through other people’s speeches whilst fostering new connections with other like-minded people and given me new means to improve my public speaking and debating skills!”

Priyanshi Shah, Year 12: “I love being able to practice public speaking and build more confidence whilst also meeting new people.”

Teresa Guo, Year 12: “I love DAV because not only do I get to build my confidence when speaking in front of strangers, but I also get to meet new people from different schools and expand my knowledge when listening to other people’s speeches.”

Lexy Cooke, Year 12: “DAV has been such a rewarding experience. It has allowed for me to develop my public speaking skills and connect with other students through collaboration and problem solving!”

Disha Moloney, Megan Chung, Jessie Chen, Shelly Tao, and Nina Zhu, Year 9: “This year was the first time that we had debated, and so it was extremely rewarding to try something new and outside of our comfort zones. Before we signed up, we were really nervous about public speaking and how we would spontaneously rebut the other teams’ arguments. After three debates, our team is undefeated so far! We have found debating very valuable in improving public speaking skills, our research skills, and being able to work as a team to collaborate on ideas. It’s allowed us to listen and understand other people’s perspectives on issues, while also drawing attention to important issues. We have had a great experience overall, and encourage everyone to give it a go!”