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Senior School

March 11, 2022

On Thursday 3 March, during the Year 7 and 8 Learning Conversations, I had the pleasure of joining the Year 9 students in their Upskill by Design session at the time when students from Year 10 were facilitating a workshop on Leadership. Please read further in this edition of CamNews all the highlights of the day at each year level and make sure you ask your child about the sessions they were involved in. This includes Credentialing at Year 7, Identity Journeys and Insta Poetry at Year 8, Leadership (which was student led and designed) at Year 9, Careers at Year 10, Fit to Drive at Year 11 run by A/Sergeant Greg Garrisson who leads our Boroondara Schools Police Network and Buying a Car at Year 12.

Our House Athletics day is always a highlight in the calendar and over the past two years of the pandemic we have been fortunate that this has been one of the events that it has been possible to conduct given its timing and being outside. As always it was a particularly colourful event with all Senior School students proudly sporting their house t-shirts and other adornments. Congratulations to our Year 11 House Sports Captains, Madeleine Giagoudakis and Frida Andreasen – Lawrence, Sasha Feldman and Isabella Tremewen – Schofield, Clara Kim and Tara Rastogi – Singleton and Paula Jimenez-Perez and Serena Segal – Taylor. Along with the support of their Year 12 House Captains, Teresa Guo and Felicity Vanin – Lawrence, Sacha Chene and Katrina Xu – Schofield, Annabel Plummer and Alyssa Wong – Singleton and Kelly Liang and Amelia Westerman -Taylor. A huge thank you is also extended to Year 12 Ella Robinson, School Sports Captain and Kelly Ta, School House Captain, both of whom ably assisted all the staff from the Sports Department in ensuring the day was such a success. I also thank all our teaching and professional services staff who ensured all track and field events were supervised with enthusiasm throughout the day. Please read below the summary of results from the day. Hopefully you have already been able to like the posts shared on Instagram and Facebook, and some photos are shared again today.

Today we welcomed small groups of prospective families to the Senior School for our first onsite School Tours in over two years. And while our own appreciation and gratitude for our magnificent gardens is something we acknowledge daily, it was special to hear so many of the families shown around the school appreciating how beautifully maintained and designed our environment is.

I hope all our Senior School families enjoy reading the highlights of the past fortnight in this edition of CamNews.

Best wishes for a restful long weekend.

Cathy Poyser
Deputy Principal / Head of Senior School

Days for Girls

Earlier this week, CGGS welcomed our longstanding partners Days For Girls back on site for our annual International Women’s Day incursion. As part of our Year 10 Service Learning programme, Days For Girls volunteers join us to educate students about the inequality experienced by menstruating women throughout the world. Due to the stigma that surrounds menstruation in some communities, young people are still excluded from education due to their menstrual cycle. Days For Girls seeks to redress those inequalities by providing sustainable menstrual kits to young people who might not otherwise have access to these resources. The kits are beautifully made, with the intent to change these from objects of shame to objects of empowerment. Through providing underwear and cloth sanitary items in cotton bags, Days for Girls literally give young people the means and opportunity to stay in school.  

Over time, the Days For Girls organisation has also become more engaged in social entrepreneurship, helping local leaders in these communities establish sustainable business that produce and sell kits, and provide health education. This is an important aspect of Service Learning, the understanding that service is not static and unchanging, but should involve responding to the changing needs of the community, and empowering them to make change. Days For Girls continue to make kits, but also engage with a range of partner to advance global menstrual equity.

Days For Girls volunteers provide our Year 10 students with not only this education, but also a practical means to make change. Students and staff are involved in a range of activities including ironing, sewing, sorting, cutting, and tracing to make sure that these products are crafted with care and intent. This event is a highlight of the Year 10 Service Learning program, and a reminder of the need to continue in our work to #BreakTheBias.

If you would like to learn more about Days For Girls and the local chapter of this volunteer organisation, you may wish to read more hereor watch this video (5 mins).  Two of our Year 10 students also offered their own reflections on the day.

Maggie Wighton
Head of Service Learning


On International Women’s Day we participated in a workshop for Days For Girls. Days For Girls is an organisation which creates reusable sanitary kits for girls and women in developing countries, so they don’t have to miss out on school or work. The DfG kits include a variety of helpful products such as liners, underpants, soap, menstruation guides, and the DfG pad.

In the workshop, we learned about how our efforts can make an enormous difference for girls and women all over the world. We put our service skills into action and began creating DfG kits! We were put into small groups and each group had a different task. These tasks consisted of folding underpants, sewing the reusable pads, stamping buttons onto the pads, and tracing the outlines for the pads and liners. We all worked cooperatively to make these kits and it felt great to work together as a team. At the end of the session, we were all incredibly pleased to be able to help and make a difference.

From this experience, I’ve learned that working together, we can help girls and women all over the world and give every woman the same opportunities. Days For Girls is truly an outstanding organization from which I, and every year ten student has learned from.

Hayley Price, 10B


The Days For Girls Service Learning incursion was a great opportunity for the Year 10 students to celebrate International Women’s Day whilst helping the lives of others around the world. We were given the chance to create reusable sanitary products such as pads. Some of the tasks that we helped in included sewing, pinning and tracing the lining of the pad. I was able to help out with placing snap buttons on the pad so that they could be wrapped around the underwear. The pads we made are going to be distributed around Burundi which is a country in East Africa where women often face the struggle of being able to afford menstrual products. It was enjoyable to be engaged in making this product knowing that we are making a positive difference to the women who don’t have the same privileges that we’re lucky to have. Overall, it was a valuable experience that allowed me to learn a new skill whilst being physically involved in helping women who do not have access to proper sanitary needs.

Cadence Chun, 10B

House Athletics

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the House Athletics Carnival last Friday 25th February. It was a sea of colour at Bill Sewart Athletics track with all girls from years 7 to 12 excited to showcase their skills in a range of track and field events and novelty events. The year 12 students did a fantastic job at co-ordinating their house costumes and lead the school in creating  vibrant atmosphere throughout the day!

We would like to congratulate everyone who participated in the day whether it was by competing, cheering or organizing the teams. It was a great day and it was wonderful to see trying new events and filling in for others throughout the day, everyone should all be very proud of their efforts.

Well done to Taylor who finished the day as champions of House Athletics and to Schofield who won the House Spirit Stick for their support and cheering throughout the day.  The overall results were as follows.

House Athletics Results

1st – Taylor

2nd – Lawrence

3rd  – Schofield

4th – Singleton

Thank you to all the staff and students who assisted throughout the day to ensure the program ran smoothly, particularly the House Sport Captains who have put in an enormous effort to make sure all races were filled and to the School Sport Captain, Ella Robinson and School House Captain, Kelly Ta for their assistance throughout the event. 

There were some outstanding performances in the pool and the following students should be very proud as they were awarded the Year Level Champion Awards. The year level champion award recognises the best individual performance across both track and field in all year levels from 7-12.

Year 7
1st – Harper Drane
2nd – Anthea Vais
3rd – Selena Chen

Year 8
1st – Ruby Edge
2nd – Anneka Sinnappu
3rd – Erika Tjangdjaja & Maddie Wood

Year 9
1st – Angela Liu
2nd – Ency Chen
3rd – Amber Rastogi

Year 10
1st – Emily Price & Ashleigh Western
2nd – Amina Keegan
3rd – Alyssa Chin & Sofia Pandeli

Year 11
1st – Sasha Feldmann & Madeleine Giagoudakis
2nd – Isabella Remewen
3rd – Clara Kim

Year 12
1st – Emma Peak
2nd – Emmelyn Choo-Lambropoulos & Jess Nguyen
3rd – Ella Robinson


Lauren Law
Head of Sport 

GSV Preliminary Swimming and Diving Carnival

Last Friday, 4 March, our school attended the GSV Swimming and Diving Preliminary Carnivals at the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre. A group of eager swimmers and divers spent the afternoon at MSAC, competing against seven other schools in a range of individual and team events.

Overall, both the diving and swimming teams placed 5th which was a great achievement and a testament to their hard work in training for this event.  We are all very excited to be competing in Division 2 for Championship Carnival on Tuesday 22 March.

Everyone did an amazing job on Friday, whether they were swimming, diving or helping with official jobs such as timing. It was great to see the team spirit as everyone cheered for each other. Good work to the whole team, you should all be very proud of your efforts!

Swimming training will continue on Monday and Thursday mornings and Diving on Tuesday afternoon and Thursday morning in preparation for the Championship Carnival.

Thank you to our Head Diving coach Jenny Donnet and our Head Swimming Coach Amon Soerink for preparing our girls so well for this competition. The results from the carnivals are below.

Emily Price and Anneka Sinnappu
Swimming Captains


On Sunday 27 February, CGGS students across all year levels competed in the 2022 GSV Triathlon. Waking up well before dawn, we all met at the CGGS flag at bright and early at 6am on the Altona Esplanade ready to race with our bathers, bikes, and runners. The first leg in the race was the 300m swim, then the 10km bike ride and lastly to bring it home the 2km run.

This enjoyable annual event has become increasingly popular with the number of participants growing every year. A total of 66 students took part in the event this year, which was the largest team entered in the competition. Our spirit, attitude and morale was unrivalled, with every students cheering on their fellow peers. 

We would like to give a special mention to Claire Fleming, Anika Selvaratnam and Angelique Quah who placed 3rd in the Junior team and Emily Price, Tyra Dawson and Bella Fary who placed 4th in the Intermediate division.

We would also like to acknowledge the year 12 team, Ava Hu, Emmelyn Choo-Lambropoulos and Ruvina Suriyapperuma, who have been very privileged to have had the opportunity to participate in the GSV Triathlon every year since the event was first introduced to the school in 2018. It has truly been a rewarding and unforgettable experience. 

Lastly, many thanks to Ms Law and Mr Clark for getting up extra early to set up and assisting on the day. Extending this gratitude, we’d also like to thank the parents for waking up early to drive us to the beach. Everyone should be very proud of their performance and for making the triathlon a fun and exciting event.

Ava Hu and Ruby Killington
GSV Sport Captains

Learning Conversations – Years 7 & 8

The first Year 7 and 8 Learning Conversation day for 2022 took place on Thursday March 3rd and was held as an online event. As a positive learning from the COVID-19 restrictions of the last two years, these important teacher, student, and parent conversations, were conducted via ZOOM, a cloud-based video conferencing software program. Prior to the 3rd, families were invited to make appointments via Parent Lounge and then on the scheduled Learning Conversation day, join via a digital device for a discussion related to their child’s academic, social, and emotional  progress.

Conducting these meetings online over the course of the whole day, from 9.00am through to 8.00pm, not only provided greater accessibility for families to a wider range of their child’s subject teachers but also minimised the logistical challenges experienced when these evenings were hosted onsite – work commitments preventing attendance, negotiating traffic, finding a carpark on the night, and trying to conduct private conversations in rooms shared with others just to name a few. By hosting such important conversations in the privacy of a single chatroom allowed for more meaningful exchanges in the time available and ensured parents, teachers and students were clear on the shared objectives to enable continued academic growth.

Running our Learning Conversation days in tandem with our UpSkill ByDesign programs is also intentionally done. Throughout the course of last Thursday, Year 7 and 8 students engaged asynchronously in a series of tasks which targeted self-management, organisation, and communication skills. This mode of delivery of their UpSkill program enabled these students to join their parents for scheduled Learning Conversation when required so they too could be active participants in the discussions focussing on their learning and progress in the various subjects.

At CGGS we pride ourselves as being a relational teaching and learning community. Conducting our Learning Conversations in an online space provides yet another opportunity to encourage and nurture connections between students, teachers, and parents which in the long run, is a huge benefit to all.

Kim Hepworth
Head of Teaching & Learning


We were excited to have our first Upskill By Design day for the year on March 3rd, running parallel to our Year 7 and 8 Learning Conversations.

Between 8.30am and 1.00 students across year levels took part in a variety of bespoke programs, designed to align with their year level spotlight. In the afternoon, a curated collection of Wellbeing 360 activities was available for everyone to participate in.

As the program is an intentional hybrid design, our Year 7s and Year 8s undertook online programs that enabled them to flexibility move in and out of their Learning Conversations as required. With our Year 7s new to Senior School this year, as part of this transition, they were tasked with earning their first micro credential recognising the skills of Working and Learning from Home. In doing this, students were challenged to complete a series of briefs deemed essential for hybrid working and learning situations. These included self-management, digital and communication skills, critical thinking, time management, making connections between information, ideas and community, and demonstrating creative ways of contributing.

The Year 8 students were similarly tasked to refine their skillset in working from home. Exploring their learning spotlight of identity, these students welcomed writer and poet Emilie Zoey Baker to share her knowledge and experience of the writing process and the power of words in advocating for self and for others. Students were challenged to share their own Poetry in the Wild creations and also completed a piece of poetry that reflected who they are. These creations will form a special display for the Year 8 area, led by Mrs Litchfield.

Excitingly, the Year 9s undertook the first of a two-day leadership program called ‘LeadHERship’, initiated, designed and delivered by a group of our own student leaders. Year 12 student Jacq and Year 10 students, Sara, Jess, Romy, Helena, Cindy, Izzie, Charlize, Mia and Grace, led the Year 9s through a program exploring what leadership is, why it matters, leadership strengths and styles. Run as a conference, day two of this program will take place later this year. This is amazing student initiative and the team are really excited to also work with our Year 8s in sharing their leadership tips, strategies and experiences.

At Year 10, Mrs Dolan welcomed students into the #myfuture program. In this session, the students explored their strengths and talents, the world of work and their place in it, focused on their values and interests. They also unpacked university jargon and discussed the importance of the Open Day experience as part of exploring their post school options and opportunities. The session is an important step in providing students with the necessary skills and knowledge for lifelong career self-management.

Our VCE students also had a focus on future life skills on this Upskill day. The Year 11s undertook the Fit2Drive Program where workshops aimed to provide essential road safety knowledge and skills, as a means of preventing serious injuries and lives lost amongst young Victorian road users. Students heard keynote presentations from the Boroondara Police and the Fire Department and were provided with a unique opportunity to explore the complexities of decision-making and assessing risk as a road user, something that as probationary licence holders, is enormously important.

A car theme was also the focus at Year 12 with these students welcoming Barbara van der Merwe from ‘Money and You’ to hear all about Buying a Car. From one off, monthly and annual costs, students were given a real-life insight into what the costs and responsibilities of buying, maintaining and running a car. To complement to this, students undertook the Galmatic Car Maintenance Online program, where tips on basic car maintenance from what’s under the bonnet to tyre care were all included. Again, a life skill that we know will be of benefit to our students moving forward.

To round off the day, our Wellbeing 360 program took place in the afternoon. Curated activities designed to enable everyone to participate and actively work to support their wellbeing were available to opt into. In practising self-regulation, students were able to choose from the included newly available activities focusing on gratitude, mind logic puzzles and movement or to revisit the suite of activities made available in the past.

Kath Woolcock, Deputy Head of Senior School – Student Wellbeing and Kate Manners, Head of Strategic Initiatives

International Women’s Day Breakfast 

On Friday 4 March, we were fortunate enough to be able to attend the International Women’s Day breakfast at the Parliament House alongside various other girls’ schools across Melbourne. During the breakfast we had the pleasure of hearing from Australian politician Georgie Crozier who has hosted the event for the past seven years to encourage girls around the world to #breakthebias. The guest speaker this year was the third female Lord Mayor of Melbourne, Sally Capp. Her speech inspired us all as she shared not only her own experiences within a male dominated industry, as a lawyer, but also stories about other empowering women who had inspired her to strive for success. One of these being the story of Zelda D’aprano who had chained herself to the Commonwealth building, advocating for equal pay. Despite being arrested for her actions, her perseverance and determination was a push in the right direction for breaking the barrier of gender inequality. It was an honour to represent Camberwell Girls at this event, and we hope to inspire the greater community to #breakthebias!

Jessica Lee, Jasmine Muniratna, Kate Ryan and Julie Yap

International Women’s Day – House Mentoring

With International Women’s Day being recognised on Tuesday March 8, our School Mentor Leaders led an activity with all year 7 – 10 students during House Mentoring on Friday 4 March to challenge and call gender stereotypes and biases, and to celebrate women’s achievements globally. In their mentor groups, students spent time exploring and discussing how our collective strength and commitment to challenging these behaviours can help create a future of equality for women and one where we are able to live free from stereotypes, stigma and violence, moving towards a future that is more sustainable, peaceful and provides opportunities for all.  

This year, through the call to action #Breakthebias, women are being asked to explore and reflect on the daily challenges still faced by women in the workplace and society and discuss how we can change perceptions and move the conversation forward to create positive change.

As part of this, each student was given the opportunity to commit to a call to action by recognising and celebrating those women in their lives who inspire, advocate and represent the future. They also took photos standing in the #breakthebias pose, representing a very visible commitment to the cause.

Year 9 Wellbeing Day – Flourish Girl

Year 9 students participated in a Flourish Girl workshop on Thursday 10 March, an event that was postponed multiple times in 2021 for these students, due to COVID-19. Founded by Mandy Dante, Flourish Girl are a leading provider of personal development workshops run specifically for teenage girls. Flourish Girl is a not-for-profit charity that works with students age 13 – 18, to build self-awareness, self-confidence and social connectedness within their school community and other trusted relationships.

The students participated in a series of workshops led by the effervescent and energetic Flourish Girl 6-person team. The program, titled “flourish with self” was purposefully chosen as the sessions provide students with an opportunity to build social and emotional tools to connect with themselves and others.

The program included different workshops that developed essential skills and knowledge to unpack societal norms, embrace the power of their own stories, recognise the value in being vulnerable at times and most importantly, left them empowered with a toolkit of strategies to be agile and resilient moving forward.

We look forward to building on this new knowledge through our Period 5 Wellbeing program, as well as our second Year 9 Wellbeing Day scheduled in June.

Kath Woolcock
Deputy Head of Senior School – Student Wellbeing

Melbourne Youth Leadership Conference

On Tuesday 1 March, 20 of our Year 12 School and House Leaders attend the virtual Melbourne Youth Leadership Conference. Through a series of keynote presentation by conference founder, Will Massra, Leadership influencer, Holly Ransom, and the Man Cave Founder, Hunter Johnson, the students explored and unpacked leadership in its entirety.

There were a number of very impactful concepts explored, including the importance of sharing the ‘why’, of understanding the personal and individual perspective, of embracing your fears and owning your story.

Our senior leaders then used this knowledge to generate discussion about how to create a movement by looking at examples of this leadership within our own school community and in the wider global world.

Kath Woolcock
Deputy Head of Senior School – Student Wellbeing

Year 8 Philanthropic Initiatives

We are very proud of the Year 8 students who have shown great selflessness and leadership by organising, delivering and encouraging their own charitable programs to begin the year.

Usha Nadarajah has been steadfast in setting up her ‘Towels for tiny creatures’ initiative, asking the Year 8s to bring in towels that will be donated to aid native wildlife as they recover from injury or orphanage. It has been pleasing to see Usha’s donation box filled by her peers and we congratulate Usha on this generous initiative. Well done!

Alyce Law has recently presented an informative talk to our Year 8 cohort about Coeliac Awareness Week (13th – 20th March) with the aim to raise awareness about this autoimmune disease. As part of this initiative, the Year 8 students have been asked to bring a gluten-free lunch on Wednesday 16th March and join the year level for a lunch get together at the Labyrinth. Alyce, thank you for your considerate and engaging presentation.

We welcome future initiatives driven by the Year 8 students and look forward to your ongoing altruistic spirit.

Maria Litchfield
Year 8 Coordinator

National Dance Sport Competition

On the weekend of 5 and 6 March, Ella Ding, Year 12, competed in the National Dancesport Competition in Bendigo. Participating in the Under 21 division with her dance partner they placed 1st in the B Grade Latin event and ranked 2nd in Australia for the Under 21 Open Latin event.

An extensive amount of training and rehearsal is required to compete at this level and Ella her partner are extremely proud of the results as it was their first nationals together, and they look forward to training harder and competing at further events throughout the year.

Congratulations Ella, we look forward to hearing of your further success throughout 2022.

Organic Gardening: Grow @ Home

Fourteen students from the Years 8&9 elective group Organic Gardening: Grow @  Home visited a local urban backyard business called Melbourne Food Forest The vision for this business is to tread lightly on the earth and help people create edible jungles of beauty.

Students explored the sustainable home with a special interest in the edible garden. They took photos of awe inspiring produce for their Nature Observation Photo Journals and took notice of the different varieties of food grown. The purpose of the visit was to marvel at the incredible Food Forest, collect inspiration to create their own veggie plots and potentially make changes to their outdoor living spaces at home. At school, students in this elective germinate their own seeds, learn about fruit trees and seasonal produce, grow fungi, cook with seasonal produce, make compost, explore soils and design their own Urban Edible Backyards.

CGGS students interested in Sustainability have opportunities to join Environmental Groups such as Froggies and take part in designing the new Sustainability Vision for the school. Students can explore Indigenous Perspectives through Service Learning days, attending the new CGGS Mungo camp, and selecting the Lake Mungo Year 8&9 elective. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders have rich environmental knowledge, and a connectedness with and respect for nature that is vital for present and future generations.

Anna Clarkson
Head of Sustainability