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Senior School

April 8, 2022

The past fortnight in Senior School has been filled with wonderful opportunities for our students and I feel sure they will all be looking forward to their holiday break and some time to relax and recharge after the 11 week term.

The House Dance performance on Thursday 31 March made for a truly spectacular night. Congratulations to all the students involved and I take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank a number of student leaders and staff who worked closely with these leaders throughout the lead up to the event.


Dance Captains – Belinda Caruso and Kathy Gu

Technical Captains – Susanna Wang and Ishika Sharma


Dance Captains – Natalie Turner and Ella Watson

Technical Captains – Natalie Chung and Su-Ann Lam


Dance Captains – Carys Jewell and Siena Yap

Technical Captains – Noyesha Agarwal and Amy Dingle


Dance Captains – Georgia Papadopoulos and Isabella Wood

Technical Captains – Scarlett Giang and Ranya Ji

Dance Mentor Captain – Anna Sakaida and School Drama Captain – Jane Pekin who were our excellent hosts for the evening and to our 2022 Adjudicators past student Lisa Ellis (Class of 2008) and Tyson Wakely.

Also a huge thank you to the House teachers, Lawrence – Daniel Loff, Schofield – Jessica Friend, Singleton – Lindsay Hill and Taylor – Christa Cook and all the other staff who supervised the many rehearsals. To Keira Lyon, Claire Colthup, Sally Oliver and Shane Maycock for all their hours of organisation and support to the students.

Have a lovely term holidays!

Warms regards,

Cathy Poyser

House Dance 2022

We are ever so grateful to our 2022 House Dance Captains for placing an energised and magnificent full stop to Term 1.

For four weeks, the Dance and Technical Captains poured their heart and soul into the creation of choreography, supporting lighting designs and rehearsals with their performers.

Along the way they learned and refined the skills of working with large groups of people, clear communication, organising time and rehearsal content, aesthetic decisions, how to encourage, how to support, how to alter previous plans.   And then they shared the remarkable results of their labours with the whole community.

We offer a massive thank you to them all for motivating and enabling so many members of our community (264 in total).

Congratulations to all participants and to the 2022 House Dance Cup Winners –

Schofield (taking out the Theme, Group A and Group B categories)

Schofield’s Tech Captains were also awarded equal first place with Singleton in the Best Supporting Tech Category.

For those of you who missed it or who would like to watch again, the event recording and program can be found via the buttons below.

Keira Lyons
Head of Performing Arts

Upskill by Design / Wellbeing Day

It was wonderful to complete our second Upskill By Design day for the year on March 30th, in parallel to our VCE Learning Conversations.

Between 8.30am and 1.00pm students across year levels took part in a variety of bespoke programs, designed to align with their year level spotlight. In the afternoon, a curated collection of Wellbeing, 3600 of Being, activities was available for everyone to participate in.

As the program is an intentional hybrid design, our VCE students undertook online programs that enabled them flexibility to move in and out of their Learning Conversations as required.

As our Year 7s have just made the transition into Senior School this year, providing them the opportunity to hear from Elevate Education with strategies and tips for both effective study habits and time management was very welcome. In addition, the Year 7s also partnered with our Year 10s on a series of collaborative challenges put together by our Health and PE team, under the leadership of Mrs Robinson. Working in mixed year level teams, the students undertook a number of tasks ranging from easy to difficult, with the team accumulating the most points declared the winners. Congratulations to Group 1 and 2, and Group 21 and 22, for winning prizes on the day and special mention must go to Group 7 for their creativity with their Moon Landing and Longest Throw!

In Year 8, the Beyond Design program had students empathising, defining and ideating, the first three stages of the design process, on a problem linked to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Working in collaborative groups, the students worked through a series of steps, guided virtually by our Head of Science Ms Wood. Now halfway through this process, we’re looking forward to Term Two where the students will get to ideate, prototype and eventually, test their ideas.

At Year 9, aligning with their learning spotlight of co-design, the students took part in a conference lead by Head of Service Learning, MsWighton and in partnership with the Eventful Learning Company. Aiming to amplify student voice and choice, the students worked to build a mindset, skillset and toolset for service learning across five sessions. The outcomes from this Upskill day will help inform the Year 9s Service Learning Conference, later in the year.

Elevate Education were also our guests at Year 10, taking these students through two sessions intended to help support them in continuing to develop great study habits and later prepare for Examinations, a significant step in the Senior School journey at CGGS. The sessions, called ‘Study Sensei’ and ‘Ace Your Exams’ saw Year 10 students hear from young people who themselves recently finished high school and have made the transition to tertiary study. Their meaningful tips and strategies are drawn from their own life experiences and it’s great to have these shared with our own students.

With VCE students working from home, it was great to be able to align them with Achieve Fest 2022, a two-day online immersion event designed to explore identity, build networks, and develop the skills needed to thrive now and into the future. With guest speakers and active workshops there was a plethora of sessions to choose from, if students were so inclined.

Alongside all of these programs, we also had available short courses in First Aid, Food Handling and Barista Skills for students in years 10-VCE. In total, 45 students took advantage of the opportunity to build their skillet, and become qualified in these areas with both Barista Skills and First Aid over-subscribed. We’ll be making all of these courses available later in the year, so anyone who missed out this time around, will get the chance to sign up again.

Finally, rounding off the day, our Wellbeing 360 program took place in the afternoon. Curated activities from Ms Woolcock were designed to enable everyone to participate and actively work to support their wellbeing. An optional program, great care is taken to facilitate a variety of activities catering to diverse interests and needs, all of which are intended to support the development of the whole person.

Kate Manners & Kath Woolcock
Head of Strategic Inicatives & Deputy Head of Senior School – Wellbeing

Year 9 UpSkill… By Design Service Learning

We often talk about ‘walking in another’s shoes’ when discussing the importance of empathy. For our Year 9 students, this idea was at the centre of their recent Year 9 UpSkill… By Design day, focused on Service Learning. Students tuned in to empathy, completing a range of activities to simulate ‘walking in another’s shoes’. From brushing their teeth with only one foot on the ground, building Lego towers while wearing oven mitts, or trying to recite a memorised list while sorting rainbow colours, the students’ experiences imitated those issues facing our aging population. By doing these exercises, our students were then able to think more broadly about the various disadvantages experienced by a range of people in our local community; from those experiencing ongoing isolation or homelessness, those facing food insecurity, or recently arrived refugees.

Students turned their attention to particular organisations which work to alleviate the pressures and challenges for these groups. Each tutor group has identified a particular organisation which they wish to serve, and over the course of Term 2 they will design and act on a service response – from offering up their ‘time’ to complete activities such as packing materials, or a ‘talent’ of theirs such as playing music or letter writing for an isolated individual, or providing ‘treasure’ in the form of creative fundraising. We are looking forward to seeing students projects and planning transforming into action over the coming term.

Maggie Wighton
Head of Service Learning

Term 1 GSV Sport

Indoor Cricket

It was great to get back to a season of indoor cricket after 2 interrupted seasons. The participation, encouragement and team spirt across all year levels and teams was excellent to see. The senior indoor cricket team had an awesome season, placing 3rd in their zone. The team showed great improvement throughout the season, especially through their bowling, and communication skills between teammates. The intermediate team also placed 3rd in their zone, with many exceptional wins. Finally, the two junior teams both placed 4th in their zones, a great effort with many girls playing their first season. Many personal bests were accomplished across the teams, with one senior pair achieving 93 runs. Overall, fantastic results from Camberwell, and we hope to see many more girls participating next year.

Lauren Law
Head of Sport


The junior tennis girls had a stellar season, displaying incredible consistency and commitment throughout both training and matches. Their competitive yet exuberant spirit encouraged great success for a large majority of their games, only dropping two in the entire term by narrow margins. However, very special mentions to Chloe Wong (year 7) and Angelique Quah (year 8), who not only displayed true competitive spirit and determination but also remained undefeated in their junior A’s doubles run. 

For the intermediate and senior girls, the increased growth in skill set and enthusiasm this tennis season was evident. After a couple of interruptions in the past two years, it was very delightful to see everyone adopt a positive and optimistic attitude towards every training or match.

Thanks to the coaches, Ms Beck, Ms Kerr and Mrs Litchfield for getting behind the girls and supporting them all the way through. 

GSV Sport Captains – Catia Cococcia and Ava Hu

The Senior Softball Team ended the season undefeated!

Once again the Senior Softball team have had an outstanding season and enjoyed both the games played and each other’s company! The passion all players display is evident and their desire to improve their skills and understanding of tactics and strategies makes them a pleasure to coach. Their commitment to training helps ensure their success on the field, and their fielding and batting skills on display are keenly watched and admired.

There were 6 rounds in the fixture this season and CGGS won all 6 games in their Zone, which saw them crowned Zone Premiers. Some other impressive statistics included over 100 runs scored for the season and having the lowest amount of runs scored against them.  Sasha Feldman and Emma Peak scored 12 home runs between them throughout the season, with the help of our new “Ghost” bat, kindly donated by the Tremewen family.

This week, the team travelled to Waverley Softball Centre to play in their Semi Final against Star of the Sea. After 4 closely fought innings, some with no runs scored by either team, Star eventually won the match and CGGS did not progress to the GF. On a more positive note, the team did go on to win the runner up final against Sacre Coeur, finishing 3rd overall in the GSV competition.

A special mention must go to the team captains Emma Peak (Yr 12) and Ella Robinson (Yr 12) who have been in the A grade team for their entire school journey and to the remaining Yr 12 students in the team; Lexy Cooke, Olivia Banitsiotis, Annaliese Le, Kelly Ta, and Priyanshi Shah who have also been valued and committed members for many years. You have all been an inspirational example to those younger than you and have helped drive and nurture the strength of the Softball program here at Camberwell. We are so proud of your achievements and we thank you for your service to Sport.

Nareen Robinson
Senior Softball Coach

GSV Swimming and Diving Finals Evening

Well done to Sophie Liu, Angela Liu, Emily Price, Scarlett Giang, Anneka Sinnappu, Claire Fleming, Christina Weickhardt, Maddie Wood, Maddie Huynh, Romy Mead, Sofia Sanfilippo, Sophie Chang, Jasmine Rees, Elysia Wang and Sunny Sun who qualified for the Girls Sport Victoria Swimming Finals Evening last Friday night. With a crowd of students and parents cheering from the stands, the girls showcased their skills at Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre.

They were very competitive against the top swimmers from 24 GSV schools, recording some personal best results. Everyone is to be commended on their hard work throughout the season and we look forward to their future success.

CGGS also had a student compete in the Diving Finals evening. Summer Zhu is experienced in competing in this event after also qualifying last year. Summer performed her best 4 dives and was extremely competitive in a very talented pool of divers. We look forward to seeing Summer and our diving squad back in the diving pool in term 4 for our House Diving competition and we are also excited to welcome any new divers to the pool in term 4.

Netball Victoria Youth Advisory Committee (YAC)

Year 11 Student, Xara Anderson, has been playing and umpiring Netball since she commenced at CGGS in Year 7.

Xara recently applied to join Netball Victoria’s Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) working to grow inclusion in Netball.  Xara was selected to be a part of the Committee and has been in the position of being able to advocate for players in the formulation of policies that support their specific needs.

As part of her role on the YAC Xara was recently interviewed on how community netball could continue to provide an inclusive environment for all.  Xara’s comments in the article are mature and articulate, and are such an important part of the inclusivity and diversity dialogue which is pivotal to ensuring that all participants in Netball feel valued, known and supported.  We congratulate Xara on this very important work.

Senior School Easter Service

It was a joy to celebrate Easter with the Senior School this week.  Bethany Orme (Year 12) and Sahana Adaikalavan (Year 8) presented the sacred stories of Good Friday and Easter Sunday, as well as offering prayers.  Our musicians made rich contributions to our worship.  Emily Wu (Year 12) played one of Bach’s Cello Suites, and an Easter Choir made up of students from Years 8 to 12 sang a moving rendition of “Behold the Lamb of God.”  Reverend Creed spoke about how the tragic story of Good Friday needs to be understood from the perspective of Easter Sunday, a day that announces that, in God’s care, no good thing will ever be lost.  The Service ended with enthusiastic singing of a CGGS favourite, “Shine Jesus Shine”.  A collection was taken for the work of River Nile Learning Centre, specifically to help fund a new scholarship for graduates of River Nile.

Rev Helen Creed
School Chaplain

Year 10 French Film Festival

On Tuesday 29 March, the Year 9 and 10 French classes went to the cinema!

The excursion was truly exciting and refreshing, an out-of-the-ordinary experience. We ventured to see a French movie called “L’Aventure des Marguerite” or “The adventures of Margot and Marguerite”. We watched it in the Balwyn cinema alongside the Year 9 French classes of Carey Grammar School. The movie storyline consisted of two identical girls from two different times of history, one from 1943 (Marguerite), and the other from 2019 (Margot). But the moment when both sit in the magical chests in both houses and wish for their fatherly figure back, they switch places. The story unfolds into a hectic and exciting search to find each other’s father figure to return to their home. With car crashes, flying planes, wars, and more, through hatred, love, and all else, the girls must find a way to quickly accustom themselves to the new world and discover who they are looking for. I found the story exhilarating, encapsulating, and eventful, fully immersing me in the French experience. I really enjoyed Margot (from 2019) recounting the history of WW2 to Aunt Alice. Overall, I am so grateful to have been on this excursion and while it was a relaxing experience, I also got to learn about the movie’s definition of French society from both time eras. I had a wonderful time and would absolutely do it again.

Matilda Jones, Year 10

Ukraine fundraiser

Throughout the latter part of Term 1, a focus group of students have organised multiple initiatives in response to the war involving Ukraine and Russia. The Service Team, including student leaders and other keen volunteers from Years 7-12 organised initiatives to educate the CGGS community about the war and its humanitarian impact, show support and spread messages of peace and hope, and raise funds for those in need. Message writing sessions at lunchtimes were held to spread peace and solidarity in the school community, and infographics were created to serve as an accessible educational tool. These messages and infographics were then displayed around the school for the CGGS community to view. Continued support has been evident in the CGGS community and many students have been getting involved with various events.

Fundraising efforts within the school included a “Guess the number of lollies in the jar” game with students and staff guessing for the delicious yellow and blue lolly jar prize. Elsie McLean from Year 8 was the lucky winner, and took home all 1044 lollies! The afternoon of House Music saw the sale of lolly bags by Service Captains and student volunteers. On the final day of Term 1, students and staff are encouraged to wear a ‘touch of yellow and blue’ in addition to their uniform, and donate a gold coin.  At the time of publication, our combined fundraising efforts have totalled almost $1000, with $330.60 was raised from these stalls, and nearly $900 from the Humanitix link sent to the CGGS community. This link is still active until the evening of 8th April, and if you have not yet donated, please consider doing so. All funds will go to the Australian Red Cross Ukraine Appeal, and will support their response to the conflict in Ukraine. 

A special thanks to all students, staff and parents who have contributed to these efforts and events. 

Link to donate:

Salome Obeyesekere, and Service Captains Lauren Bernabe and Elysa Zhou