Next Gen Learning

Next Gen Learning is more than using technology in education.

It is a style of learning that encourages each girl to extend her understanding in our technology and information-rich environment by working collaboratively with others; including peers, teachers and experts in the field.

Camberwell Girls is focussed on preparing students for their future.

A modern style of teaching and learning, it is student-centred, collaborative, flexible and dynamic. It fosters creative thinking, and is enabled by technology which is a crucial aspect.

Our girls already have omnipresent access to information in digital form through the internet and the access provided by their smart devices.

They have the potential to: be better informed and better connected than any generation before them, be the creators of content and understanding on a global stage.

Camberwell Girls develop the skills needed for a 21st Century future.

Discover how Camberwell Girls experience Next Gen Learning:

Video Conferencing

Camberwell girls ’travel the world’ without leaving the classroom. Thanks to the School’s high quality immersive telepresence suite, our staff and students are connecting directly with industry experts worldwide. 

A normal week at the School can see classes speak with: scientists in Antarctica; come face-to-face with sharks whilst speaking with underwater divers researching the Great Barrier Reef; witness science experiments too dangerous to hold in the School or speak with archaeologists from digs in Turkey. 


Top Olympic athletes are using a new mobile app called Ubersense to help them improve their technique.

Head of Physical Education, Kath Woolcock decided that if it was good enough for the world’s best, it definitely needed to be here at Camberwell Girls. So, what exactly is this new technology and what does it do?

Ubersense is a video analysis program that allows its users to create videos of different sporting techniques; analyse their technique using slow motion; compare videos with previous attempts or professional athletes; and ultimately receive feedback to improve performance.

Critical Reflection Through Blogging

Tens of thousands of new blogs are being created on a daily basis and Camberwell Girls is right up there as a key contributor.

At Junior School every class maintains their own blog. These blogs are used to encourage discussion, share ideas and reflect on what’s happening in class. It’s also a brilliant way for family members not living in Melbourne to be involved in the learning process.

This initiative is teaching our girls from an early age about appropriate online behaviours in an authentic and supervised setting.

Camberwell Girls is a CISCO Exemplar School