My Journey / Karen Zhang

Commenced her journey in 2011 / Year 7

Has learnt German, French and Chinese / Plays the violin and piano and taught herself to play the guitar / Enjoyed learning to play volleyball and currently competes in archery / Loves the real-world learning opportunities that come with Study Tours / Travelled to China in Year 10 where she climbed The Great Wall of China. In 2015, she travelled to the USA and participated in once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of astronaut training at NASA Space Camp / Has enjoyed stepping beyond her comfort zone at every year level camp and being challenged by the School’s Education Outdoors Program / Currently holds the leadership position of School Captain and is dedicated to upholding the School’s tradition of producing confident, self-aware and capable women who are all leaders of change in their own way. Was elected House Drama Captain in Year 11. Hugely passionate about social justice and says that it makes up a big part of who she is. Is very active with supporting many charities, causes and organisations. Particularly passionate about helping refugees / Not shy of an audience, has been cast in every drama or musical production since joining the School / Awarded State Champion in the National History Challenge in Year 11 for her essay on the theme ‘Leadership and Legacy’ / Through the School’s Positive Education Program, Karen is a mentor. She finds it vey rewarding to draw on her own experiences to help younger girls blossom and grow.

My Dream

If I could change one thing in the world, I’d definitely eliminate racial and gender discrimination, as these have always been the roots to so many past and present issues. We’ve come far, but not far enough in achieving equality. I’d like to see the whole world embrace and celebrate all of our differences.

Last Words

Good friendships are like treasure… difficult to find but so valuable when you do. I am so grateful for all the friendships I have made at Camberwell Girls. There is great diversity amongst my friends. There really is such a plethora of talent, culture and individuality in our School. All students motivate, support and help each other in every way possible. The friendships I’ve made, I’ll treasure forever.

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